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VANAGON archives – September 2004, week 2

Table of contents:

  1. '79 LT 28D...

  2. '82 for sale; project update

  3. '84 1.9: 3/4 power and running ugly

  4. '85 fuel probs

  5. '85 instrument cluster in an 84, sparks when connecting to coil #1?

  6. 12 Volt Outlet - Source?

  7. 1984 Girling caliper hardware vs Teves

  8. 2.1 airflow repair/mod?

  9. 4sale vanagon alloys

  10. 84 Vanagon for sale in Florida

  11. 85 1.9L died on highway, won't start

  12. 88 vanagon battery/water level sensor

  13. A syncro fords a river: photo

  14. A syncro fords a river: photo NVC Wow!

  15. AVP 2.1 rebuild report

  16. AVP Engine - Noisy Lifter Update

  17. Another solvent question

  18. Any Vanagon/Westy owners near Carlsbad, CA?

  19. Anyone traveling from/through Fresno to Jerome?

  20. Are these rims any good for a Vanagon?

  21. Back from Berlin [some Vanagon content]

  22. Back from Berlin [some Vanagon content] smart car

  23. Beefy Catalytic Converters -- who gots?

  24. Billy Bones Returns

  25. Buses by the Beach Fall Campout

  26. By the Powers Check your Microswitch or Temp II

  27. CIS-E fuel injection help needed

  28. CV joint boot kit - what to do with the large washer?

  29. Can't wait for Friday...

  30. Carat fluorescent fixture causes battery drain...

  31. Compressor Based Cooler/Freezer

  32. Coolant Diagram & Hose Part #s for carb'ed van

  33. Dan, Your Westy's name ... Enu

  34. Daring Daylight Rescue!!

  35. Demented power door lock?

  36. Devising a replacement for the double t piece (cooling system)?

  37. Did you see the new Burger King commercial?

  38. Disappearing Coolant - Head Lean?

  39. Do I need a HEATED O2 sensor

  40. Do I need a HEATED O2 sensor?

  41. Dual Cab / Doka wanted...

  42. E-address Change

  43. Engine pull on scale of 1 to 10

  44. Eurovan faucet

  45. Exhaust Pipe Question

  46. Extreme Tank Vacuum Solved

  47. FS: Manual transmission - shifts nice!

  48. FW: looking for technical assistance in Wisconsin or Michigan/UP

  49. Floppy vent window

  50. Floppy vent window - Easy Fix

  51. Free items for older Vanagons

  52. Friday - Johnny Law

  53. Friday - Johnny Law - Customs

  54. Frig temps - 89 Westy

  55. Front Bumper

  56. Front-mount bicycle rack -bike point of wiev :)

  57. Fwd: Urgent Need of a Vanagon mechanic in Truckee, CA

  58. I'm spoiled

  59. Ignition switch question

  60. Ignition switch question (got it...thanks for the help)

  61. In-line water purifiers?

  62. Installing New Front Seats...Lubricant?

  63. LED solder gauge

  64. Loft in back of Vanagon

  65. Lug nuts and bolts

  66. Marco Polo - Westfalia Sprinter's Little Cousin

  67. Marvel Mystery Oil vs Rislone (lifter noise)- Canadians pls reply

  68. Mechanic near Truckee

  69. Metric Speedometer

  70. My drivers side (triangular) vent window won't stay open

  71. My first trip in the hand painted westy - shifting/clutch problems

  72. NEW Jack Point Mounted Ezy-Awning

  73. NVC: Destroyed Porsche & Train Crossing

  74. Need auto tranny

  75. New conversion site for your perusal

  76. Norcold and Engel - Compressor Based Cooler/Freezer

  77. Number for Mark Drillock

  78. OT: Customs profiling and vanagons...

  79. Observations on my Westy (6 cylinder conversion)

  80. Oil drain plug question

  81. Only need O rings

  82. Parker's Westy water filter install

  83. Parts FS- updated list

  84. Pics - Trip to Burning Man Part 3

  85. Pics of Burning Man

  86. Pics of my brand new Westy

  87. Port on 2.1 block for oil temp sender?

  88. Potty advice, camping related

  89. Question about running reflective tint in CA

  90. Rad cardboard deflectors

  91. Rear disk brakes

  92. Replies to the posters of the Vanagon list

  93. Reply to the Replier to the posters of the Vanagon list

  94. Report: Dash Removal (with pics, sorta long)

  95. Report: Dash Removal / Removal, NOT R&R

  96. Results of Favorite Road Music Survey

  97. Reverse Vanagon syndrome??

  98. Reverse syndrome fixed and thanks...

  99. Rube Goldberg in-line water filter success!

  100. SA brakes



  103. Seeking replacement engine! Could be TDI? (was Re: Urgent Need of a Vanagon mechanic in Truckee, CA)

  104. Soldering Suggestions: General and for LEDís compilation

  105. Solvent / Chemical Guru needed - Sikaflex-227 removal

  106. South African Performance chip (realy helps low end torque)

  107. Sparkplug question

  108. Speaking of lubricant ~ Sprinter Westfalia

  109. Speedo Question (Not the beach type)

  110. Sprinter Westfalia

  111. Spyder .... Bug

  112. Stuck Solenoid????

  113. Suspicious not luscious

  114. The "syndrome" solutions

  115. The good trickle charger

  116. Throttle switch testing

  117. Trip from Burning Man Part 2

  118. Trip from Burning Man Pics

  119. Trip to Buringing Man Part 5

  120. Trip to Ireland - Westy rental

  121. Two Questions... Vanagon & LT

  122. Urgent Need of a Vanagon mechanic in Truckee, CA

  123. Using FM stereo for film soundtrack: tach effect

  124. VERY hot exhaust issues

  125. VW Spider

  126. Van O Rama report

  127. Van Update and fuel pressure gauge report

  128. Van-O-Rama in San Francisco - Sept 11, 2004

  129. Vanagon Westfalia

  130. Voltage regulator?

  131. WTB Air Cleaner Housing

  132. WTB Black 110v Electrical Utility port.

  133. Want to convert '87 2.1L gas engine to TDI

  134. Westy Diesels

  135. What a difference a tire makes on a Westy

  136. Would you replace your water pump if:

  137. [Syncro] Solvent / Chemical Guru needed - Sikaflex-227 removal

  138. [tiico] tool kit for vanagon

  139. any Vanagon owners in upstate NY

  140. call for Victoria listmembers

  141. clutch replacement

  142. dog proof upholstery

  143. dog proof upholstery / Polyethylene?

  144. e code lights

  145. engine noise - hydraulic lifter damaged?

  146. eurovan faucet - figured it out

  147. excellent cleaner

  148. floppy vent window

  149. long trip packing list

  150. looking for manual steering box linkage

  151. looking for technical assistance in Wisconsin or Michigan/UP

  152. no power

  153. pop out on westy

  154. poptop front window flap-fix

  155. re. Front-mount bicycle rack?

  156. seating

  157. some misc parts 4 sale

  158. speaking if clutch slave failure

  159. speaking of clutch slave failure

  160. speaking of clutch slave failure- thanks

  161. tech asst in WI or MI, fuel filter location

  162. testing the ignition coil (85 1.9L)

  163. tool kit for vanagon

  164. turbo diesel install info

  165. vanagon Digest - 6 Sep 2004 - Special issue (#2004-855)

  166. vanagon brake upgrades

  167. vanagon parts FS in WI

  168. vent window won't stay open / Pain-in-the-butt, but . . .

  169. weird tab on the side of my distributor

  170. what's my Westy worth??
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