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VANAGON archives – October 2007, week 4

Table of contents:

  1. '68 Bus B of A TV ad

  2. '88 fuel pump not vibrating

  3. 1.9L Gutless when first started

  4. 1980 Vanagon air cooled :Dying engine

  5. 1981 Vanagon Single Cab Transporter truck for sale in Virginia- Craigslist

  6. 1985 Vanagon - upper control arm bushings

  7. 85 GL in the junkyard in South Bend Indiana

  8. 85 Vanagon - emergency brake no "catching/holding"

  9. 90GL cold start trouble Part II/UPDATE

  10. AC Unit - WTB Westy rear overhead AC unit.

  11. AOL message postings - was "Dex-Cool . . . I hesitate to ask this"

  12. AW: So you thought your van was underpowered?

  13. AW: What colour is this bus?

  14. AW: will a poptop fit inside a GL?

  15. Air in the cooling system...

  16. Anyone seen this auto?

  17. Archive question and ignition switch question

  18. Archive question and ignition switch question (update)

  19. Bad "New" Thermoswitch

  20. Bolt size

  21. Buses by the Depot video ready.

  22. C.W. McCall

  23. Carfax: Anyone with access willing to run one?

  24. Carfax: Anyone with access willing to run one? (got one, thanks!)

  25. Case of the disappearing brake fluid

  26. Confusing electrical problems FIXED!!

  27. Craigs list for 2 different vanagons in SE Michigan

  28. Custom Westy Poptop Canvases?

  29. Dex-Cool . . . I hesitate to ask this

  30. Driveability Problem-Need Advice

  31. ETKA this part?

  32. FS 50 degree I4 engine conversion parts

  33. FS: Westfalia trailer

  34. Finding a mechanic

  35. Fire Map NVC

  36. Fixing Water tank..found the stuff..

  37. Fox clutch housing bolt up to Vanagon tranny? (searched archives)

  38. Friday's Badd A$$ Syncro

  39. Front Brake Squeak, Drag

  40. Fuel Tank Guts

  41. GREAT LINK TO OLD CAR CARB'S Re: Throttle body repair..

  42. Great Video of 60th Anniverary Bus Gathering

  43. Gutless when first started - fixed?

  44. HID light upgrades - anyone try them?

  45. Hard start, rough idle, stalling

  46. Head bolts, studs turning?

  47. Here's something you don't seeeveryday....

  48. Home Made version of "the easy-bleed" for de-airing your van's rad.

  49. I need a clutch housing 091 301 071 E

  50. Interior Light Mod

  51. Is this bay window auction for real?

  52. Luggage rack, front part of poptop

  53. Manifold measuring - is this right?

  54. Measuring Manifold vaccum for leaks

  55. Measuring manifold vacuum

  56. My Friday update, SVC!

  57. My New SHURflo Faucet

  58. My turn for a cooling sys question

  59. My van makes coolant!

  60. NVC Any Cabriolet drivers out there?

  61. NVC: Mountain Biking Anyone? (very cool)

  62. Need DIY info? - YouTube

  63. Need the two lower studs that secure the transmission to the engine - No P# in ETKA

  64. Newbies Needing More Vanagon information? Check out TheSamba forum

  65. O2 sensor substitute

  66. OEM Expansion Tank Pressure Cap sources?

  67. Off Topic, Continued

  68. Off topic...fires in So Cal

  69. Off topic...fires in So Cal..

  70. Overheating, smoking, rough running

  71. Patching a water tank?

  72. Problem getting list posts?

  73. Replacing seats?

  74. Satellite image of fire

  75. Satellite image of fire (NVC)

  76. Saving my Vanagon this winter... need a carfax run!

  77. Shipping a dometic

  78. Sighting in Port Huron, MI

  79. So Cal fire Off Topic.

  80. So you thought your van was underpowered?

  81. Sputter, Sputter, Cough, Cough, Die. (no, not my ex wife...)

  82. Standard Pop Up Alternative

  83. That "peppy" 2.2L

  84. The "Real" a NEW Micro-bus

  85. The "Real" a NEW Micro-bus, now Element with pop top

  86. The 'fornia fires... No van content.

  87. Things I Learned Today (or, "I are a idiot")

  88. Throttle Body swap later 2.1 off a late 1.9 into early 1.9

  89. Throttle Valve Switch - Lesson Learned

  90. Throttle Valve Switch: What the...?

  91. Throttle body repair..

  92. Throttle body shaft leaks and repairing

  93. VW Toons Calendar

  94. Vanagon Crash Pix

  95. Vanagon Re Power...with VW motor..

  96. Vanagon Re-power cheap and reliable...Reply from digest

  97. Vanagon Update!

  98. WTB intake air flow meter

  99. WTB: 1986+ Vanagon Westy in Seattle area

  100. Wanted 83.5 to 85 Vanagon in SE michigan

  101. Wanted to Buy: 82 GL Front Bumper

  102. Wanted: Passenger side vent

  103. Warmerwagen's on Ebay

  104. Weekend Wrap-Up

  105. Westy front table mounting bolt specs?

  106. What about heated seats? NOT for westy swival seats

  107. What coil part number for my van?

  108. What coil part number for my van?)

  109. What colour is this bus?

  110. What years were diesels available

  111. What's up with my fuel pressure?

  112. Would like some advice, re: clutch release bearing

  113. [Syncro] Need the two lower studs that secure the transmission to the engine - No P# in ETKA

  114. [WetWesties] Interior Light Mod

  115. [vanagon] Vanagon re-power cheap & reliable

  116. composite bodywork and painting questions

  117. coolant leak oil cooler to water pump

  118. electrical problems... confusing!

  119. engine fire rebuild

  120. fishy 1970 camper FS Waterloo

  121. hot water heater

  122. how NOT to instal your poptop tent

  123. looking at 91 Vanagon GL

  124. loud engine noise/water in the tail pipe

  125. my luck with eBay..

  126. need mounting bracket for alternator in Vancouver, BC

  127. noise from gas tank after engine shutting off

  128. odd Vanagon in Phoenix Craigslist

  129. oil cooler archives...

  130. questions about automatics

  131. seating for six so far

  132. solar camper

  133. source for tan corduroy

  134. starter Question interchange

  135. test test

  136. thule fake gutters

  137. towing a van?

  138. transmission toasted?

  139. van sighting

  140. vanagon Digest - 26 Oct 2007 to 27 Oct 2007 - Special issue (#2007-1143)

  141. voltage needed to run an '88 fuel pump?

  142. vw part # for power steering pump switch

  143. westy stickers

  144. will a poptop fit inside a GL?
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