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VANAGON archives – July 2002, week 1

Table of contents:

  1. '85 Westy paint Color

  2. 'Nuther 'NutherBus

  3. (Rant) Need to Bitch!

  4. 1984 Vanagon

  5. 1984 Vanagon GL Wiper Fuse Problem

  6. 1990 2.1L engine for sale

  7. 2.0

  8. 2.5L 120HP waterboxer

  9. 215/75R15 vs. 215/65R15 Tires

  10. 82 vanagon runs on when the key is off

  11. 83 1.9 engine locked up solved

  12. 83.5 1.9L WB Timing

  13. 83.5 Westy: Rough running, staggers and stalls when hot

  14. 85 Camping Bus Circuit Analyses

  15. 86 Westy's WORKING AC!!!

  16. 86 syncro brake questions

  17. 86 syncro questions

  18. <FMBC> Splitty Sighting FS

  19. A small ECU question before I go.

  20. A-arm bushings

  21. A/C retro from R-12 to R-134

  22. AC shop in Seattle

  23. AC shop in Vancouver BC Canada

  24. AFC injection problem

  25. AOL loses people's web sites!

  26. AT speeds/rpm's

  27. ATF and final drive fluids

  28. Adventure to Canada

  29. Aircooled vanagon acceptable oil temperature / timing problem?

  30. Alternative mufflers in place of OEM etc..

  31. Any German Translators? Some VC

  32. Any Kent OH area Vanagoners/TiiConauts out there?

  33. Anyone else get bounced off the list?

  34. Anyone on the list from near Cleveland?

  35. Anyone replace theeir a arm bushings (front) themselves?

  36. Anyone replace their a arm bushings (front) themselves?

  37. Anyone using a sandwich adapter and oil cooler on their Waterboxer?

  38. Are there screens for side windows of a 91 Carrat?

  39. Aux Oil Cooler install...results Aircooled vanagon

  40. Axle nut is nuts is stuck - thanks

  41. Axle nuts the easy way

  42. BS Insurance Co sharks!!!! Re: specific features of 86 GL Wolfsburg

  43. Back on the list (tiico question)

  44. Ball joint boots only needed

  45. Better brake pads

  46. Big Lots things for your Vanagon

  47. Bleeding Stemmed - I think.

  48. Camping in SW Oregon

  49. Can anyone identify the piece of tin they cut for Air Cooled Air-Conditioning?

  50. Coolant Level Light Question

  51. Coolant expansion tank-help before ordering!

  52. ES-12 Caution

  53. Euro TD transporter question

  54. Eurovan pics

  55. Eurovan pics.

  56. Exhaust bracket

  57. FS 1986 vanagon double-cab pickup syncro, Everett, WA

  58. FS 2000 cc CV Air Cooled Engine - Update

  59. FS 91 vanagon $1997 west palm beach, fl

  60. FS 93 Eurovan, Gainesville/Atlanta, GA $3495

  61. FS-1982 vanagon diesel in northern VA

  62. FS: '87 Vanagon Syncro w/ low miles and brushguard and 15" alloys

  63. FS: 85 GL with basic Westy interior

  64. FS: Bentley Manual, Like NEW!

  65. FS: carat weekender interior, westy interior, poptop, all pass vans

  66. FS: westy table arms and brackets and tabletops

  67. FW: High Country Bus Festival - Florida Cara-Bus?

  68. Fan switch

  69. Fan switch/battery

  70. Fender Flares for Syncro 16 - Anyone got Part numbers?

  71. Friday fun

  72. Full Sevice Gas Pumping

  73. Full Sevice Gas Pumping (off topic, but I cannot resist)

  74. Fw: Alternative mufflers in place of OEM etc..

  75. Fw: Michelin Agilis + Stan Rogers Folk festival

  76. Fw: Reduced oil temperatures..

  77. GOT IT! was Re: 83.5 1.9L WB Timing

  78. GPS to check Speedo

  79. George Lyle is broken in Paradise, UT

  80. Green Blood... Yeech!

  81. Hans Brouwer's westy mods

  82. How is coolant getting to exhaust???

  83. Huge VW Show in CA?

  84. Importing a Syncro 16 from the Netherlands to Canada

  85. Lower door vents taped up?

  86. Max Engine Oil Temperatures

  87. Mech recommendations around Moline, IL?

  88. Michelin Agilis

  89. Mixing AMC and VW Heads

  90. Monitor the Oxygen Sensor on your Vanagon.

  91. More Help

  92. NAPA hoses for 1.9L?

  93. Newbie wheel question

  94. Nicest Vanagon I've Ever Seen!

  95. Odometer

  96. Off-Topic (Wal Mart) was: Rotella Synthetic oil, cheaper now!

  97. Oil Temperature

  98. Oil musings on a hot day....

  99. Parts for shipping - CDA - Nearly free

  100. Periodic running vs Inhibiting (WAS: Re: Vanagon Storage in Bay Area???) [Long]

  101. Planning to travel on the Fourth?

  102. Playing nice - Was:Simple Anti Freeze ?

  103. Please help... Now my cooling fan is dead!!! 86 Westy

  104. R-134a Conversion quantity help...

  105. R-134a and lube amounts... PLEASE HELP!

  106. Recommended Repair Shops -Eastern Canada

  107. Reduced oil temperatures..

  108. Reduced oil temperatures.. what's the max?

  109. Registering an out-of-state car in Ca. (barely Vanagon related)

  110. Repost: Aircooled vanagon acceptable oil temperature / timing problem?

  111. Repost: Aircooled vanagon acceptable oil temperature / timingproblem?

  112. Rough Idle after replaced heads/piston rings... 91 Carrat


  114. San Francisco help..

  115. Shot manual steering rack on my '81?

  116. Simple Anti Freeze ?

  117. Spare cable withy socket?

  118. Speedometer/Odometer Calculation

  119. Splitty Sighting FS

  120. Squeaky faucet

  121. Stereo speaker bass upgrade

  122. Steve's Lock Shop

  123. TIICo cooling issues

  124. TIICo cooling issues/HUH?

  125. Tachometer retrofit: 85 to 86

  126. Test - Someone please reply

  127. Those Canadian rear door racks........

  128. Thrust/Accel curves of 2.1 WBX v. Subaru 2.2

  129. Tiico and Vagcom

  130. Tiico belts

  131. Travel Plans

  132. Two vans for sale

  133. Vanagon Buyers Check List?

  134. Vanagon List Pictures-----Is it possible to get our list site to host a photo gallery?

  135. Vanagon Storage in Bay Area???

  136. WBX in HOT weather

  137. WS 1.9 Tranny Oil change

  138. WTB driver's door handle

  139. WTB: Hand Brake Cable (251 711 471 D)

  140. WTB: Hand Brake Cable - the middle one

  141. Wanna trade your old air cooled bus for vanagon?

  142. Westfalia AC

  143. Westy rear end sag

  144. Westy rear end sag..air bag kit for sale

  145. Westy roof rack installation tips

  146. Westy roof storage dimensions?

  147. Westy side tent - Pouch, Fritz-Berger ? Want assembly instructions.

  148. What a weekend...Help...Overheating 1990!

  149. What oil cooler to buy?

  150. Where is Bus Depot???

  151. Why I hate my Vanagon

  152. X relay

  153. X relay and other relay

  154. Yokohama 370

  155. [Audi-VW-Diesels] Off-Topic (Wal Mart) was: Rotella Synthetic oil, cheaper now!

  156. [Fwd: RE: ASI Vanagon]

  157. [Syncro] Importing a Syncro 16 from the Netherlands to Canada

  158. [Syncro] Oil musings on a hot day....

  159. [Syncro] muffler

  160. [T2] AFC injection problem

  161. [info] stock temp guage & vdo guage (coolant)???

  162. ac pressure question

  163. after market AC

  164. anyone in plano texas who could inspect a van for me?

  165. continuing almost overheating problem.

  166. fill valve broken, not propane regulator valve

  167. indiana/ohio repair shops

  168. interesting CB antenna location idea....

  169. my quest for a westy

  170. new syncro owner, general maintenance questions.

  171. no idle after cylinder head replacement

  172. no vw content

  173. parting out '90 carat, 2.1L engine for sale, auto trans, weekender interior,etc

  174. propane regulator valve

  175. replacing (some) hoses and all belts.....??

  176. running a little cool?

  177. seating layouts for weekenders, & mattress deck replacement

  178. slightly incorrect coolant hose, will it be ok?

  179. stuck wiper arm

  180. trip report

  181. troubleshooting no a/c

  182. valve clatter

  183. Bag
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