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VANAGON archives – April 2006, week 1

Table of contents:

  1. 'Fast' Forward?

  2. (NVC) 01 02 03 04 05 06

  3. (followup) Re: part numbers for link hardware?

  4. 15" Spare

  5. 1970 Delux Bus Adventurewagon

  6. 1985 Vanagon - no start ?

  7. 1990 Westy For Sale Denver

  8. AEG alternator L connection. Was: Re: Wbx 90 Amp alternator fit Jetta ABA engine?

  9. Air Getting into Cooling system

  10. Amusing Find

  11. Anybody have any Westy luggage rack tie down loops for sale?

  12. Anyone have a Carfax Account?

  13. Auto running lights?

  14. Automatic gear set.

  15. Automatic reply: Lower control arm bushing r&r on 89 westy

  16. Aux Battery Blow Up

  17. Auxiliary Battery Installation

  18. Average life on a 1.9L 2.1L Rebuild

  19. Before & after...

  20. Best Source for Ball Joints 2wd 1990 Vanagon?

  21. Binz...Re: ebay mystery doka

  22. Brake pressure regulator

  23. BusFusion 2006 News

  24. CV Joints

  25. Camping/Hiking in Escalante UT (and other spots)

  26. Can you use tie-wraps to compress WBX piston rings?

  27. Changing tie-rod ends

  28. Clean Fuel Pump

  29. DOT3 instead of DOT4

  30. Dennis Haynes Trailer Hitch Pitcures - Does anyone have any??

  31. Distributor for electronic ignition

  32. Does anyone sell complete rebuilt front end?

  33. Dual Battery Setup

  34. Dumb Battery Question

  35. EB2006 T's ...Last Chance

  36. Ebay CV "kit" it any good?

  37. Electric sender, oil pressure gauge

  38. Emails bouncing...

  39. Exhaust gaskets... sealer?

  40. FS CDN 91 Syncro Westy

  41. FS: '85 Full Westy in Norteast

  42. FS: 16" alloy wheels for vanagon...brand new

  43. FS: 1989 Syncro GL Parts Van $2000

  44. FS: Pop-top Assembly

  45. FS: TD oil pan

  46. FS: cheap Whitestar ('89 wolfy) with subaru 2.2 on samba...only $3k!!

  47. FS: set of Toureg or Cayenne 17" 5-spoke alloys with Pirelli Scorpion Zeros $650/bo

  48. FW: Anybody have any Westy luggage rack tie down loops for sale?

  49. FW: NYCkayaker World Wide Web cleanup - TGIF

  50. FYI: Diesel camper for sale in Quebec

  51. Fast Forward's "undercover" TDI project for the Vanagon

  52. Fw: Exhaust gaskets... sealer?

  53. Fw: SOS - Vanagon ignition switch R & R - update

  54. Fwd: [tiico] Selling Tiico Westy full camper

  55. GoWesty High Power Headlight Kit

  56. GoWesty High power headlight kit

  57. H&R lowering springs - assistance identifying??

  58. Heat shield

  59. Help - have 'man power' - need directions!!!

  60. How Far can a ....

  61. How to crack ETKA 5.30

  62. I love my vanagon.

  63. I'm pulling the interior in my westy - what should I do next?

  64. Intake Runners?

  65. Intermittent wipers

  66. It's official: Subaru to build diesel cars

  67. Let the Stretching begin! Earth Day Campout too!!!!

  68. Loss of power during acceleration.

  69. Lower control arm bushing r&r on 89 westy

  70. MPG

  71. MPG Question

  72. MPG measurement issues

  73. NVC .. VW Eos

  74. NVC, Full timing article.

  75. Need AT final drive seal replacement pointers

  76. Oh, -------------- is Eric Zeno!

  77. Our 3 Caravelle/Vanagons

  78. Parts Washer

  79. Porsche Engine Install Pictures! Finally

  80. Power Door Lock Actuators, Attributes

  81. Probably have not seen one of these

  82. Programmable Intermittent Wiper Relay

  83. Question about '85s

  84. Question for ASI Vanagon owners

  85. Radius Rods...slightly bowed or perfectly straight?

  86. Rear shoulderbelts for sale, and middle shoulderbelts, OEM VW vanagon

  87. Replacing antenna?

  88. Rusty rear seatbeltmount on firewall

  89. SA Grille


  91. Seats

  92. Silver socket plug

  93. Syncro bargain, low miles!

  94. Syncro de Mayo - Engine Conversion Wkshop - What would you like to learn?

  95. TIICO Automatic Transmission

  96. Tires/ Lift

  97. Trailsurfers' LT40 4x4 Expedition Rig

  98. Transporter badge

  99. Trouble coming my way? Starter delay

  100. True 5 speed trans + linkage FOR SALE

  101. Update on rust-bucket project - and radiator undertray warning

  102. Upper & Lower Ball joints replaced...and worn out after one year!

  103. Useful Fuel Load

  104. VLC Fry-day: Putting out fires

  105. VVLVC Snake Snot

  106. Vanagon List appears to be working now.

  107. Vanagon rust

  108. Vanagonless -- Parts clearance and donation


  110. WTB: 87 ~ 91 spindles ~ local only Portland Or.

  111. WTB: instrument cluster

  112. Warped Brake rotors?

  113. Zetec Westy Site

  114. [T2] Distributor for electronic ignition

  115. [TDI-conversion] Fast Forward's "undercover" TDI project for the Vanagon

  116. [vanagon] Binz...Re: ebay mystery doka

  117. [vanagon] easy mod...ADJUSTABLE intermittant wiper!!! read!!

  118. absolutely 1000% NVC whatsoever ;o)

  119. absolutely NVC whatsoever, amazing pictures

  120. anyone know of a good Porsche enthusiasts website? (NVC)

  121. cleaning fuel pump

  122. disabling the damn oil buzzer

  123. droplink breaking at the thread base

  124. easy mod...ADJUSTABLE intermittant wiper!!! read!!

  125. easy mod...ADJUSTABLE intermittent wiper!!! read!!

  126. ebay mystery doka

  127. electrical experts: voltage drop and the fridge theory.

  128. first VW show of the year next sunday april 9th!! east coasters read!!

  129. getting link bushings out

  130. go-westys rear shoulderbelts

  131. help removing reefer

  132. hose clamp reuse?

  133. kayaks on roofs (was RE: How Far can a ....

  134. members in eureka-arcata area?

  135. mpg

  136. mpg - How Stuff Works link on fuel efficiency

  137. mpg; Fly Carefully...

  138. mpg; Fly Carefully...VERY Carefully!

  139. only marginally a tire question

  140. overfilling oil

  141. part numbers for link hardware?

  142. pulling the interior

  143. remember the 88 Westy at the salvage auction in 2003?

  144. shoulder belts

  145. sound proofing showdown

  146. spring break

  147. storage under front of front seat

  148. three 3 ... count 'em THREE vanagons for sale, Lake Elsinore, CA ...$5000

  149. tube bumpers without the U ..

  150. turbo?

  151. turbo? SUDHIR!!!!

  152. vanagon Digest - 31 Mar 2006 - Special issue (#2006-277)

  153. westy on ebay in moscow, id

  154. westy water tank pump...

  155. westy water/battery level meter wiring...

  156. wheel torque specs

  157. which direction for the plates? Re: (followup) Re: part numbers for link hardware?

  158. window seal needs
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