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VANAGON archives – July 2006, week 4

Table of contents:

  1. "Free Box", was Re: Free--Westy rear seat in SF Bay Area

  2. "Kicking Out Window" Removal Technique

  3. 1.8l AC engine parts FS

  4. 2.1 Fuel Pump Spewing Gas

  5. 2.1 parts on e-bay

  6. 6 volts

  7. 6/8 Temp Reading

  8. 84 Westy for Sale in MN

  9. AC and Idle

  10. AT Fluid Burping out of ATF Dip Stick Tube? Causes Trans Malfunction, 88 Auto

  11. AT Fluid Burping out of ATF Dip Stick Tube? Causes Trans Malfunction, 88 Auto - Follow up

  12. Alignment woes before ling trip

  13. Amp Draw on 12v RM182

  14. An Open Letter to all the DADs Out There NVC Friday Stuff

  15. An interesting approach to mounting 'other than stock' seats (LVC)

  16. Audiovox ccs100 cruise control

  17. Blue Midget Lives!

  18. Brakes!!! Urg!

  19. Bus Depot Security Certificate

  20. Computer Resetting?

  21. Curious locations for hardwired 3 way cig power outlet ?


  23. Diesel Converts!

  24. Diesel Westy how many mpg

  25. Different Gas Gauge Question

  26. Dueling Oil pressure and carbon cows

  27. FREE 1.9 used headers in the Northeast!

  28. FREE Middle seats, blue, in Seattle

  29. FREE: 1.9 Engine core

  30. FS: 5-speed Vanagon trans in San Francisco

  31. FS: Trailing Arms

  32. FS: trailer hitch for 2wd vanagon (sfbay)

  33. Finally got around to getting a domain name for Vanagon Cafe

  34. Florida to Corpus Christi to PA Trip

  35. Fly Rod holder

  36. Free--Westy rear seat in SF Bay Area

  37. Free: 3 person Rear Seat Cover

  38. Gas gauge is not showing anything

  39. HELP in Boise, Twin Falls or Idaho Falls !!!

  40. Hella H2 Light assembly for Projektzwo Lower Grille

  41. Hesitation - temp 2 FIX Done Revise - Computer Resetting?

  42. Horn question (did some searching)

  43. I think I have given up on my cooling system...

  44. Ignition Coils

  45. Installing a 1982 Westy rear seat into 1987 water cooled Vanagon

  46. John Wallace Day

  47. John Wallace Day - Next Weekend

  48. Just pokin' around.....

  49. Killed my dash lights..

  50. LVC - a syncro repalcement?

  51. Looking for a brown middle Westfalia seat

  52. Managing List Messages

  53. More on the radiator fan (85 vanagon)

  54. NVC - Need advice from Google Maps Expert

  55. Need Vanagon Help in New Brunswick (or Maine)

  56. Need Vanagon help in New Bruswick

  57. OFFER: FREE Rear fold-down VW Vanagon seat in SE Grand Rapids- BLUE

  58. OT- Gas prices rise again- How much in your area?

  59. On the Road Again (NVC)

  60. PIF Project - Purchase Properly Load rated Tires

  61. Paging: Elisabet Sahtouris, Ph.D.

  62. and

  63. Photo of Vanagon nose inside a Westy...

  64. Plumbing layout for headlight washers--Solved!

  65. Plumbing layout for headlight washers?

  66. Poptop Canvas!

  67. Possessed Temp Gauge

  68. Power Brake Q? Hiss

  69. Power Steering hose for sale

  70. Premier Casette/Radio

  71. Price?? was: Pristine A/C Vanagon

  72. Price?? was: Pristine A/C Vanagon Bulley

  73. Pristine A/C Vanagon

  74. Propane fired airconditioning

  75. R-134 AVAILABLE IN WISCONSIN FOR 140 DAYS to public

  76. REPOST after List hiccup (AC high pressure line adaptor valve VAG 1637?)

  77. Radiator Temperature Sensor Fittings NVC

  78. Radiator fan debacle (86 Vanagon)

  79. Reminder: 1st Annual Rocky Mtn Syncro Fest

  80. Removing 1990+ Westy Evaporator housing

  81. Removing Cigarette Lighter Socket

  82. Removing Silicone sealant??

  83. Replacement cig ligher socket - longer socket & form factor for green band

  84. Revise - Computer Resetting?

  85. Rhein rim for sale

  86. Road Trip in UK

  87. SA Springs

  88. Second (and subsequent) Start of the day...85 1.9

  89. Sighting In Washington

  90. Sighting today (DC)

  91. Stainless steel Vanagon exterior screw set soon to be avaliable here

  92. Subject: Trickle Charger (follow up 182 Amps)

  93. Superslabs

  94. Swampy cooler thread

  95. Syncro 16 wheels & tires situation

  96. Syncro 16" alignment for non-standard Rims

  97. Temp 2 Sensor

  98. That is WHY vanagon BURN!

  99. Trickle Charger (follow up 182 Amps)

  100. Trouble starting after sitting awhile?

  101. VW Camper & Bus Magazine is Here!

  102. Vanagon clutch housing rebuil

  103. Vanagon junkers FS in Tampa

  104. Vanagon sighting

  105. WTB: Used or Rebuilt AT Automatic Transmission

  106. We made it home

  107. What is the smallest Air Conditoner

  108. What's This Part? 251 721 111 b

  109. What's This Part? 251 721 111 b continued clutch bracket

  110. Window removal

  111. [LVC] Petromax Lantern write up

  112. [Syncro] 87 Antenna Replacement

  113. [Syncro] Re:[Q] What is the value for the std. required R12 fill ?

  114. actuator failure

  115. alternate front heater core options?

  116. blasting and intake vents?

  117. bleeding master cylinder

  118. bus sighting...poor treatment in the movies?

  119. clutch housing rebuild

  120. clutch housling rebuil

  121. clutch slave/master replacement tutorial?

  122. color question

  123. compressor

  124. follow up/ Engine temp observatrions

  125. free non-working Heidelberg tape/radio in Boulder CO

  126. how to attach VDO water temp?

  127. me too, Boulder CO: FREE Rear fold-down VW Vanagon seat- BLUE

  128. mechanical speaking what triggers the LED?

  129. odd headlight issue?

  130. part number?

  131. poptop for sale

  132. report: Installing new Gowesty aux battery kit

  133. source for Audiovox ccs100 cruise control

  134. swampy? cooler

  135. swampy? cooler.....

  136. what is the resistance?
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