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VANAGON archives – August 2006, week 4

Table of contents:

  1. (NVC) EOS Production Link

  2. (OT) harbor freight tools

  3. 1985 Vanagon - fuel injectors

  4. 1985 Vanagon - rear wheel bearing hub, installing zerk fittings

  5. 1985 Vanagon - rear wheel bearing hub, installing zerk fittings or similar?

  6. 1985 Vanagon - rear wheel bearings (The Bus Depot Part #'s)

  7. 1986 Syncro Westy Weekender For Sale

  8. 1990 Westy AC 3rd speed and condenser fan - A few days later...

  9. 2006 Nova Scotia pictures

  10. 24mm deep socket

  11. 3L Polo

  12. 86 2.1 L clunking noise under load

  13. A few pics of our summer trip to Sask and Back

  14. A little more help on the non-working dash LED, please

  15. Alternator Maybe? Need help

  16. Any list members in Richmond / Mechanicsville area??

  17. At least we don't drive Trimuphs.

  18. At least we don't drive Triumphs.

  19. Auto stop propane fill valve failed (open)

  20. Auto tranny and diff mating questions

  21. Behr Radiators

  22. Better Cat converters: OEM or aftermarket?

  23. Bio-diesel in parts washer

  24. Blue Coolant compatibility

  25. Bosch #72137 oil filter question (have searched archives....)

  26. Bosch #72137 oil filter question" Now: 24 mm deep socket

  27. Brake Problem or Nature of the Beast?

  28. Broken timing gear?

  29. Building the Stretch

  30. Buses By the Beach - Bus Boo! Grand Rapids, MI Sept 15th - 17th

  31. Buses Nowhere Near The Arch #21...

  32. Can someone carfax this one for me?

  33. Carfax?

  34. Clunk!

  35. Cold stalling...exhaust smells like fuel

  36. Cooling System Flush

  37. Craftsman wrenches

  38. Debris on oil strainer mesh

  39. Diesel conversions in CA

  40. Dismantling 85 Westfalia Camper

  41. Does a front bench seat from a bus fit vanagon?

  42. EKTA info request

  43. EKTA unneeded file removal

  44. Engine & Transaxle in Kansas City

  45. Eurospec Rectangular headlights

  46. Exhaust problem - inquiry

  47. FIRE!! How did it happen? How to fix?

  48. FS: 1989 Vanagon GL Westfalia

  49. FS: stock headlights for 86-91 Vanagon

  50. For the Newbies - Vanagon secrets revealed

  51. Free Bumber End-Caps

  52. Frig fixed but...

  53. Fw: Name of fuel filler trim thingy majig

  54. Fwd: [Vanagon-Westfalia] Road emergency - Need clutch work near Denver/Boulder Colorado

  55. Get VANAGON.COM Stickers

  56. Go Westy Pet Barrier.

  57. Go Westy Pet Barrier.(LVC)

  58. Go Westy Pet Barrier: Dog Whisperer

  59. H coolant pipe BIN on ebay

  60. H pipe part two oops

  61. Has anyone fitted dual propane tanks?

  62. Height to remove rad?

  63. Help near Tyler Texas

  64. How to ID a 1.9 vs a 2.1 Engine.

  65. How to install Sirius antenna?

  66. Info on the Cap Screws in floor for jumpseat

  67. LVC - Beetle Mod or does this guy have too much time on his hands??

  68. LVC - Beetle Mod or does this guy have too much time on hishands??

  69. List weirdness and LEDs

  70. Mahle OC 28 oil filter

  71. Manual Tranny Leak- full story (condensed), with mystery

  72. Michigan Camping

  73. More or less maintenance? Was Re: Resealing gas tank

  74. My 85 westy

  75. My Syncro Westy Weekender On Ebay

  76. My new Westy Shower rig

  77. NVC: New Bettle wiring diagram?

  78. Name of fuel filler trim thingy majig

  79. Need Non-AC 1.9 Liter Breather and vacuum hose routing diagram

  80. Not overheating, but maybe not "right"...opinions sought. Other Van Other Question

  81. Not overheating, but maybe not "right"...opinions sought...

  82. NparticularVC: TS bulb blows

  83. OT: Need Info about German Expat

  84. On instrument clusters, EGT and Boost Gauges

  85. Pop Up Screen Replacement Now Available

  86. Putting in new antenna

  87. Question about turn signal indicator light

  88. Red Cross Ambulance

  89. Replaced evil Temp2

  90. Resealing gas tank

  91. Scary images!!!

  92. Screen Replacement up date!!

  93. Searched archives. Missing CV bolt question

  94. Secret Engine Lid Support

  95. She's bucking...

  96. Silver socket wiring

  97. Slow tire leak

  98. Small Trailer Solution

  99. Strange no start problem - still having issues

  100. Super Blue

  101. Supercharged Westy Vanagon

  102. TPS wiring

  103. Temp fix; front storage

  104. Temp fix; front storage [cupholders]

  105. The Bus Depot - Vanagon list discount code

  106. This says it all.

  107. Trying to Contact David Marshall

  108. Turn signal indication--gotta be something else

  109. VW Thing (NVC)

  110. Vanagon rear hatchback supports

  111. Vanagon rear hatchback supports WARNING!

  112. Vanagon sighting (Bloomington, Indiana)

  113. Vanagon sighting (Bloomington, Indiana) and new gas tank

  114. WBX Carb conversion? Hoax!

  115. WBX Carb conversion? Hoax! - NOT A HOAX

  116. WBX Carb conversion?! - Still a Hoax!

  117. WBX-6 - Xmas wishlist

  118. WTB: water temp gauge to fit 90

  119. Want some free energy? (NVC)

  120. Want to make a door ...

  121. Was: Bosch #72137 oil filter question" Now: 24 mm deep socket

  122. Was: Debris on oil strainer mesh Now: glad I had a look! (longish)

  123. Whaddya figger yer bus is worth?

  124. What Ohm value should a dash LED measure?

  125. What are symptoms of a bad auxillary air regulator

  126. Which model Westy

  127. Yet another turn signal L.E.D. data point...

  128. [NVC] - Computer DVD problem

  129. [SPAM] Vanagon rear hatchback supports

  130. [Syncro] UK Tristar for sale

  131. [T2] FIRE!! How did it happen? How to fix?

  132. [Vanagon-Westfalia] Road emergency - Need clutch work near Denver/Boulder Colorado

  133. [WetWesties] EKTA info request

  134. [] Re: on board air? anyone got it?

  135. antifreeze for Vanagon's - revisited 2006?

  136. center console

  137. compression and leak down test

  138. engine mounting bolts

  139. first sign of coolant under engine

  140. interesting body modded vanagon syncro camper

  141. leak down verdict

  142. now they have even vanagon scams - out of nigeria too?

  143. oil strainer gasket material type

  144. overheating & radiators

  145. partial transmission drop(was: Manual trans. leak 88 GL)

  146. poptop - clean/polish?

  147. premature battery death or just not enough use? Flat spot on starter?

  148. project 2: fuel lines done, now on to fan

  149. propane tank questions

  150. propane tank questions, a cheap solution?

  151. receptable

  152. removing wrist pin on #1 & 3

  153. rocker arms. Interchangeable?

  154. thank you, i got the carfax.

  155. try this

  156. vacuum and the fuel pressure regulator?

  157. water pump 1.9 there a preferred one?

  158. wicked, nasty, mean vibration....

  159. xca michelin
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