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VANAGON archives – March 2007, week 3

Table of contents:

  1. (human) Vanagon syndrome

  2. 02 Sensor expected life?

  3. 1985 westphalia --- electric water pump failure

  4. 1989 Wasserboxer 2.1 for sale on samba

  5. 82 Westy in Phx Az Republic Today

  6. <No subject>

  7. A Big ''Thank You'" is in order . . .

  8. Alloy Wheel Question

  9. Any one been to FRED GANNON-ROCKY BAYOU SP Florida?

  10. Anyone have a Carfax account

  11. Automatic transmission reverse slipping?

  12. BRU near Sandy Eggo for repairs.

  13. Baja Syncro Chronicles vol 113

  14. Baja Syncro Chronicles vol 113, long

  15. Best Brand Brake parts?

  16. Brake Pads - anyone use these yet

  17. CV Joint Vibration

  18. Camping Oven- Betty Crocker Bake Off

  19. Cast iorn front suspension question

  20. Cast iron front suspension question

  21. Could it by Blow by revisited and questions answered

  22. Diesel parts for sale

  23. Do I need a new engine?

  24. Drivers Vent Window Needed - 1985 Westphalia

  25. Ebay FS, wasRe: Expensive Syncro for sale

  26. Esurance blacklist for VW Westfalia campers!

  27. Eurovan camper vendors

  28. Expensive Syncro Westie

  29. Expensive Syncro for Sale

  30. Expensive Syncro for sale

  31. FS Digijet HP ECU 1.9

  32. FS: EV MV in VA

  33. FS: My '84 7-pass GL

  34. FS: Ronal R9's, SA Extra Tank, Gerry Can Carrier, Tire Carrier, Momo Stars, Puch Badge, AW Sink unit

  35. FS: Stebro SS muffler for 1.9

  36. FW: Global Warming My Vanagon?

  37. FW: It's Fryeday in Europe, yes? was Global Warming My Vanagon?

  38. FW: Not to argue

  39. FW: Re: Global Warming My Vanagon?

  40. Fresh air box (air cooled) vid now on my .Mac site

  41. Friday- Time off (NVC)

  42. Fuel Guage callibration

  43. Fw: Esurance blacklist for VW Westfalia campers!

  44. Fw: Re: Brake Pads - anyone use these yet

  45. Fwd: Expensive Syncro Westie

  46. Global Warming My Vanagon?

  47. Global Warming My Vanagon? NVC

  48. HELP CALL : clutch issue on the road?

  49. HELP CALL : updated

  50. Head Rests

  51. Heater/fresh air fan housing Video Part 1

  52. How I Came to Own a Vanagon

  53. Hypermilers...

  54. ITC

  55. Interior Panel Needed

  56. Intermintant No Start

  57. Intermittent Power Loss Problem

  58. Intermittent smoking and rough running.. Inline 4 conversion

  59. Intermittent smoking and rough running.. Inline 4 conversion engine, long..

  60. Introduction to list

  61. Introduction to list . . .

  62. It's Fryeday in Europe, yes? was Global Warming My Vanagon?

  63. LVC: Camping in Armonk, NY?

  64. Lifting a Vanagon

  65. Locking or LS diff for 5 sp. ?



  68. Michael Keaton's (aka Batman/Beetlejuice) '90 Multivan

  69. Moab Trip Report

  70. Mod. Fresh air box to recycle cabin air? (did some searching in arch.)

  71. NVC- Wanted - opinions on laptop computers and mobile internet providers

  72. New Microwave oven

  73. New Microwave oven that may be great for vanagon cooking.

  74. Odd Combination

  75. Platinum Cat 6P12 info

  76. Power steering parts

  77. Propane in tunnels in NYC

  78. Radio/CD Player Installation 86 GL

  79. Rear hatch inside a Westy?

  80. Rebuilding a Syncro Transmission

  81. Report on after market heater fan switch

  82. Road Trip West

  83. Seeking Seats Wish List Again!!

  84. Stange Malady

  85. Strange Malady

  86. Syncro Engine Parts & Accessories Available

  87. Tennessee Vanagon Repair Shop Needed

  88. Thanks

  89. That dreaded rust behind the fridge!

  90. The tranny Guru in Washington state?

  91. Tire Choice Question

  92. Tire Choice Question (long piggy-back question)

  93. Tire Choice Question - Garage Height

  94. Tire Question ... thanks

  95. Tires on alloy wheels, Suspension - Need some help

  96. Trip Report

  97. Vanagon vs Eurovan

  98. WTB '80-'83 engine bay wiring harness (CA)

  99. WTD: auto tranny 85 westy

  100. Water System Hose and refridgerator

  101. Water filter

  102. Waterboxer engine Parts and accessories available

  103. Welcome!

  104. West Virginia joke NVC

  105. Whats my vanagon worth?

  106. Whats the REAL poop on gowesty engines

  107. Who wants to play "Guess that part!"

  108. Window Molding - Sides and Front 84 Westy

  109. Wing window + frame -- install

  110. Wiring a 3rd brake light

  111. [Busesinzamora] Impending Road Trip West

  112. a call for info

  113. absolutely no vanagon content whatsoever - but it is Fryeday!

  114. ammeter question

  115. bad radiator fan ground - 87 westy

  116. camping in armonk NY.

  117. contemplating engine upgrade

  118. correct tire pressure for 195 14 8ply

  119. horn ring (no global warming content)

  120. i have CARFAX

  121. ice melting

  122. ice melting (it IS Fryeday, right?)

  123. inconsistent emissions on an '85 Westy

  124. inquiry / question

  125. new 1500 diesel head for sale

  126. parts list for radiator replacement on 1988 Westy

  127. propane on board and tunnels (was Esurance blacklist)

  128. replacing the main plastic cooling lines

  129. sink pump and water filter

  130. sliding door cable- where to buy?

  131. starter not dissengaging for a few seconds - 87 westy

  132. syncro driveshaft ques

  133. tire inflation--humor

  134. vanagon Digest - 15 Mar 2007 (#2007-294)

  135. vanagon parts in colorado springs, co

  136. what engine part is in this photo - 1985 westphalia van
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