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VANAGON archives – February 2008, week 2

Table of contents:

  1. '82 Dash transfer

  2. -----reply to Captains Chairs

  3. 2.0 L ABA engine monted at 50 degrees

  4. <No subject>

  5. AW: e-bay trim rings...blocked by seller!

  6. Access hole for front blower lube

  7. Adjustable Armrest

  8. Anybody tried Tomco injectors for 2.1 WBX.

  9. Asheville, NC- Haven for VW Vans Hijacked Thread

  10. Bus Depot Stainless Coolant pipes

  11. BusFusion 2008 is happening!!!

  12. Buses by the Beach Bus BRR Trip Report

  13. Buses by the Beach Bus Brrr!

  14. Buying vanagons as parts donors

  15. Carfax?

  16. Clarence's VW in Riverside, NJ is selling off stock

  17. Cleaning a Westy Pop Top

  18. Clutch Master Cylinder- to rebuild or buy new?

  19. Coolant light keeps blinking when it's really cold.

  20. Domestic Water Level Sensor

  21. Donor van: Parts wanted

  22. Donor vans

  23. ETKA help? Try this.

  24. Edmunds review of Subaru boxer diesel

  25. FS: captains chairs, blue, $50 pair

  26. FS: captains chairs, grey pair, cheap n dirty

  27. Fiberglass Bumpers (again)

  28. Free double middle seat grey/blue in Berkeley

  29. Friday: Blue Syncro sighting Bozeman

  30. Fridge won't start ...

  31. Front heater core and heater blower replacement

  32. Frozen accelarator cable?

  33. Frozen accelerator cable?

  34. Full width z-bed?? Need 2

  35. Fwd: RE: [vanagon] jim do you moderate manage this too?

  36. Happy Valentines Day !!!! ;o)

  37. Heater hoses

  38. Help! stranded in Asheville, NC-need left front spindle

  39. How To Have Fun With a GPS LVC

  40. I need to sell a Syncro drop link quickly

  41. I'm Stoked!

  42. Is BurningVan happening this Saturday in SF??

  43. Is BurningVan happening this Saturday in SF?? YES

  44. Is this new gas saver for real?

  45. LED Taillights

  46. LED taillights WAS: Re: repost optional bulb sizes/wattages?

  47. Larry Chase THANKS!!!!

  48. Larry Chase THANKS!!!! 60th bulli book arrived today

  49. Lubricant ?

  50. Middle Seat

  51. Mitchell Repair

  52. NVC: 99 passat timing belt kit for sale

  53. NVC: Friday......$52 cupholder!!!

  54. NVC:Re: starters-used vs. cheap rebuilt vs. Bosch rebuilt

  55. Need Floor Rails for slide out Westy Seat

  56. New Toys in Town!

  57. New VW Rotten Unvieled // TDI?

  58. No Emails-This is Crazy

  59. No emails!!!

  60. No start after temp II replacement - conclusion

  61. Oil Leak

  62. Oil change question

  63. Only 400mile to go

  64. Picasa

  65. Please help. ETKA won't install (to use for Vanagon -- :^) (googled, searched archives)

  66. Reality check? -- rebuild comparison

  67. Rear Cushion over Engine

  68. Rescue Squad mapped! (Frydye content)

  69. Rocker shaft and rocker wear question

  70. SMOG TEST failure

  71. SURE POWER 1315

  72. SURE POWER 1315 now Progressive Dynamics

  73. Size of opening for lower radiator grill? (searched to no avail :(

  74. Sky light screws

  75. So wha-da-ya call a Vanagon with no legs? (Frayday humour)

  76. Stainless Steel coolant lines

  77. Subaru list for gloating?

  78. Sure Power 1315

  79. Sure Power 1315 question

  80. Sure Power 1315 question > monitoring battery

  81. Syncro passenger van for sale $3000

  82. T3 Panelvan

  83. Test of Picasa

  84. Texas Vanagons-Msg snt 2/13/08 7:58 CST

  85. They pimped my ride! Old cars rule!

  86. Tiico TD

  87. Tiico TD (was: vanagon Digest - 7 Feb 2008 to 8 Feb 2008 - Special issue (#2008-178))

  88. Tire recommendations

  89. Vanagon Sightings In Batumi

  90. Vanagon Wiki

  91. WAS: lower rad grill size. NOW: D-OH! and question (PIC included!)

  92. WTB: T3 Panelvan

  93. WTB: anybody have a CV joint plate?

  94. WTB: front syncro coil spring and a proportional valve

  95. Was: lower rad grill... Now: why is there a gap at bottom of lower grill?

  96. Well, bURNINGvAN 2008 is over

  97. Westy middle seat track covers

  98. What is THE best battery ?

  99. What is THE best battery ? Firefly?

  100. Wiki has new aux battery page

  101. Wipers? Speed control?

  102. Workspace needed in Vancouver BC

  103. [Diesel-Vanagon] Weirdness from my Engine ... Any ideas?

  104. [WetWesties] How To Have Fun With a GPS LVC

  105. anybodying parting a bus... in need a fuel filler assembly

  106. automatic locks going haywire

  107. cancel subscription

  108. carfax anyone??

  109. coolant hose replacement, now coolant distributor replacement

  110. coolant hose replacement, now spring clamps

  111. coolant hose size question

  112. e-bay trim rings...blocked by seller!

  113. full width blue Zbed in Oakland PNP

  114. headlight buckets for SA grille

  115. interesting mods & fire ext.

  116. lighted switch needed

  117. midel Seat facing aft

  118. mk2 Recaros in a vanagon

  119. parts needed

  120. parts needed - Olin & Matt posts

  121. rebuilding starter

  122. replacement cv/axle assembly

  123. slack in e-brake cable?

  124. sliding door panel for sale; gray

  125. so i was wondering ...

  126. starters-used vs. cheap rebuilt vs. Bosch rebuilt

  127. subie diesel

  128. update on my wondering ... thank you

  129. vanagon Digest - 13 Feb 2008 to 14 Feb 2008 - Special issue (#2008-199)

  130. vanagon Digest - 7 Feb 2008 to 8 Feb 2008 - Special issue (#2008-178)

  131. vanentine

  132. was: replacement cv/axle assembly, now: THANKS!

  133. westy stove LED panel discoloration/rust.. was Re: parts needed

  134. whos 15" steel rim is GW re-selling ?
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