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VANAGON archives – December 2008, week 4

Table of contents:

  1. 12V LED mood lighting?

  2. 16" tires on a vanagon

  3. 2009 VW Bus & Truck Photo Calendar - All Photos

  4. 2010 Beetle Design

  5. =?utf-8?Q?=5bFlickr=5d_rogersisler=32=30=30=30_wants_you_to_see_something?=

  6. A "Tongue In Cheek" Vanagon Jingle

  7. Air Cooled Beetle List??

  8. Anti Rolling Reminder for Automatics when parked

  9. Anyone have a good used Power steering pump for an Automatic for Sale?

  10. Battery cable question

  11. Blackbeard Comes Home! (With questions)

  12. Bottle Jack

  13. Burnt Wires!!-Please look and advise

  14. CRAZY '85 GL on Ebay - Carfax?

  15. Digifant and Fuel Injection Basic questions(long)

  16. Download archives

  17. E-Code Headlights

  18. Eurovan Steel Rim on a Vanagon

  19. FS: Eurovan Westfalia full camper

  20. FS: Syncro Westfalia cheap!

  21. Fuse Diagram

  22. Fw: Bottle Jack

  23. Garmin GPS - VW Bus Icon

  24. Gas Filler Line in your Fill Tube while driving

  25. Hanging Clutch Disc

  26. Headlight swtich diagnostics?

  27. Help--Stuck in Mammoth Lakes

  28. Here's something you don't see every day

  29. I gotta tranny... what is the gearing? no codes

  30. Idea Mods for lighting the goon

  31. Looking for the instruments cluster printed circuit

  32. Merry Christmas

  33. Merry Christmas Everybody!

  34. Merry Christmas from Mexico

  35. Merry Christmas to all, VolKs

  36. Metric Fuel Line

  37. More on TR 16x7 steelies


  39. Picture: changing pop-top canvas

  40. Pop-top canvas change

  41. Pure Sine Wave Inverter

  42. Purple springs from H&R

  43. Rear Window Defroster vs Rear Window Defogger?

  44. Relay Numbers was coolant light / temp sensor - need advice please!


  46. Secret $15 steel wheel source

  47. Small coolant leak

  48. Stainless steel screws for the exterior

  49. Starting Battery Behind the Driver Seat

  50. Tach weirdness

  51. Towing a Vanagon

  52. Toyota Previa "Westfalia" ??

  53. Transmission Noise ?

  54. Two bolts to mount the alternator bracket to the engine block are just plain missing!

  55. Vanagon Westfalia Wanted

  56. Voltage Drop - Less than 3% - 15 feet, 2/0, 150 Amps is on target

  57. WAS: $15 steel wheel source-how about some 15" steelies?

  58. WAS: $15 steel wheel source-how about some 15" steelies?-Tire sizes again!

  59. Wanted: Orly blue hatch.....have ca$h or Bordeaux burgundy hatch available

  60. What are ...

  61. [Syncro] CRAZY '85 GL on Ebay - Carfax?

  62. [TDI-conversion] I gotta tranny... what is the gearing? no codes

  63. [WetWesties] Blackbeard Comes Home! (With questions)

  64. changing pop-top canvas

  65. check your firewall fuel line fittings! the 2nd main cause of engine fires

  66. coolant light / temp sensor - need advice please!

  67. downloading archives

  68. fix hole in battery

  69. locking gas caps- was Gas Filler Line in your Fill Tube while driving

  70. repairing the blue PCB ribbon on the back of instrument cluster

  71. vanagon seam rust repair

  72. was Gas Filler /now places to store you gas cap
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