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VANAGON archives – May 2009, week 3

Table of contents:

  1. 2.1l vacuum readings?

  2. 2009 Mudfest Campout: May 22-May 25 (Oregon)

  3. A picture is worth a thousand (cuss) words.

  4. AGM trolling battery

  5. AW: [Syncro] Rare Vanagon Toy - Ebay

  6. Acquiring ETKA

  7. Advice needed for replacing front and rear header pipes and hardwar

  8. Advice needed for replacing front and rear header pipes and hardware

  9. Aftermarket cruise control finally working!

  10. Air Conditioning Proposal in Vancouver BC

  11. Alaska, Inuvik

  12. Another DIY awning?

  13. Another turn signal question

  14. Anyone have a 3rd Party External Oil Cooler or Transmission Cooler installed?

  15. Anyone here own a Country Home Camper Pop Top? How do you like it?

  16. Anyone spot the Vanagon on LOST?

  17. Automatic Transmission external cooler

  18. Battery light & OX light?

  19. Behr AC just listed

  20. Best Dash Cleaner and Protector - Armorall or ???

  21. Buses by the Beach Photos

  22. CV bolt lock plates

  23. CV joint grease on tapered roller bearings?

  24. Cruise control issues

  25. Custom VDO/Sunpro or other brand Guages for Oil Temp, Water Temp, Volt Meter

  26. Digifant 21. MV High Fuel Consumption

  27. Dimensions of Vanagon AC concenser ?

  28. Distributor wire?

  29. Do I just cut the wire from the O2 sensor?

  30. ETKA

  31. ETKA 7

  32. Electrical help please!

  33. Engine External Oil Cooler


  35. Fixed my wiper arm on my lunch break!

  36. Friday NVC what app 2 use for address book

  37. Friday non vanagon content what app 2 use for address book

  38. Friday, pride day

  39. Fridge blows out while driving....

  40. Fw: Re: Do I just cut the wire from the O2 sensor?

  41. German way, the engine comes out easy

  42. Go Westy Coolant Pipe Repair kit - extra parts needed FYI!

  43. GoWesty coolant repair kit vs SS pipes

  44. Honking while turning at slow speeds

  45. How do you get to the passenger side wiper shaft?

  46. Is this the Van List? Buy my Ex-Husband's---Cheap

  47. Lego Vanagon kit available for ordering from Lego

  48. Lego builder help needed - to create a Vanagon brickset

  49. Mean Email from the Samba member

  50. More Digifant Troubleshooting ...

  51. Multi van San Marcos

  52. NVC. YouTube Symphony Orchestra: "Internet Symphony Eroica"

  53. NVC/Friday: question for importers

  54. NVC: Any Insurance Agents Out There?

  55. Not the thermostat - yay!

  56. On the road to Alaska

  57. Parts for sale. Can deliver to Busfusion.

  58. Question about rear turn signal wiring

  59. Rare Vanagon Toy - Ebay

  60. Re. Database designer?

  61. Rear eveloptor housing

  62. Removing a water cooled engine from vanagon. Ben?

  63. Removing engine the German way

  64. Ring Compressor Ideas

  65. Ring compressor ideas

  66. Safely home after BBtB

  67. Short-finding technique was Re: Electrical help please!

  68. Sound we go :)

  69. Spark plug rap..

  70. The Vanagon Owner's Creed

  71. Thermostat soup: A comparison.

  72. Tire ratio effects

  73. UPDATED-can you smell that smell??

  74. VW Rotten (Routan) review

  75. VW Van Pac Man FryDie

  76. Vanagon Minds Thank you!

  77. Vanagon Prices (was: Re: Mean Email from the Samba member)

  78. Vanagon Prices;

  79. Vanagon Sighting Movie 'TAKEN'

  80. Vanagon Sighting in the new Movie 'Angels and Demons'

  81. Vanagon Westy's for Sale in WoodStock NY (Not mine, but I know the person)

  82. Vanagon front parking brake cable

  83. Vanagon in Angels and Demons

  84. Vanagon minds lend me your ears?

  85. Vanagon minds lend me your ears? Which Guru?

  86. WD-40

  87. WTB: Cruise Control vent valve bracket

  88. WTB: South African Grill $$

  89. Westy cameo in lane splitting video

  90. Westy water tank indicator lights

  91. Westys for sale in San Antonio no affiliation

  92. [NVC][Friday] DC Dragon Boat Festival this weekend in Georgetown (I'm competing)

  93. [Syncro] Rare Vanagon Toy - Ebay

  94. brake shoe installation help (long)

  95. friday Content laff s n more

  96. inline 4 swap

  97. new windshield from Safelite Autoglass

  98. right on; that bus done got me bad .....

  99. stereo power comsumption
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