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VANAGON archives – August 2009, week 3

Table of contents:

  1. '81 Westy Aux. Battery Box Measurements

  2. '87 Vanagon GL: Oil leaks

  3. '90 2.1: What are the cahnces that I just fried my engine?

  4. '90 2.1: What are the chances that I just fried my engine?

  5. '90 2.1: What are the chances that I just fried my engine? UPDATE

  6. (NVC) - Request 35 MM Slide Scanning sources

  7. 09/12/09 Van-O-Rama #9 in South San Francisco

  8. 1985 Westphalia Camper being parted out

  9. A newbie needing hard starting help

  10. ANSWERS!! Re: Engine electrical power requirements?

  11. Adding rear disc brakes

  12. Alternative to locking gas cap?

  13. Another C4C vanagon, this time at a VW dealer in Catonsville, MD

  14. Another Kudos to a Vendor

  15. Another VW bus sighting

  16. Anyone bored? Wanna install a cruise control for me?

  17. Anyone ever carry a Vespa INSIDE a Westy?

  18. Auto-Sleepers - Motorhomes of excellence - Homepage

  19. Batteries

  20. Bilbo's | Mercedes DeZine - Bilbo's Design, specialist V olkswagen motorhome converters with a reputation for quali ty

  21. Bilbo's | Mercedes DeZine - Bilbo's Design, specialist Volkswagen motorhome converters with a reputation for quality

  22. Bostig engine

  23. Broken Gas Tank Fitting...DOH!

  24. Burning Vanagons ? ;o)

  25. C4C (Cash for Clunkers) program is over as of this coming monday

  26. C4C Vanagons at junkyard

  27. CL: 1987 Poptop in Modesto for $3700

  28. Cash For Clunkers

  29. Cold feet?

  30. Creepy white/tan powder inside windshield rubber

  31. Dehydrated Kid, was landscaping with VW's

  32. Dometic Exhaust O Ring

  33. Electronic Rustproofing?

  34. Engine electrical power requirements?

  35. FRYEAYE: Vespa didn't fit in the Westy.....

  36. FS: Rims, Captains Chairs, ?

  37. Faintly disturbing noises beginning behind...('84 inline gas VW with 5sp)

  38. Fox head gasket issue--solved!

  39. Fox head torque question

  40. Friday Question

  41. Friday: Learn From My Lessons

  42. Friday: Learn From My Lessons2

  43. Front license plate attachment 1984

  44. Fryeday -- Dad's funeral

  45. Fryedaye Re: Can You Have Too Many Vanagons? an in-depth study of a modern social sickness.

  46. Fuel Filter 86 Syncro?

  47. Fuel Filter location on Syncro!

  48. Fw: Re:Vanagons not eligible

  49. Fw: Transmission or clutch gone: Maybe better news

  50. Fwd: MODERATOR: Mike Collum

  51. Going To Pick Up My New 88 Westy

  52. I did it

  53. In search of syncro fuel tank sender

  54. Insulation behind Dometic fridge?

  55. Interest in Older Vanagon Shift Linkage reproduction

  56. Interstate MTP-91 Battery Fits?

  57. LVC: Online Vendor(s) for older Audis?

  58. Looking for studs part number

  59. Loose Valve Mystery

  60. MODERATOR Mike Collum status

  61. MODERATOR: Mike Collum

  62. MODERATOR: Mike Collum Update 2

  63. MODERATOR: Mike Collum update 3

  64. MODERATOR: update on Mike Collum

  65. NVC-California History Lesson RE: 1850

  66. Need a Date for Buses by the Depot 09??

  67. No start, no codes ... usual stuff doesn't help.

  68. Not quite a backfire . . .

  69. Not quite a backfire . .Over running the engine

  70. OK to use an 11mm wide WP/alternator belt on a 2.1?

  71. Online Vendor(s) for older Audis?

  72. Problem removing grease cap from front wheel???

  73. Propane gauge

  74. Propex 2800 for sale

  75. Question for Folk Fest attendee - no hot start

  76. Reconditioned Battery Opinions?

  77. Regreasing my CV's. Flip driveshafts on reinstall good idea?

  78. Requesting assistance from someone with stock late-model rear shoulder belts

  79. Roof Rack ?

  80. SA vanagon heater/vent controls

  81. Seems kinda 'spensive for this gadget

  82. Shameless Plug for the Vanagon Wikipedia page at

  83. Spanish translation for deep cycle battery?

  84. Subject: What is this =?UTF-8?Q?part/piece=3F?=

  85. TRIP HOME. Traveling across the country, without all your gears...

  86. Temp II Sensor Questions

  87. Temp gauge question

  88. The New 2010 VW Bus

  89. The Woodstock Bus

  90. Towing with a T3 Vanagon Was: Benny Boy's sailboat

  91. Transmission or clutch gone

  92. Transmission or clutch gone: Maybe better news

  93. Trip Report of Sorts

  94. Trouble shooting oil leaks

  95. VW Bus sighting

  96. Valves adjustment in Bentley

  97. Vancouver Vanagon Meeting 2009

  98. Vespa inside Westie

  99. Wanna install a cruise control for me?

  100. Was: Engine electrical requirements? Now: WBX ECU Heat?

  101. What Did You Leave At Home?

  102. What is this part/piece?

  103. What's a sick 1993 Microbus 2.5i worth?

  104. Why did Schultz decide to use screws? for the dustplates up front??????????

  105. Yakima on a Westy

  106. [NVC] Camping recco w/ ADA near Bend, Or

  107. [WetWesties] auxiliary battery wiring, et al

  108. [vanagon] 83.5-91 Vanagon Front Heater Core-NEW!

  109. [vanagon] Know a good mechanic?

  110. alternator specs?

  111. bostig engine

  112. dumb mechanic cant remember fuel sender orientation

  113. how hot should; CV's, rear Wheel bearings & brake hubs.

  114. installing new cig outlet

  115. need help- what is this hose?

  116. new gas tank

  117. paint Repair ?

  118. rad fan with hose fittings?

  119. round fog lights

  120. save this '89 westy!!!! $4500 Re: Another C4C vanagon, this time at a VW ...

  121. save this '89 westy!!!! $4500 Re: Another C4C vanagon, this time at a VW dealer

  122. smoked tail lights

  123. temperature-oil pressure (rather long)

  124. the 24th B.N.N.T.A. Vw camping weekend...

  125. u-joint pics

  126. vendor kudos

  127. warranty- was Reconditioned Battery Opinions?

  128. windshield wipers
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