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VANAGON archives – December 2009, week 2

Table of contents:

  1. 2WD Westy sucks in mud

  2. 81 van Cheap texas

  3. 87 Syncro FS In Toledo, Ohio

  4. 88 syncro for sale near Duncan, Van. Island

  5. A Vanagon does The Eddie

  6. AC Retrofit with Vintage Air stuff

  7. About coolant

  8. Alaska; Okay, How Cold Is It? Vanagon Content

  9. Another Vanagon About to Be Crushed in South Bend, Indiana

  10. At least it ain't a bad smell

  11. Back and forth

  12. Buses by the Bridge

  13. Careless driver wrecked my van :( (Update)

  14. Compatibility of A1 Rabbit/Jetta Autotrans

  15. Coolant Leak @ Water Pump Flange

  16. Dash foil

  17. ECU Testers for sale- proceeds to PIF Fund. "digitool"

  18. European, Re: Mexican auto insurance

  19. FS Deisel Tranny san Antonio

  20. FS-1964 VW Transporter

  21. FS: 84 Vanagon for Parts or Project Wisconsin

  22. FS: 87 syncro westy weekender

  23. FYI, Syncro FS in Northern Ohio

  24. Fires

  25. Friday bird AKICIV (All Knowledge is Contained in Vandom)

  26. Friday question- will this break your window??

  27. Fry-Day Phun - The latest Vanagon Man video!

  28. Fwd: 87 Syncro FS In Toledo, Ohio

  29. Fwd: Jackson, Mississippi

  30. Headlight Relay Kits FS

  31. Help needed in Jackson Mississippi

  32. How long should fuel tank grommets last? (a little long)

  33. How not to explore the back roads of Death Valley

  34. Idle control valve and very cold weather?

  35. Interior panel clip source?

  36. Jackson, Mississippi

  37. Keeping things from freezing shut

  38. Left Passenger Wiper Failed after snow and ice build up, need some feedb

  39. Left Passenger Wiper Failed after snow and ice build up, need some feedback on how to fix this please.

  40. Looking for Automatic Transmission pan and filler tube

  41. Looking for Vanagon Body Panel

  42. MOD Mike Collum status 12/14/9

  43. Mexican auto insurance

  44. Misc Vanagon Stuff

  45. Need a/c part

  46. Need advice on Brake issues and shifting issues

  47. New VW Book

  48. Oil Cooler Oil Leak was Oil cooler coolant Leak ?

  49. Oil cooler coolant Leak ?

  50. Oil cooler o-ring Leak ?

  51. Okay, How Cold Is =?UTF-8?Q?It=3F=20Vanagon=20Content?=

  52. Okay, How Cold Is It? Vanagon Content

  53. PS: leaking gas when engine is on

  54. Phrydae Phollow Up on MicroBus Stolen 35 year Ago

  55. Rear heater core valve o-ring source?

  56. Red: "resale" red only?

  57. Source for RED Plaid fabric?

  58. Stranded VW 83ish Westy in Central WA

  59. Syncro as a daily driver?

  60. Syncro transplant?

  61. The List

  62. The List - Thanks!!

  63. Thoughts on Warehouse Space

  64. Toledo Syncro

  65. UniversalMaps Atlas / Bus on front cover

  66. Update

  67. Vanagon vs Eurovan


  69. We can be contributors also

  70. ZITS Cartoon from the LATimes

  71. Zits Comic does it again

  72. [Syncro] ECU Testers for sale- proceeds to PIF Fund. "digitool"

  73. [Syncro] Re: Syncro Front Tranny Maintenance

  74. [T2] Zits Comic does it again

  75. [WetWesties] Friday question- will this break your window??

  76. [WetWesties] Okay, How Cold Is It?

  77. audi rims

  78. blower fan and wipers not working after aux. battery installation

  79. call for webasto bb46w info and experiences

  80. camper eye candy

  81. introducing me and Vanna White

  82. leaking gas when engine is on (long)

  83. overheating vanagon 86

  84. spotted pastel white van on the road USA ... hey thats me

  85. starter dead? 88 GL Auto

  86. travel in Labrador

  87. vanagon racing...drifting...friday
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