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VANAGON archives – December 1999, week 4

Table of contents:

  1. '87 Power Locks locking and unlocking by themselves

  2. '87 Power Locks locking and unlocking by themselves, stove grate source.

  3. 1988 westy for sale- details of problems-??

  4. 2.1 L conversion: was HEADSTUD HORROR

  5. 2.1L Cylinder barrel rebore

  6. 2.1L Cylinder barrel rebore (Wow!)

  7. 6 mils of lash...

  8. 87 Vanagon fuse problem

  9. 91 Carat on Ebay going-going-gone

  10. : FS 1988 Vanagon GL

  11. ?Syncro-Full Locking Drivetrain?

  12. Another MMO question...

  13. Another warm up strategy

  14. Any Recommended VW Shops in the Dallas Area?

  15. Any interest in custom Euro license plates?

  16. Anybody Tried MSD Ignition On WBX?

  17. Anyone Near Santa Ana, CA? I need a pair of eyes to look at a used van.

  18. Ballard Fuel cells: was EPA rules

  19. Best/easiest way to work under a Vanagon?

  20. Boston to DC for Wolfy pickup

  21. Bus Depot Xmas Hours


  23. CV problem has been FIXED!!

  24. Car model names

  25. Car model names [no Vanagon content]

  26. Chains... on the front for 2WD(no vanagon content) F?

  27. Chains... on the front for 2WD?

  28. Changing coolant hoses.

  29. Cheers

  30. Christmas

  31. Christmas Gift

  32. Christmas Westy

  33. Cleaning CVs

  34. Come visit my website!

  35. Diesel replacement - Please Help

  36. Digitool saves the day

  37. Double bagging it, myth dispelled, was: Personal question

  38. Drive shaft installation

  39. ECU

  40. ECU for an '80 2.0L

  41. Engine Conversion Idea

  42. FS 1986 Vanagon GL in Connecticut

  43. FS 1988 Vanagon GL

  44. FS Vanagon & Eurovan Listings

  45. FS- 1989 Westfalia 86k Miles 4 speed

  46. FS: '87 Syncro van for parts

  47. FS: 1.9L engine and exhaust system (TX)

  48. FS: 84 Wofly(need to sell)

  49. FS: engine & trans from '78

  50. Finding Air leaks was Re: Engine Temperature in Winter

  51. Friday help with fake Millennium menu (no VW)

  52. Fuel Injectors Improvement Maintanence

  53. Fw: Re: reality check

  54. Fwd: Re: Car model names (no vanagon)

  55. Gas vent lines sealing?

  56. Group Purchase Euro Lights are in! - Extra pair left over!

  57. Gulf coast oil bypass filter system.

  58. HELP

  59. Happy Holidays

  60. Head Job Finished - Van now running!

  61. Help: the VW morons spilled brake fluid on my electrical wiring...

  62. Help: the VW morons spilled brake fluid on my electricalwiring...

  63. Help: the VW morons spilled brake fluid on myelectricalwiring...

  64. Hex Wrenches

  65. I really mean it

  66. Living in a camper, was: Road weary

  67. Mailorder rebuilders? AVP, Bost Eng, Fast Germ..?

  68. Mileage ?

  69. Millennium-Proof Westy

  70. Minimum engine wear warm up strategy

  71. More counter-intuition re traction (no token VW content)

  72. More counter-intuition re traction (some token VW content)

  73. My CV problem has escalated!

  74. My new site...

  75. Need '87 GL Owners Manual

  76. Need help w/armrest adjusters

  77. Need wiring diagram

  78. New EPA rules for gasoline

  79. Nitrogen Injection (was air scoops)

  80. No Westy owner can be without one!

  81. Oil for infrequently driven vehicles

  82. Orange antifreeze?

  83. Ottawa - vans forsale

  84. Paint restoration: was Re: pwr mirrors

  85. Performance Upgrades?

  86. Personal question

  87. Projektzwo or Oettinger dealer in Berlin


  89. Re-engineering program/F

  90. Reading the tire markings

  91. Relocating syncro fuel filter

  92. Reversibility, was REAR DISCS

  93. Rims and Christmmm wish

  94. Road Weary

  95. Road weary

  96. Ronal Rims and Christmmm wish

  97. Rust in seams: 1987: Info on sealant and paint wanted

  98. SA 5 speed for Syncro's

  99. Santa's come early to Oz

  100. Several Vanagons For sale in the southeast

  101. Short

  102. Skiing and/or hiking in WV, MD or Southern PA

  103. Skinny Tires

  104. Skylight seal

  105. Slower traffic keep right

  106. Snow tires

  107. Speed and RPM's

  108. Spilled brake fluid Remedy!

  109. Sulfur out of Diesel

  110. Syncro Carat

  111. Syncro Carat, was Re: pwr mirrors

  112. Syncro Mechanic in Chicago?

  113. Syncro Tranny Removal Procedure/tips

  114. Syncro diff light!!!!!!

  115. Syncro tranny pops out of fourth gear

  116. This is a test, please delete

  117. Thursday's Fryedaye Follies (well, it's Friday for me!). :)

  118. Thursday's Fryedaye Follies .... Part Deux

  119. Thursday's Fryedaye Foollies ... 3te

  120. Thursday's Fryedaye's Finality ... Quasi-Quatro

  121. Tow Bar for Vanagon

  122. Tracing wires?

  123. Unleaded Regular or Unleaded Premium?

  124. VW to replace my Eurovan

  125. Vanagon Transportation

  126. Vanagon diagnostic expertise in Oregon

  127. Vanagon futures?

  128. WTB: Left side Square Headlight Assembly

  129. Was Eurovan, now VW names

  130. Was VW names, Now Japanese Characters

  131. Water seperators, was diesel engine question

  132. Website or info on "Vanagon Projekt"

  133. Website or info on "Vanagon Projekt"??

  134. What is a Digitool?

  135. What is a Digitool? (F)

  136. What is the interior Layout of a '93 Eurovan MV?

  137. Why my 1.9 turbodiesel died...

  138. Window winder re-post

  139. Woody's digitool / digijet running rich

  140. [Fwd: chains]

  141. [VB] Gear Oil Nightmare

  142. [VWPICKUPS] Gulf coast oil bypass filter system.

  143. [ev_update] VW to replace my Eurovan

  144. anyone done REAR DISCS?

  145. appalachian trail hiking (no vanagon content)

  146. auxiliary battery

  147. chains

  148. changing fuel filter location

  149. clutch slave cylinder

  150. coolant leak

  151. diesel engine question. Little Vanagon content

  152. front wheel snowies

  153. head temp gauge

  154. idle valve surge 87

  155. ignition and ?Vanagon syndrome

  156. my santa analysis FRIDAY

  157. mystery ground wire

  158. new to the list and learning to dodge corner curbs

  159. overheating questions

  160. plea for part

  161. pwr mirrors

  162. reality check

  163. rear heater core leak?

  164. running rich

  165. sell 84 or not...parting??

  166. sell 84 or not...parting?? (CT)

  167. signing off for a while/ start of road trip

  168. spilled brake fluid

  169. test test ignore ignore

  170. tow bar

  171. traction, transmissions

  172. wanted 1980-1898

  173. westy circuit breaker?

  174. westy drain cap

  175. where to find?
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