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VANAGON archives – March 2006, week 2

Table of contents:

  1. (rear) cv joint

  2. (rear) cv joint (again...)

  3. 1.9 engine breather/coolant hoses and exhaust gaskets

  4. 1.9L to 2.1L interchange of parts

  5. 12V fridge necessary?

  6. 1985 Vanagon 1.9l gas - starter type ?

  7. 2nd battery; two questions

  8. 80 or 81 westy for parts in Champaign IL

  9. 86vanagon

  10. <No subject>

  11. A fun alternative to Re: Diesel in Utah

  12. AAA vs Better world roadside assitance

  13. About those mud flap holes...

  14. Alignment Specifications

  15. All n one's vlvc

  16. Any have a Good Used Condition Brake Pressure Regulator for an 88?

  17. Battery combiner

  18. Brake Pressure Regulator for an 88/Other parts

  19. Bus sighting, Hollywood, CA

  20. BusFusion 2006

  21. BusFusion 2006 News

  22. CV Joint Tool

  23. Can You make a syncro?

  24. Car guys/movies VLVC

  25. Carfax report please

  26. Chunka Bologna

  27. Cleaning Out the Basement, Parts for Sale

  28. Cleaning grounds in dash

  29. Colorado judge says vanagon may sue VW cause of pain and suffering fro unreliable vehicle

  30. Complete 1.9 for sale - Best Offer

  31. Diesel Conversions

  32. Diesel Conversions - Other Options

  33. Diesel Subaru Conversions

  34. Diesel Subaru Conversions info

  35. Diesel conversions for Vanagons??

  36. Diesel in Utah

  37. Dodge Sprinter Air Stream Westfalias

  38. Dometic Fridge problem

  39. Done: Re: (rear) cv joint

  40. Driver Window

  41. Dual battery chargers

  42. Etka favor!

  43. Exhaust valves

  44. FREE 2 Westies in Santa Cruz CA

  45. FS in Salt Lake - 2 Kumho Snow Tires

  46. FS: 1987 Westfalia - $7,500

  47. FW: 1991 Vanagon GL W/ 4 Large Round Headlights

  48. FW: Westy sink - gray water line

  49. Failed Emissions Test NVC

  50. Fixed: 1.9L starts but wont run long

  51. Fluid Film lubricant for sliding door bearings

  52. Friday freebie - Public Radio Atlas of the U.S.

  53. Friday freebie - Public Radio Atlas of the U.S. (That's all, folks!)

  54. Fryeday - What kind of VW are you?

  55. Fryeday Question

  56. Fw: [VWVANFULLTIMERS] Hey now!

  57. Fwd: Re: Vanagon Short Shift Kit

  58. Fwd: Re: need input on confusing CV joints...

  59. Good news today.

  60. Has anybody put in a sunroof into a Vanagon that did not come with one?

  61. How to Remove Seat Upholstery from the Lower Cushion?

  62. Inexpensive awning solution?

  63. Info re headliners and anyone with ETKA

  64. Input requested on possible Campsite Review Page

  65. Installing a syncro tranny in a 2wd vanagon

  66. Interesting Vanagon Print on eBay

  67. Isolator vs Seperator (mechanical relay) was Re: Sure Power 1315 battery separator

  68. It's Almost Friday...

  69. Its Friday on the East coast

  70. Looking for 19" LCD monitor

  71. Looking for new adoptive parents in Seattle

  72. Misquoted Lord Kelvin

  73. Multivan Front Fender Flare

  74. Need help on R-134 question

  75. New VW Commercials

  76. Oily puddle under my vanagon

  77. Okrasa (was Fryeday - What kind of VW are you?)

  78. Optima Battery position

  79. Parting Out '84 Waterboxer Westy in Kansas City

  80. Placing $$ hourly value on one's own time in doing van work....

  81. Propane heaters

  82. Question: Hole Drill

  83. Re; will it fit in the garage

  84. Rear window vents

  85. Replacement for Vanagon? Anybody looking at the Sprinter?

  86. SDM EAST

  87. SYNCRO de MAYO 2006 - Website UPand Registration is OPEN! Register Early

  88. Satisfaction Plus,

  89. Satisfaction Plus, & Installation Ease Of Stainless Coolant Pipes.

  90. So what is the gas tank problem?

  91. Soundproofing material

  92. Sources needed - Vanagon Cover

  93. Subaru Conversions

  94. Suburban RV Heater;

  95. Suburban heaters

  96. Sure Power 1315 battery separator

  97. Syncro DE Mayo East

  98. Syncro De Mayo (West)

  99. Syncro crank seal

  100. They're baaaack - Fuel Tank crossover tubes

  101. Thoughts on Mr. Heater Buddy?

  102. Tiico Parts Availability?

  103. Trailers, Portable Generators and the like

  104. Trip Report - Toronto Canada to Mexico and Return

  105. Update: permanent fuel pressure gauge

  106. Upper Ball Joints Reply

  107. VW-Google Navigation System

  108. Vanagan rebuild dino or synthetic oil??

  109. Vanagon Short Shift Kit

  110. Vanagon Tow Behinds Build your own Tear Drop Trailer

  111. Vanagon auto trannies

  112. Vanagon camper wanted!

  113. Vanagon rebuild dino or synthetic oil??

  114. Vanagon/Berg Short Shift Kit

  115. Volkswagen Day at Bretton Woods Ski Area March 19 2006

  116. WTB 2 or 3 used BFG AT KO 215/75R15

  117. Wanted. Brown sliding door panel & brackets support for Fiamma F45i awning

  118. Was Diesel in Utah: NVC Warning!! Polital Content

  119. Was: Diesel in Utah NVC

  120. Westy cover

  121. Westy sink - gray water line

  122. Wheels??

  123. Where to get a Sure Power 1315

  124. Where to get a Sure Power 1315-200 battery isolator?

  125. Where to get a Sure Power 1315-200 battery xxxxxxxx: (separator / interconnect)

  126. Where's that air coming from?

  127. Wiring in 2nd battery on Westy..

  128. [SPAM] Replacement for Vanagon? Anybody looking at the Sprinter?

  129. [VWVANFULLTIMERS] Optima Battery position

  130. [vanagon] Re: Vanagon Engine Temps & Oil Levels

  131. battery question

  132. cargo boxes on top of westies

  133. changing the lock on outside door handle-easy, hard, or impossible?

  134. cleaning grounding points was Re: Trip Report - Toronto Canada to Mexico and Return

  135. clicks in the front end

  136. coolant LED issues

  137. dual battery

  138. dune buggy

  139. free wheels and tires

  140. fryeday what king of vw

  141. gear oil fill bolt in tranny?

  142. last call for axle cleaning suggestions

  143. listee in Mobile area??

  144. need input on confusing CV joints...

  145. numbers (was subaru conversions) - It's Fryeday, isn't it?

  146. obvious always first - shifter problem solved!

  147. political discussions (was Re: Diesel in Utah

  148. rear drum leaking 85gl

  149. rear shock replace

  150. replacing catalytic converter

  151. source of more cv grease?

  152. source of more cv grease? OVER packing?

  153. switching a `high-mileage' 1.9l to synthetic?

  154. vanagon Digest - 11 Mar 2006 - Special issue (#2006-215)

  155. vanagon Digest - 13 Mar 2006 - Special issue (#2006-221)

  156. vanagon Digest - 13 Mar 2006 to 14 Mar 2006 - Special issue (#2006-224)

  157. vanagon auto trannies

  158. what are the tanks up front?

  159. will it fit in the garage--donut spares

  160. will yours fit in the garage?

  161. wtb 83 water cooled auto tranny in pnw
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