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VANAGON archives – August 2007, week 1

Table of contents:

  1. "Red Hi-Temp" Permatex. Use after 1-2 hours?

  2. "icy balls" - pre-dometic refrigeration fun

  3. $500 85 Vanagon on CL Vancouver

  4. 2.2 wiring harness on Craigslist...

  5. 87 Westy High Idle

  6. =?utf-8?Q?VW_=31=39=38=35_CAMPER_OWNER_MANUEL_PICTURES?=

  7. A "Fridge" driving a Fridge

  8. A bit rough idle, running. Unbalanced injectors?

  9. Aircooled Dr. in the Seattle area?

  10. Another Battery Solution was Comments wanted on this portable fridge

  11. Anti-Roll bar or stabilizing bar popping out of bushing

  12. Anyone have a good used '86-'91 ECU to sell?

  13. Attn: Electrical Gurus. Wiring question (diagram supplied)

  14. Atwood Furnace - Anyone have one?

  15. Auto Trans Governor Seal

  16. Back-up lights don't work

  17. Book on electricity basics

  18. Burnt Westy... Another one bites the dust.

  19. Call for Uber-ultra-super-cool-turbo-alpha-3 logo for the vanagon wiki -- details within.

  20. Call for articles!

  21. Camping suggestions -- The coast, Virginia to Savannah GA

  22. Carfax Account

  23. Columbus Ohio VW show whos goin?

  24. Comments wanted on this portable fridge

  25. Curious incident of the fuel pump that did not whine in the night

  26. Currently in Bend

  27. Deep Cycle Batteries

  28. Deep cycle batteries, voltage regulators, and eating cake

  29. Diesel rated

  30. Dometic LP repair report

  31. Eberspacher B1L (NOS still in shrink wrap) for sale

  32. Even More Eurovan Thoughts

  33. Excellent Rig...In praise of my Vanagon.

  34. FS SubaruVanagon conversion kit

  35. FS various Westy parts in Eastern CDA

  36. FW: Signing Off

  37. Friday fridge replacement (ideas)

  38. Fuel issue near Banks, Idaho

  39. Fuel pump issues.

  40. Fun-splittie mag cover

  41. Fwd: 1984 vwvanagon camper

  42. Fwd: Re: Increase ride height on 2wd front

  43. Fwd: Yet another rusty propane tanks question...

  44. Fwd: [VANAGON] Columbus Ohio VW show whos goin?

  45. GPS

  46. Google Pages

  47. Google Pages - oops

  48. Google Pages/Solar Energy

  49. Great Day Trip

  50. Hankook RA08 Tires

  51. Hankooks RA08 Tires

  52. Head leak

  53. Head leak, chem sealer experience

  54. Heading up to Yosemite.

  55. Hella Fog Lights For Sale

  56. Help needed fixing the tabs an instrument cluster

  57. Help--- stuck in Redding Followup and conclusion

  58. High Country 2007 pictures

  59. How much rear wheel bearing play?

  60. Huge THANKS!!! (Dometic cools on LP)

  61. Improving stock curtains/matress toppers

  62. Increase ride height on 2wd front

  63. Inserting Terry K heater shutoff valve

  64. Inside a GEX 2.0L engine, not pretty.

  65. Inside a GEX 2.0L engine, not pretty. LVC

  66. Installing a fuel pump

  67. Insurance?!?!

  68. Insurance?!?! Tow Rig ?

  69. Interesting eBay Item

  70. Internation VW Camper Meet

  71. International VW Camper Meet

  72. Intro

  73. Intro / conversion

  74. Is there a best cooler? was Re: Comments wanted on this portable fridge

  75. LIFE.....and Death

  76. LVC: Learning Electricity & Testers

  77. LVC: making LED lights

  78. Labor, 28 hours, customer say, i have no money....

  79. Land Yachit electrics

  80. Leaky Dometic door? Just listen.....

  81. Listserv Commands (was 'wiki')

  82. Locks

  83. Looking for 15" SA steel wheels

  84. Looking for a good water-cooled vanagon Mechanic in Northern New Mexico

  85. Missing emails

  86. More email trouble

  87. Moving to OR WAS: re:Van Died

  88. My Google Vanagon links page needs your submissions!

  89. Need 85 speedo gear

  90. New Rule was Re: Propane Gauge?

  91. New on this list

  92. Next project: Thoughts on SS vs. Rubber Hose?

  93. Optima Yellow Top for Starting

  94. Paging Hans Achter

  95. Pair of 1.9L engines available (Guelph,Ontario,Canada)

  96. Pictures from Vanagon meet in Copenhagen, Denmark

  97. Ping/Knock/Detonation

  98. Propane Gauge for Westy - The Final Word? Probably not. hehe.

  99. Propane Gauge?

  100. Refrigerator door panel

  101. Reminder: Buses of the Corn - August 10-12

  102. Remove Stove, Sink, Refer

  103. Removing the face from a 1983 Westy kitchen drawer??

  104. Ripoff on Vancouver Island

  105. Ripoff on Vancouver Island-Auto Glass Prices

  106. Rocky Mountain Westy

  107. Shady Boy Awnings on a Vanagon Adventurewagen

  108. Signing Off

  109. Solar panel

  110. Some Comments on GPS Systems and Audio Electronics (Not Short)

  111. Speaking of hot air...

  112. T3 Westy's; batteries; how to have your cake and eat it

  113. Test - Ignore

  114. Tubing for Brake Fluid recommendation?

  115. URGENT family stranded

  116. Use Dometic 182b LP jet in 182a?

  117. Van Died

  118. Van-Meet 2007

  119. Vanagon Wiki [WAS: Curious incident of the fuel pump ...]

  120. Vanagon parts

  121. up, and running(NEEDS CONTENT)

  122. WAS: .... archive search.... So slow??? NOW: Gmail setting hint.

  123. WTB - rear hatch, and year

  124. WTB Seatbelts

  125. WTB brown Weekender rear cabinet door

  126. WTB: Passenger power window switch

  127. Weakly Wing Windows

  128. Westfalia Font

  129. Westfalia top opening fridge question

  130. Westy large battery capacity options

  131. Whales, whales, seal, moose and moon rise...

  132. What's the world coming to, when a 20 yr old kid cant afford a VW Hippy Bus ???!!!???

  133. When a 20-yr old Can 'Create' a hippy bus ;o)

  134. When a 20-yr old can't afford a hippy bus

  135. When a 20-yr old can't afford a hippy bus(LVC)

  136. Why can't I name my Bus??

  137. Wow

  138. Yet another rusty propane tanks question...

  139. [NVC] Fired Up: Which portable grill cranks up the heat?

  140. [WetWesties] Hankook RA08 Tires

  141. a '90 GL found for sale

  142. aircooled to watercooled conversion

  143. anybody used Kelly Carport? (awning)

  144. bike rack

  145. circlip on lower ball-joint

  146. foam footpads

  147. food in the van or not in bear country?

  148. fridge replacement?

  149. fuel tank replacement

  150. head leak

  151. in bear country - food in the van or not?

  152. odometer repairs

  153. pulsing rear brakes

  154. rear heater must be on?

  155. rear heater valve

  156. stove grill grates

  157. suspension specs

  158. test

  159. upper control arm needed

  160. vanagon shop on Rt. 27 near Princeton NJ?

  161. westy screens for sale (OEM)

  162. wiki

  163. wow
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