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VANAGON archives – September 2007, week 3

Table of contents:

  1. '83 to '88 workshop manual on CD

  2. '84 Vanagon Valve problem?

  3. '87 Westy Question For Guys With IR Thermometers

  4. 2 LEDs

  5. 2.1 water pump r+r

  6. 3Watt LED?

  7. 85 coolant light blinks continuously

  8. =?WINDOWS-1252?Q?Counteract_=99Electronic_Rust_Preven?= =?WINDOWS-1252?Q?tion_System_-Installation_Questions?=

  9. A good triler hitch needed...


  11. Adaptor to pump ...

  12. And now for something REALLY important

  13. Anyone have a Carfax I can use?

  14. Anyone know of a model-ID list for Toyotas? NVC

  15. B-r-r-r-a-a-a-k-e-s

  16. Back-up lights

  17. Back-up lights & now tail lights

  18. Belated Bus Boo Musing

  19. Bentley manual for sale?

  20. Bosch rebuilt starters

  21. Bus Boo Fun fun Fun!

  22. Bus Boo Hoo

  23. Bus Boo Thank You!

  24. Cabin table will not unfold in a Wolfsburg Vanagon

  25. Car Fax please?

  26. Carfax?

  27. Causes of rear brake soft pedal

  28. Cooling questions still

  29. Corduroy seats to cover ...

  30. DOn't use SM rated oils Re: Flickering Oil Light 84 auto

  31. Double Faced Listee

  32. ECU firmware location

  33. ETKA

  34. ETKA for BMWs (NVC)

  35. Empire Vw camping this weekend @ Nick's lake state park Old forge NY

  36. FOR SALE, '85 Double Cab Transporter, w/ Texas Title, $7,500

  37. FS: 1987 Syncro Country Homes Camper

  38. FS: leather wrapped steering wheel for vanagon

  39. FW: Re: Michelin Agilis Tires

  40. Fluorescent with inverter was-Re: LVC adding LED interior lighting

  41. Fog Light Kit Update

  42. Fog Light Kit Update - 09-19-07 @ 6:10 PM CST

  43. Fog Light Kit Update - 5:50 PM Sept 20, 2007

  44. Friday: Honey, I shrunk Diddy's Camper Van

  45. Fridge maintenance

  46. Fw: ECU firmware location

  47. Gas Filler Tube Info Inquiry

  48. Gas Filler Tube Info Inquiry and EASY GAS CAP FIX

  49. HELP Stranded Vanagon Owner at Folk Fest

  50. Help with coolant light flashing randomly - no leaks

  51. Her nose is painted pepper-sunlight - BusQuinox07

  52. How to do a head reseal on a diesel vanagon?

  53. How to use LED's (a bit long)

  54. Idle high with AC signal on

  55. Instead of LED do fluorescent

  56. Internal Pictures of ECU's and ISCU's

  57. It's time to hit that idle Stabilizer on the head!!! (was: ISCU Bench test)

  58. John Brown's Buses

  59. LED Failure

  60. LEDs, AAAs, etc...

  61. LVC adding LED interior lighting

  62. Light on auxilliary battery

  63. Light on auxilliary battery - easy procedure

  64. Link to pics of Vanagon Stretch

  65. Location of ECU in 88 Vanagon

  66. Looking for passenger rear bumper fiberglass end-cap for a 88 Wolfsburg

  67. Manual Steering Rack Worn - Convert to Power?

  68. Mechanic in Fresno

  69. Michelin Agilis Tires

  70. My 1st Vanagon Road trip

  71. My Sunday project

  72. NCAVWC reunion Sept 30th 2pm

  73. NJ Transporter Syncro siting

  74. NVC - cellphone batteries

  75. NVC Reliable mechanic in Raleigh NC

  76. NVC: Fascinating Story for those who participate in online forums

  77. Need 15 inch wheel in SF Bay

  78. Need on-the-road help -- propane valve stuck open?

  79. Nitrogen was:Michelin Agilis Tires

  80. OHC heads on VW luftboxer?

  81. Paint code LH8B Assuan Brown @ NAPA

  82. Questions about Idle stabilization control units and ECU compatibilities

  83. Rear brake spring

  84. Remembering the First Bus

  85. Removing front bumper end caps

  86. Rich on side, lean the other?

  87. Rubber head key with VW logo,

  88. Rubber head key with VW logo, was- Re: key blanks for vanagon in Vancouver BC

  89. Sighting on Skyline Drive

  90. Significant improvment: Less wind deflection

  91. Starting problems

  92. Starting problems with 88 Vanagon (Wolfberg Ed) with 90,000 ml

  93. Starting problems with 88 Vanagon, WIKI problems too

  94. Stolen Vanagon SF Bay Area

  95. Sunroof drains

  96. Syncro shift knob now obsolete according to VW dealer. Have one on Ebay.

  97. TEST NVC

  98. Testing coolant level sensor

  99. Testing pressure cap

  100. This is BS, right?

  101. Throttle cable replacement- from which end?

  102. Tired of that...

  103. Towed Van

  104. Troublshooting High Idle 87 2.1 wbx

  105. Updated pics of my Stretch Vanagon

  106. Vanagon in N.O.

  107. Westy Propane Tube Size ??

  108. Westy Stove Grate Grills

  109. Westy top pops at top speed

  110. Wheel cylinders with springs?

  111. Which thermostat ?

  112. adding LED interior lighting

  113. body parts/ column

  114. eurovan steering wheel

  115. getting my first aircooled vanagon...

  116. how to use heater controls on dash. '88 vanagon

  117. jim arnott, or anyone else..jere is having problems posting to the vanagon list.

  118. key blanks for vanagon in Vancouver BC

  119. key codes

  120. leather wrapped steering wheel for vanagon

  121. place to overhaul auto tranny ... for a passat

  122. power steering rack leaking

  123. power steering rack leaking, "how to"

  124. pressure gauge range for vanagon

  125. regarding the EBAY Manual for sale

  126. rejuvenating the propane tank

  127. the transmission ground

  128. throttle cable replacement

  129. throttle cable replacement 83.5 wbx westy

  130. vanagon Digest - 19 Sep 2007 to 20 Sep 2007 - Special issue (#2007-1025)

  131. volvo into vanagon

  132. was: tire inflation/wind deflection...Now..Who is really driving your van?

  133. where did the starter bushing go?
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