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VANAGON archives – August 2009, week 1

Table of contents:

  1. $4,500 Selling our Multivan Westfalia Pop-Top Week-Ender 1/2 camper

  2. 1.9 automatic vanagon syndrome ??

  3. 1.9 surging at idle (automatic trans)

  4. 110v battery charger for house battery - suggestions for 88 Westy

  5. 15" steel rims?

  6. 16x7" MB CLK Alloys W/ No Drilling from Tire Rack $88/each!!

  7. 16x7" MB CLK Alloys W/ No Drilling from Tire Rack $88/each!! What

  8. 16x7" MB CLK Alloys W/ No Drilling from Tire Rack $88/each!! What Model?

  9. 1982 diesel westy radiator leak?

  10. 1984 Vanagon GL Parts Available

  11. 1986 Westy - AC evaporator installation question

  12. 2.1 wbxer stubblin' idle

  13. 2.1 wbxer stubblin' idle fixed

  14. 2.1l ECU - Solder Fatigue

  15. 20W50 Castorl Engine Oil

  16. 90 Multivan for $4,500 is in Wisconsin

  17. <LVC> which is the "official" vanagon mailing list facebook group?

  18. <No subject given>

  19. <No subject>

  20. A big thank you to Vanagain!

  21. A week from now, you'll probably be reading trip reports...

  22. AMC heads price range?

  23. Air cooled vanagon trip report

  24. All accessories on aux batt

  25. Alternator not putting out volts 88 GL

  26. Battery chargers

  27. Battery chargers - Scoldings

  28. Brakes went out

  29. Brakes, reprise

  30. Buses of the Corn

  31. Buses of thge Corn

  32. Cross Country Trip Part 2. - Begging again.

  33. Digital chargers... a problem?

  34. Dometic Exhaust O Ring

  35. Dometic Rear Fan *prop* Better than CPU Fan?

  36. Easy CV joint replacement

  37. FS: 1991 Subaru Syncro Camper Conversion

  38. FW: Alternator not putting out volts 88 GL

  39. Front Engine Mount

  40. Fryeday -- in case you were planning...

  41. Gas filler neck replacement and other post-bump advice please

  42. Going To Pick Up My New 88 Westy

  43. Has anyone ever taken brush guards and made a custom mount for the van?

  44. Help! Name this Mystery Part !!! :o)

  45. High Country Bus Festival Trip Report

  46. How to bleed power steering system?

  47. Idiots for Clunkers

  48. Idiots for Clunkers..guy scraps 86 westy in new goverment program

  49. Insulation behind Dometic fridge?

  50. LED roadside safety flare, on sale for $7 today

  51. Late Westy top needed west coast

  52. Leak on 2.1 coolant line from pump--rubber coupling

  53. Legendary Tardis-Classic Car insurance for Westies?

  54. Longer studs for S A alloys?

  55. MODERATOR PS Re: Vanagon Content - Sort of (rant)

  56. MODERATOR Re: Vanagon Content - Sort of (rant)

  57. MODERATOR Trimming replies was Re: temp sensors?

  58. Mario Andretti likes the Bostig Conversion!

  59. NVC-Tech Savvy-Imaging Software

  60. Needed: Idle Boost Valve for Air Conditioner

  61. New brakes, now pulls to the left

  62. Peace symbol for grill, but the bigger one

  63. Question about 2.1l Cam

  64. Rear wheel arch trim

  65. Redline gear oil

  66. Replacing window seals

  67. Rotator Rachet Tool for the Vanagon Mechanic in your life

  68. Rust Rot

  69. Slight over run popping from exhaust..84 (inline VW with Digifant )

  70. Smog test failed - here is my plan

  71. Swaping automatic transmission to standard

  72. Syncro - need mini flare, RR

  73. Transmission Vent Hole Location?

  74. Trimming replies/$$ content

  75. UNIVERSAL UB12220 vendor alert

  76. Update: Alternator not putting out volts 88 GL

  77. Update: Solved: Alternator not putting out volts 88 GL

  78. Use of X signal to control fridge and/or aux battery relay

  79. Van Camping around Seattle / Tacoma????

  80. Van-O-Rama #9 is coming next month

  81. Vanagon Air Intake/Dash Vents

  82. Vanagon Content - Sort of (rant)

  83. Vanagon camper windows...with screens that are NLA....for cheap!!

  84. Vanagon windows for sale Bay Area

  85. Vancouver Vanagon Meeting 2009

  86. Vitrifrigo trip results, wiring, battery life,

  87. Vitrifrigo trip results, wiring, battery life, charging issues, etc

  88. WTB Dometic Fridge; Oregon or ?...

  89. WTB: Air Cooled Oil Fill Tube and Fan Grille


  91. Westy rear table mods: here's another one

  92. [T2] High Country Bus Festival Trip Report

  93. [T2] setting up multimeter to check current draw

  94. [Westfalia] Van Camping around Seattle / Tacoma????

  95. bostig kit for VW Vans

  96. cushion fabric

  97. dokas in brooklyn??

  98. gov't sure fire way to destroy an engine Re: about oil additives

  99. idiots for clunkers

  100. lets snip a little

  101. looking for late model year 4 speed transmission

  102. need some parts for a 84 vanagon

  103. one person brake bleeder

  104. rear hatch lock problem

  105. rear hatch lock problem-more info

  106. rear hatch lock problem-resolution and Swiss lock actuator setup

  107. rear seat cusion cover for westy

  108. replacing brake lines

  109. setting up millimeter to check current draw

  110. setting up multimeter to check current draw

  111. size of bleeder screws and vacuum bleeders?

  112. source for no see um screen material

  113. stalling problem when van is running for about 5 minutes.

  114. steering rack u-joint

  115. sway bar bushings

  116. syncro sunroof in NJ

  117. third brake light and curious

  118. upper ball joints

  119. vanagon syndrome plus poor gass economy

  120. wanted: rear foam cushion for a westy

  121. water spot removal
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