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VANAGON archives – September 2010, week 3

Table of contents:

  1. 1.9 manual 4 speed linkage question

  2. 85' GL Pesky Coolant Light has a life of it's own

  3. 88 Vanagon Parts for Sale - Head Lights W/GoWesty Rock Guards, with Buckets, Front Grill, Bra, Transmission Cooler

  4. 972 Miles Later

  5. <No subject>

  6. A Great Trip, and Engine Noise Question

  7. Anti-freeze

  8. Blue Captain's Seats for Sale

  9. Bug Out And Buses By The Trax

  10. Dometic blues - from bad to worse on LP

  11. Electrical Crimp Connectors - where to find ratcheting tool?

  12. Emission test on 87 vanagon

  13. Exhaust flange gaskets on 84GL manual 4

  14. Exhaust system brackets on 84GL 4 speed

  15. FS gray/blue rear facing jump seat, repairable front fiberglass bumper $50 ea.

  16. FS: 3 used stock alloy wheels (Not mine)

  17. FS: Syncro Air Filters.

  18. Free battery

  19. Fwd: Junkyard speakers

  20. Fwd: [T2] my accelerator cable bull - with pic

  21. GRAVEYARD FOUND!!! (was Re: Middle Seat Graveyard)

  22. Gas cap

  23. Gas cap maintenance.

  24. Gasket for propane lines and insulation for interior

  25. Giving up, Van for Sale

  26. Grey stove knobs

  27. Hitting a Milestone - sort of

  28. I am considering installing an auxiliary oil cooler

  29. IR Thermometer ... thread

  30. Inline gas VW Jetta motor swap. Progress, update.

  31. Inline gas engine project report.

  32. Interchangeability of seats between years

  33. International Talk like a Pirate Day Sept 19th

  34. Junkyard speakers

  35. Last minute tips before engine re-install?

  36. Later Westies/Upholstery and padding on rear hatch at bed?

  37. Listmember highlighted on Old Parked cars webpage?

  38. Locking Gas Cap

  39. Locking gas cap

  40. Middle Seat Graveyard

  41. Middle Seat Graveyard - the VW volunteer moving service...

  42. Motor mount broken bolt 84GL manual 4 speed

  43. New Awnings and Vanagon goodies

  44. New head of VW of America - a chance to let him know what we think(my thoughts)

  45. Nice 91 Carat w/Subie near Austin TX

  46. Re middle seat graveyard

  47. Rear Wiper won't turn off

  48. Repairing a coolant hose

  49. Roadside Assistance Plans

  50. Rubber mats..

  51. Shift rod bushing

  52. Soda blasting question

  53. Spare Tire Goes Flat

  54. Spare Tire Goes Flat-Now Cross Rotated tires or Not

  55. Starter removal

  56. Starter: it's one or another

  57. Sunforce 60113 For Aux battery

  58. Trip Pics.

  59. UB12220 batteries update

  60. Update and question inline VW Van block swap (in progress)

  61. Vanagon Chrome Silicon Coil Springs

  62. Vent (Wing) Window handle removal

  63. Vinyl Tile/Flooring question

  64. Wall street journal gives Vanagon wheel recommendations

  65. Windows are not the same long

  66. Wiper Arm Knurling - How does it work?

  67. [Fwd: Re: that is one very beautiful vanangon ... sigh ...]

  68. [Syncro] Re: syncro - shift linkage protective pipe

  69. [WetWesties] Trip Pics.

  70. a van thought friday or not ;)

  71. actual numerical readings off Compression test?

  72. coolent bleed valve on 84GL 4 speed

  73. crank seal replacement ??

  74. friday - mobile cinema

  75. front door speaker install - very nice

  76. glove box key

  77. help needed can not drive van...oil seals for Syncro

  78. infrared thermometer

  79. infrared thermometer - great for checking brakes

  80. locking gas cap

  81. new Update Re: help needed can not drive van...oil seals for Syncro

  82. new series 48 Odyssey battery

  83. resend - front door speaker install - very nice

  84. subject Re: Listmember highlighted on Old Parked cars webpage?

  85. syncro - shift linkage protective pipe

  86. that is one very beautiful vanangon ... sigh ...

  87. under driver's seat batteries

  88. update: help needed can not drive van...oil seals for Syncro

  89. vanagon Digest - 14 Sep 2010 - Special issue (#2010-891)

  90. waiting patiently for friday to mention insurance
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