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VANAGON archives – February 1999, week 4

Table of contents:

  1. "Caravelle" model name

  2. '80 vanagon Camper Virginia

  3. '84 Auto Transmission Trouble

  4. '88 Vanagon - What's it worth?

  5. (no subject)

  6. 1.8l I-4 engine complete FS

  7. 1.9l P/C Set FS

  8. 1989 Syncro Westfalia Camper for sale soon

  9. 2nd gear scratch in a Vanagon?

  10. 5 cyl engine clearance follow up, long

  11. 5 cyl status report

  12. 75-77 sliding door 4 U

  13. 75-77 sliding door 4 U (fits '74-'79)

  14. 81 Westfalia for SALE in NC

  15. 89 westy for sale

  16. 91 GL FS in Nebraska

  17. 91 GL for sale in Nebraska

  18. <No subject>

  19. ADV: Just 9.95 To Get On 900+ Search Engines etc.

  20. Adhesive for Pop Top Seals

  21. Adhesive for Pop Top seal

  22. Alu. Carat wheels for sale.

  23. Another one FS (westy)

  24. Answers about Tires and Handling

  25. Audi 5000 Information (NO VANAGON CONTENT)

  26. Blue Eyes - camper find

  27. Brake Help Please!!!!!

  28. Buses FS (CT,MA,NY Areas)

  29. Caravelle

  30. Class 2 Trailer Hitch for 84 Westy?

  31. Considering an EV?

  32. Coolant, Bentley 18.6qt, I can only drain 10qts

  33. Crisp detailed Jpegs from Vanagon Microfiche wanted - please help

  34. Crisp detailed Jpegs from Vanagon Microfiche wanted - pleasehelp

  35. D/FW TX mechanic


  37. Dave has a new domain!

  38. Does anyone know of any "celebrities" who drive vanagons?

  39. E-Code Boots

  40. E-Code Light Question

  41. E-Code Lights

  42. E-Code Lights - another alternative

  43. ECU needed

  44. Engine tins

  45. Eurovan name registered by GM?

  46. Exhaust Mix up

  47. F.S. 1986 Westy Syncro

  48. FS '81 Vanagon parts in KS

  49. FS Tires

  50. FS...temp sensor-axle nut-2wd

  51. FS: 1987 Syncro Westy, name your price?

  52. FW: Valve lifter noise solution.

  53. FW: Whoopeee! New list split suggestion

  54. First Signs of Spring (F)

  55. Friday (aircraft content!)

  56. Fuel Line protectors

  57. Fw: Re: E-Code Lights - another alternative

  58. Fwd: Mail failure

  59. Fwd: Re: eurospec thoughts

  60. Fwd: [VANAGON] Valve lifter noise solution.

  61. Fwd: information (no vanagon content)

  62. GE High Output Bulbs

  63. GE High output "bulbs"

  64. GE High output "bulbs" redux

  65. GE High output "bulbs"<F>

  66. HELP - The Volkswagen Lawyers / solution

  67. HELP - The Volkswagen Lawyers are after me! - HELP

  68. Head Lamp Bulbs ?

  69. Head Sealant

  70. Headlight switch failure

  71. Headlight switch failure (possible solution)

  72. Heavier Diesel Vanagon clutch available? (one of the 1.9 TD bugs to fix)

  73. Hello Sam Bateman

  74. Help- the laywers are after me!!

  75. How do I get the #&(*&!$# distributor gear on the crank?

  76. How tough is it to write an auto-resetting routine?

  77. Hubcaps keep your wheel from falling off

  78. Ignition timing

  79. Interesting item on eBay web site item#69097013: VW Vanagon Haynes repair manual 80-83

  80. Interesting item on eBay web site item#69711000: VW Vanagon Keyring - Bronze

  81. Introduction

  82. Is the Server up yet?

  83. It runs: Driving the 1.9 Turbodiesel Syncro!!

  84. It's Friday (no vanagon content)

  85. It's not Friday, but I don't care

  86. Key and Owners Manual

  87. Leaking Sensor Port was: Coolant-Drain and Replace

  88. Life after 1.9 rebuild

  89. Load screeching sound from leaving lights on?

  90. Looking for parts (sliding door handle assmelby&Washer mounts)

  91. MT Speed Limit

  92. Mud flaps


  94. NOS Parts BARGAINS! (& more Syncro air filters)

  95. New Zerex Antifreeze

  96. Obscure 2.0l rebuild questions

  97. Please check your Van for this.

  98. Please check your van for this

  99. Professional Tech Asks Help Hd Gasket

  100. Question about Tires and Handling

  101. RE : Fuel Line protectors

  102. Re losing wheels

  103. Re; unsmoggable 81 Westy...solved!

  104. Really Inexpensive Coolant

  105. Register your (fill in blank) domain name now!

  106. Register your VW (tm) domain name now!

  107. Rims (fs)

  108. Roadtrip list


  110. Sliding Window in rear Door

  111. Soaked in seattle

  112. Spare wheel carrier

  113. Subsribe

  114. Sunday Washington Post Classifieds

  115. Syncro GL: keep your eye on that wheel!

  116. Syncro Shocks

  117. Syncro locker in a 2WD

  118. Syncro or not

  119. Syncro skid plate and longitudinal bars needed

  120. Syncro: Dyno smog test dangerous?


  122. Temperature gauge reading warmer.

  123. Thanks Re: Headlights

  124. Tires and rims FS

  125. Trailer wiring, and Kar Kaddy use with Vanagons

  126. Transmission cooler for 86 automatic?

  127. Trip Report - Jack Maynard

  128. Upgrading 1.9 to 2.1

  129. Upholstery (no vanagon content)

  130. V@lkswagen Vanag@n vs Volkswagen Vanagon vs VWoA

  131. Valve lifter noise solution.

  132. Van FS in St Pete, FL

  133. Volks-Motorsports/Kyle is Back!!!!!!

  134. Volkswagen Lawyers....

  135. WBX Replacement

  136. WBX Replacement-reply

  137. WBX replacement

  138. WBX replacement(FRI!)

  139. WBX replacement/ 5cyl swap

  140. WESTY - new manchester LP tank valve question

  141. Wanted - used Electrical and water outlets for Westy

  142. Waterboxer Head Gasket Sealant

  143. Watercool Mechanic needed in Merced, Ca area

  144. Web Developer &/or hosting Needed for Bus Depot!

  145. Westfalia AC duct parts, and front table needed

  146. Westy Oil Light and Buzzer Fixed

  147. Westy Tents

  148. Whoopeee! New list

  149. Whoopeee! New list split suggestion

  150. [Fwd: Worm removal instructions]

  151. [vanagon] Re: Server down once again?

  152. [vanagon] Re: ntermitent no start/turnover 85 1.9L

  153. [vanagon] ntermitent no start/turnover 85 1.9L

  154. aircooled 2.0L engine for sale/ 4spd tranny for sale (fits 80-83)

  155. announcement

  156. aufWiedersehen

  157. back from Germany

  158. bad bolt head on front syncro cv

  159. black smoke

  160. clicking noise in dash

  161. diesel/gas conversion

  162. driving a wreck?

  163. emissions analyzer

  164. engine conversion experiences (long)

  165. for sale: exterior westy water tank outlet w/ key

  166. for sale: westy fridge racks.

  167. for sale: westy sink faucet

  168. for sale: westy swival seat mechanisms. fit ALL vanagons.

  169. greenhorn questions: Answered

  170. headlight switch

  171. hose clamp question, Prestone water

  172. loose shifter

  173. my anecdotes form Germany (long)

  174. new beetle question (no vanagon content)

  175. new diesel - - one cylinder, no compression

  176. new rims for snow tires?

  177. ntermitent no start/turnover 85 1.9L

  178. off topic, anybody out there

  179. off topic, getting nervous

  180. off topic: mail! no.

  181. oil drain screw striped

  182. oil light on idle?

  183. outlet Cap for westy water tanks

  184. outlet Cap for westy water tanks/ squareback.

  185. outside road noise

  186. propane valve?

  187. speaking of POLO

  188. speaking of POLO! great spin off...

  189. stainless steel braided fuel line?

  190. syncro tranny with locking diff

  191. tire ratings

  192. tire ratings explained

  193. trailer wiring harness and tailpipe OD

  194. trans parts

  195. trans parts (F)

  196. valve lifter noise solution

  197. vanagon windshield for sale + more stuff FS (scrapping a westy)

  198. vw lawyers /split list etc...

  199. vw lawyers {little actual content}

  200. wading depth (engine conversions...)

  201. water leaking and power loss?

  202. wbx 6, should I?

  203. wbx 8, parallel cats

  204. westy interior for sale w/ full length (width) bed

  205. westy propane tank for sale
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