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VANAGON archives – November 2001, week 1

Table of contents:

  1. #1 cylinder header pipe gasket burning out

  2. ' 82 Vanagon diesel for sale cheap! (last call!)

  3. '84 Westy interior touch up paint

  4. '85 Vanagon Found In Leesville, Louisiana

  5. '89 Carat For Sale in Calif.

  6. (SHOULD'VE BEEN THANK YOU KEN...)Re: Help me identify...

  7. (no subject)

  8. 1.25 Rockers

  9. 1.8t Vanagon

  10. 15" mercedes steel wheels

  11. 1967 bus for sale in North Carolina

  12. 1982 Diesel Vanagon now up for grabs on Ebay

  13. 1991 Carat for sell.

  14. 2001 Eurovan wheels bolt pattern?

  15. 81 AC engine seizure?

  16. 82 Westy w/Porsche 3.2 Carrera Engine FS

  17. 85 - 91 Vanagon -- 2wd drive performance in snow and ice.

  18. 91 Carat for sale in Bay Area

  19. ? 094 Tranny or Spark Gap X-mitter ?

  20. AFM wierdness

  21. Advice.......RE: Van Dies

  22. Any Audi 100 Fans...? (MVC)

  23. Armrest removal

  24. Atlanta Area Meeting On Wednesday

  25. Austin TX repair shop needed


  27. Bad Vanagon News...

  28. Baldwin Filters for 1.6D/TD engines

  29. Baldwin Oil filters

  30. Best Way To Get Factory Parts From The Dealer

  31. Blowing Voltage Regulator For Guages

  32. Boston Bob,s updated web site

  33. Brake light sensitivity

  34. Bucking and Snorting on Fwy

  35. Caveat Empyor

  36. Cigarette Adapter Workaround

  37. Cigarette lighter socket standard

  38. Cigarette lighter socket standard?

  39. Cold weather camping, heating, etc.

  40. Corvalis Or. person looking at syncro in Spokane Read this!!

  41. D-Backs take it home...A very merry Vanagon World Series

  42. Da Parts

  43. Dan's Diesel Rebuild Part 8

  44. Dealing with coolant line for drive belt change

  45. Dealing with coolant line for drive belt change, thanks for trann y oil input

  46. Diesel Caveat: Case in point!

  47. Diesel Oil Pressure Specs

  48. Down and out in MD; now: Back in IL

  49. Ebay vanagons & crewcabs

  50. Engine Oil and Cold Weather

  51. Engine for sale

  52. Euclid Foreign Motors-Good or Bad?

  53. FS 82 Diesel Vanagon Camper

  54. FS 82 Diesel Vanagon Camper IE oops oil filter

  55. FS- H4's and 2.1 throttle body

  56. FS-Very Clean 84' WESTY$3500FIRM! (Located in Florida)

  57. FS: 15" X 7 " - 5 X112mm pattern Passat alloy rims.

  58. FS: parts from '87 Vanagon

  59. FS: side windows w/ screens, complete poptop section (add to any van)

  60. FS; 15" Mercedes alloys

  61. FS; Set of four SA Sunburst with Agilis 51 fitted, balanced...

  62. FW: Brazilian wheels

  63. FW: permanently installed, vented heaters

  64. Forte's Auto Connection has moved! (Mass. Redline Dealer)

  65. Front heater motor

  66. Frozen tranny plug follow-up

  67. Frustration in Brake Land

  68. Fuel tank- reinstalling

  69. Fw: Longer wiper blades

  70. Fw: Proer and bepane

  71. Fw: Vanagon Stickers - New Vanagon Gathering!

  72. Gas Leak

  73. Gas Leak - dropping the tank

  74. Good Flatbed Scanner for about $100

  75. Help me identify...

  76. Help me out project people... WAS: Propane pressure facts

  77. Help!! Van Dies.....

  78. High Altitude Issues??

  79. High desert trip report

  80. Holotron Fire Extinguishers Considered

  81. How does a Westy Camper Handle in the Snow?

  82. How much longer?

  83. How to rebuild power steering rack?

  84. I hate myself and want to die

  85. I hate myself and want to die (touch up spray paint)

  86. Interior light/work light

  87. Interior light/work light/curtains for you

  88. Jumpseats for sale

  89. Key west recomendations (lvc)

  90. Looking for a passenger side vent window

  91. Looking for ball joint boots

  92. Lost my dash lights?

  93. More pedantic propane trivia...

  94. Muffler Strap

  95. Need Cuistom Wheel Made -- Who Does This?

  96. Need ECU and Chip Info

  97. Need Used Vanagon Cover

  98. O2 sensor question.


  100. Oil Filter Question

  101. Oil pressure LED update

  102. On Engine Efficiency, Comparing I4s, WBs and Subies (not short)

  103. On the Road home and need help getting there!

  104. Ooops I meant oil filter...

  105. PDF files of ETKA CD-ROM

  106. Passenger window rolls up HARD

  107. Poetic justice for Ben Laden?

  108. Power Windows/Power Locks

  109. Proer and bepane

  110. Propane and beer

  111. Propane pressure facts

  112. Propane tank

  113. Propane tank connecting to Black Cat heaters

  114. Re Japanese Van Images

  115. Re: Schrödinger's Feline

  116. Rebuilding a steering rack for an 81 vanagon

  117. Redline MT90 - Another Satisfied Customer!

  118. Removal of glass in sliding window

  119. Removal of sliding window screens

  120. Replacement Expansion Tank '82 Diesel

  121. Replacing Tranny Fluid

  122. Scanner

  123. Schrödinger's Feline

  124. Sensor connector sources?

  125. Shift Lever Noise

  126. Source for Agilis 51

  127. South African parts For Sale.....

  128. Specs: My Kirkland Tires

  129. Spicer U-Joints??

  130. Square headlight grill with round driving lights?

  131. Stuck in MD

  132. Stuck in MD - but not alone

  133. Subaru Performance Graphs SOTP data provider

  134. Suspected refrigerator, internal propane leak??

  135. Syncro snorkel on e-bay

  136. Synthetic Tranny Oil?


  138. TIICO- Oil Filters

  139. TIICO- Oil Filters - P/N Clarification

  140. TIICO- Oil Filters - Purolator

  141. Tachometer Install Question

  142. The cat debacle or Schrodinger's Cat revisited

  143. Tires... Difference between LT and Passenger

  144. Tranny Problem

  145. Tranny woes

  146. Trilogy of the trip to libby montana "conclusion"

  147. Trilogy of the trip to libby montana part 1

  148. Trilogy of the trip to libby montana part 2 bad noise

  149. Trilogy of the trip to libby montana part 3 bad alternator

  150. Trip report (Lake Tahoe/Napa Valley) Tiico issues (long)

  151. Trip to Atlanta Report

  152. Tyres

  153. VOTE!

  154. VW Paint Codes

  155. Vanagon 85 vs. 86

  156. Vanagon Cargo conversion

  157. Vanagon Heating -Vented Propand Furnaces

  158. Vanagon Stickers

  159. Vanagon Westfalia for sale in Iowa City, IA

  160. Vanagon de Graff generator?

  161. WANTED: 1.9L

  162. Wanted: Power Doors;

  163. Wanted: Right Rear Tail Light Lens

  164. Website update - See trashed bearings!

  165. What to buy? Many "buying guide" questions

  166. Zamboni engines at Boston Bob's

  167. [FWD: RE: Re: TIICO- Oil Filters]

  168. [Re: Best Way To Get Factory Parts From The Dealer]

  169. [T2] Tranny Problem

  170. [WetWesties] 1973 Day Camper For Sale (fwd)

  171. accident damage: repair or replace?

  172. alternator nut

  173. antisieze compound

  174. broken sliding door handle on 81 westy

  175. can vanagon run w/out alternator?

  176. changing lock security

  177. cold starting

  178. eBay Vanagons and CrewCabs

  179. ebay plasma blue headlights

  180. ebay plasma blue headlights & replies on top.

  181. emergency near Modesto, CA

  182. engine efficiency, I4s, subies, etc

  183. fan knob

  184. finding the color code

  185. fixing rear heater

  186. front defroster blower

  187. gauge wiring question.

  188. guage wiring question.

  189. guide piece for sliding window

  190. halloween topic

  191. high idle problem

  192. late season campsite advice/info?

  193. locks

  194. locks - vanagon

  195. london lab tech cover + resume

  196. london lab tech cover + resume ..WARNING: VIRUS

  197. looking for mike devlin

  198. measuring pressure inside of a propane tank?

  199. need help with power window problem

  200. new to the list

  201. oil pressure sender thread size.

  202. plastic parts to hold-in and adjust headlights are crumbling

  203. re heater

  204. rear speaker wiring

  205. removing pilot bearing???

  206. replacing muffler

  207. sliding door pops open

  208. stove knobs

  209. stranded nevermore

  210. test

  211. thefts, security

  212. tiico swap in ct.

  213. top speed?

  214. tranny rebuild: AA Vs. Rancho Performance

  215. tyres

  216. wAS:Vanagon de Graff-nOW:Schrödinger's Cat

  217. was Propane pressure facts - now staying warm

  218. waterpump relacement parts

  219. what size is the Oil Pressure Sender?

  220. which sealant goop is better?

  221. winter tire thoughts
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