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VANAGON archives – July 2005, week 2

Table of contents:

  1. '82 Westy diesel-to-gas w/ rebuilt trans! $5000 (Portland, OR)

  2. 1988 Vanagon Wolfsburg, WLE For Sale - Not Running

  3. 84 Camper Starter replacement Question

  4. 86 Westie - clunking driver window

  5. 86 Westie - clunking driver window, clunking side windows

  6. 88 toyota van from japan on ebay

  7. 89 Syncro Westy FS in Oregon sighting (NOT MINE)

  8. <No subject>

  9. A GREAT Battery FAQ

  10. A/C parts and instructions CHEAP!

  11. AC conversion to R134a on my '87

  12. AC converted to 134 - now what?

  13. About them Norcold refrigerators

  14. Addendum: Bostig Dyno day - Sunday July 31st!!

  15. Air-cooled Muffler, but a weird one...

  16. Anybody Want to Claim This?

  17. Automatic Transmission Mystery Solved

  18. Behold, another AC question. Compressor or clutch to blame, and how do I tell?

  19. Black Smoke and Poor Performance Intermitent

  20. Bostig Dyno day - Sunday July 31st!!

  21. Bottom line on A/C ?

  22. Buses of the corn and Embrun Ottowa show

  23. Call for Silver Sticker Tire Info

  24. Call for Silver Sticker Tire Info - need only a few more.

  25. Can the moderators please step in here to unsubscribe this guy?

  26. Citric Acid Radiator Fix

  27. Continuing Saga of Oil Pressure light

  28. Continuing saga of Oil Pressure light...

  29. Does give a "vanagon list" discount?

  30. Does anyone have an Orginal Vanagon tire

  31. Double nut?

  32. FA: Like-new Bus Depot "Koln" Tent w/Sleeping Cabin, Floor

  33. FS: '85 vanagon owners manual

  34. Fail-Safe thermostst

  35. Fw: Engine just died

  36. Fwd: Continuing saga of Oil Pressure light...

  37. Help needed aka for MD

  38. Hey, is it hot in here, or is your chest on fire?

  39. How do I remove the sliding window catch - 82 westy

  40. How hard is it to get all the doors off? Is it worth doing to paint them?

  41. ISO Knob for for tank

  42. Instrument cluster screws

  43. JackAll/HiLift Jack mod

  44. Listies in & around Boynton Beach Fl!

  45. Low Mileage Syncro Westy for $6,000?

  46. Lubing a stiff steering rack (manual) with the wrong grease??

  47. Most of my interior is out - any jobs I should do while it is like this?

  48. NDN: John Wallace MVM (Mailbox or Conference is full.)


  50. NO Relay, what to do?

  51. NVC - mercedes list?

  52. Noisy fuel pump

  53. O2 Sensor

  54. OEM shocks

  55. OT: New Guitar Store opening in Mpls, MN

  56. Optima Battery safety question

  57. Page 42

  58. Paging Rocket J. Squirrel

  59. Paint for black fiberglass bumper

  60. Parking brake rod

  61. Parts Sources?

  62. Patching pushrod tube?

  63. Patching pushrod tube? / Bandage It

  64. Path of coolant in radiator

  65. Play in the CV Joints

  66. Pulling the closet (was: Window Tint Recommendations)

  67. Purging A/C system.

  68. Rant - Was: Stainless Steel Coolant Lines Now Available!

  69. Re;Surepower Inverter's

  70. Report on in Dash DVD Player

  71. SA heavy duty mud flaps on ebay

  72. SV: Patching pushrod tube?

  73. Second battery

  74. Share your solar success story?

  75. Sliding side window locks (1984)

  76. Sliding window locks (2nd request)

  77. Somebody tell Ken...

  78. Stainless Steel Coolant Lines Now Available!

  79. SurePower Battery Isolator

  80. SurePower Battery Searator NOT Isolator!

  81. Syncro Differential Lock Stuck?

  82. Temp sensor for ecu on '88

  83. Test

  84. Thermostat opening vs. all open temperatures

  85. This John Wallace Crap

  86. This John Wallace Crap >>>John Wallace MVM (Mailbox or Conference is full.<<

  87. Throttle Stuck

  88. Tire Reviews needed for Continental VANCO-8 Tires

  89. Towing a Vanagon

  90. Transmission (was swapping) mileage

  91. Transmission swapping

  92. Tremblant Bluesfest report

  93. URGENT How do I get my front door interior panels off?

  94. Vanagon newsletter (printed version)


  96. WTB Bike rack

  97. WTB side windows

  98. WTB: Air-cooled Muffler, but a weird one...

  99. WTB: Air-cooled Oil Fill tube

  100. WTB: Air-cooled engine compartment seal

  101. WTB: Oil filler extender thingy for 1.9l (84)

  102. WTB: diesel bellhousing

  103. West River Westies

  104. West river Westies this weekend...

  105. Westy interior light replacement (want one like my EV)

  106. What shade of White is your van? Which shade of white is most common?

  107. Window Lifter, new engine

  108. Window Tint Recommendations

  109. Window Tint Removal

  110. Wiper Madness.

  111. Wire length, engine to dashboard is 26'

  112. [Syncro] leaking water pump '87 syncro gl

  113. [vanagon] Tremblant Bluesfest report

  114. a/t problem

  115. alt. light and overheating

  116. alt. light and overheating UPDATE

  117. bus depot dicount code?

  118. canadian listers up! (nrvc)

  119. changing upper ball joint

  120. citric acid flush

  121. current opinions on Vanagon side tents

  122. current opinions on vanagon side tents

  123. engine dieing while AC on high--solved

  124. front shock removal problem

  125. fuel PIMPS. Re: wtb - 2wd fuel pump mounting bracket

  126. gas tank replacement

  127. insurance info

  128. interesting info

  129. listee in Boise?

  130. lug nut torque?

  131. new tires today!!!

  132. pics of Audi A4 Turbo V5 install

  133. power steering belt size?

  134. power steering belt size? (bruce dern it )

  135. power steering belt size?AKA: Why I dont trust the kid behind the counter

  136. re. 88 toyota van from japan on ebay

  137. slow pressure buildup [diesel]

  138. slow van, overheating, fast white westy on 91

  139. vanagon Digest - 13 Jul 2005 - Special issue (#2005-557)

  140. vanagon repair shop in southern oregon?

  141. vanagon repair shop in southern oregon?(LVC)

  142. who knows about wheels ?

  143. wtb - 2wd fuel pump mounting bracket
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