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VANAGON archives – August 2006, week 1

Table of contents:

  1. 1000 mile rebuild recommendations?

  2. 12V Fan Report (Re: LED light product)

  3. 15" Wheels/Tires

  4. 1980 aircooled on ebay

  5. 3rd & 4th Missing

  6. 84 Wolfsburg Westy for sale in VT

  7. A/C Hand Drawn Wiring Diagram

  8. A/C pump does not click in

  9. AC substitute fillers

  10. ATE master cylinder wanted

  11. Air cooled stock gas heater/exhaust heater questions (longish)

  12. Amp Draw on 12v RM182

  13. Another sliding door question

  14. August 19 at Derby Reach Reginal Park PICNIC

  15. Auto Stop propane tank photo

  16. Batteries, 12v & DIY

  17. Battery usage shouldn't be our style.

  18. Battery usage shouldn't be our style. (p-mail)

  19. Bug Drivers in Seattle Beware....

  20. Buses Of The Corn 2006... T-Shirt info now available.

  21. CV click?

  22. CV click??

  23. Camping outdoors equipment supplies and stuff!

  24. Canadian Tire "Michelin" 3.5 ton floor jack question

  25. Cheaper Rims? (was FS: SA wheels 6.5Jx15 ET 30)

  26. Checked my compression today

  27. Coolant temp at idle questions

  28. Diagram Request 1985 Volkswagen vannagon Complete (fwd)

  29. Dr. Z - (vague volkswagen content)

  30. ETKA these #s for me please

  31. Electical Connections

  32. FS: 14" Alloys with Michelin MX4 205/70 Tires

  33. FS: SA wheels 6.5Jx15 ET 30

  34. FS: camper sliding windows

  35. FS:Vanagon with Auto and AC

  36. Followup on glove box door falling

  37. Front shock dust sleeve question

  38. Front shock installation

  39. Fuel Prices - Again!

  40. Fuse list for 1984 Vanagon

  41. Gas tank question.

  42. Great Light / Fan Combo

  43. Have I damaged my control unit?

  44. Headlamp Relays; Fuse the Relay Control Circuit?

  45. Heater valve

  46. Heater valve plumbing

  47. I'm inviting you

  48. Injector timing question

  49. LED light product

  50. LED light product--FAN

  51. LP tank valve? problems

  52. LP tank valve? problems...

  53. LVC: Porsche 914 Tach?

  54. List command question

  55. Mechanics in New Hampshire?

  56. Mice entrance points to seal HELP! - 87 westy

  57. More A/C....

  58. More a/c....

  59. My R134a experience

  60. NVC Larry Corcoran/Project Management/OEI/Corporate/KI-Inc is out of the office.

  61. NVC: Burning Man Baby!

  62. Naive question - flashing red light

  63. Need a pop top hinge screw to send to a bolt manufacturer

  64. Need advice regarding A/C and new Westy purchase

  65. Need part number for sliding door handle escutcheon (trim piece)

  66. No Mail command

  67. Odometer not working. Will 1984 unit work in 1990?

  68. Oil tower hose source?

  69. On the road again!

  70. Painting gearbox casings?

  71. Pop Top install

  72. Pzwo Foglight Kits

  73. Question about torque? (NVC)

  74. Reasonable MPG?

  75. Reasonable MPG? 90 Carat with <100k

  76. Reasonable cruising speed?

  77. Redline 75-90 Trans Oil

  78. Reply Function

  79. Report: Stainless Coolant Pipes

  80. SA Grill kit for sale with lights/bulbs etc Seattle - pickup only

  81. Sliding Door button cheap and plenty

  82. Sliding Door stubborn

  83. Speedometer Weirdness

  84. Strange no start problem - issue with fuel pump relay - input requested!

  85. Syncro questions

  86. Tachometer troubleshooting

  87. Three point seat belts FS.

  88. Tire Pressure With Different Tire Types

  89. Tire Pressure With Different Tire Types - A question for Dennis Haynes

  90. Tire review: RE: [Syncro] On the road again!

  91. Tool for fan temp switch removal?

  92. Two Kinds of Decouplers

  93. URGENT: Which side-tents: Hamburg or Berlin? Or looking for Munich!

  94. Vanagon Dual Front Passenger Bench Seat on eBay

  95. Vanagon with AC

  96. WTB: Vanagon with AC

  97. Was: Front shock installation. Now: I just might be a tool ; )

  98. Westy Pop-Top Canvas Install

  99. Westy cabinet shelf improvements??

  100. What is the transformer under my rear seat for?

  101. Where can I buy Vanagon paint?

  102. XM Antenna installation on a Westfalia

  103. Your message to vanagon-request@GERRY.VANAGON.COM

  104. [Administrivia] Re: Battery usage shouldn't be our style

  105. [NVC] 6-volt bilge pump?

  106. [NVC] Someone know fiberglass?

  107. [Syncro] Gold Syncros on (I need power mirrors)

  108. age of re-built engine

  109. alko shock report

  110. cruising speed and MPG

  111. drip

  112. eTires Website Down?

  113. for sale

  114. head leaking....options? 86 westy

  115. heater valve

  116. holy tire kicking!

  117. i can hear my fuel pump

  118. i can hear my fuel pump redux

  119. i can hear my fuel pump, now gas heater

  120. isenglas Windows [NVC]

  121. new muffler question: BusDepot offerings

  122. o2 sensor troubles

  123. off on trip

  124. part number for badge?

  125. propane shut off valve

  126. propane valve -- manual or autostop?

  127. reasonable deal on a 91 a.t. multivan in denver (not mine)

  128. refrigerator non-refrigerating blues

  129. rust- was new muffler question: BusDepot offerings

  130. several questions about my 1984 westy

  131. squishy rocker arm? / adjusting hydro valves

  132. stainless exhaust system

  133. ultimate vanagon challenge

  134. vanagon Digest - 2 Aug 2006 (#2006-643)

  135. was:SA Grill kit; now:steering wheel

  136. westfalia accessories

  137. what is updated in 3&4 operating sleeve? & other tranny questions
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