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VANAGON archives – December 2007, week 3

Table of contents:

  1. '84 Westfalia Wolfsburg edition owners?

  2. 1.9L intermittent stalling at random

  3. 1985 Vanagon - New Year's resolution - AFM

  4. 2.1 Engine No Heads - Free

  5. 2.1 Engine No Heads - PPU

  6. 2.1 High idle/stumbling when engine cold

  7. 2008 VW Bus Calendars - READY FOR PURCHASE

  8. 84 Wolfsburg Westfalia owner

  9. 86 weekender interior for sale in Oakland, CA

  10. AC line fittings

  11. AW: How high is a Syncro Westy Hightop?

  12. AW: My Westy is totaled!

  13. Air mass meters Go Westy

  14. An interesting repair sequence

  15. Any Canadians want a Speedo Head?

  16. BCFS GPX Camp sites was Re: Friday trips again (NVC) - now Lund BC

  17. BCFS GPX Camp sites was Re: Friday trips again (NVC) - now free BC campsites

  18. Bad New Battery?

  19. Battery chargers

  20. Brakes Stuck.

  21. Bus Depot Snow Tires are in!!

  22. Buses in Zamora Blog update

  23. Eberspacher heater

  24. FIXED Re: horn not working after replacing ignition switch?

  25. FS: '87 Sunroof Vanagon Syncro

  26. FS: NOS front door, sliding door, rear hatch, & ignition lock cylinder

  27. FS: late style vanagon AC condenser 50.00 plus shipping

  28. Fewer on the roads..NVC..

  29. For sale

  30. Friday

  31. Friday trips again (NVC)

  32. Friday trips again (NVC) - now Lund BC

  33. Front Heater Fan Just stopped working last week, Any ideas? Need some parts....

  34. Fuel line 87 2.1

  35. Fuel line sleeve

  36. Fwd: 1985 Vanagon - New Year's resolution - AFM

  37. Fwd: Vanagon engine heater

  38. Fwd: rear defrost relay/fog light relay

  39. Guadalupe!

  40. Hall Control Unit and stalling

  41. Happy Whatever

  42. Here is a nice one

  43. How Much to Rebuild 84 Engine???

  44. How high is a Syncro Westy Hightop?

  45. I need ETKA 7 install help

  46. Inside the Air Flow Meter / AFM

  47. KMS Tools. Great place - (and I got my MIG welder!) (LVC)

  48. KMS Tools. Great place - now Princess Auto

  49. Knock Knock ?

  50. Looking for Steering Column Cover and...

  51. Looking for an Eberspacher heater part B1l, d1l etc..

  52. Lube Raditor fan motor bushings?

  53. Master Cylinder Diagnose

  54. Mexican gas?

  55. Multimeter

  56. Multimeter recommendation

  57. Municipal camper bans

  58. My Westy is totaled!

  59. NVC: (Fri Post) Skiing Christmas thru New Years, Invite

  60. Question about Speedo Head gearing

  61. RARE: Vanagan Westberg FS on Craiglist

  62. RE 87 2.1 Fuel Line

  63. Rain Deflector

  64. Remote starter Switch rules! No fuel leaks!

  65. Royal Purple transmission oil

  66. SA rear drums + pads

  67. SNEAK PREVIEW OF 2008 VW Bus Calendars

  68. Sail Trip

  69. Snow chains

  70. South African stuff... big brake hubs for 2wd

  71. Steering rack bushings...

  72. Syncro bus ad from South Africa

  73. Test Post - NVC

  74. The ultimate tool?

  75. Thermostat change

  76. Thoughts on Specialty Motors, Seattle WA

  77. Tool/supply shop recommend

  78. Two months and counting... The True Canadian Winter Bus Campout!!

  79. Vanagon engine heater

  80. Vanagon-era it,

  81. WTB Fridge Flue/vent

  82. WTB Ground crown or bus

  83. WTB: BA-6 Dash Control unit

  84. Westfalia Wolfsburg Edition Full Camper, 151,000 miles runs for sale.

  85. Winter tires availability in Canada

  86. [LVC] Dual Monitors

  87. [NVC] Dual Monitors

  88. [NVC] Focusing Beam table lamp

  89. [] Who is this van

  90. air intake boot NLA?

  91. automatic chainsRe: Snow chains

  92. bURINGvAN 08

  93. bleeding front heater?

  94. buRNinGVaN

  95. can I start/run eng. w/o MAS/air cleaner assemb?

  96. espar b1l

  97. falling trees

  98. fuel pressure on return to tank

  99. fuel pump

  100. headlights on with ignition on!

  101. horn not working after replacing ignition switch?

  102. how does the ignition switch work?

  103. multimeter recommendation

  104. nuts in steering linkage and rack

  105. o2 sensor light

  106. passed smog, O2 tool

  107. rear defrost relay/fog light relay

  108. regrease steering U-joint?

  109. replacement keys for Vanagons

  110. replacement keys for vanagons

  111. shipping a bus- having trouble finding a shipper AZ to ID

  112. that sweet coolant smell

  113. transmission

  114. vanagon Digest - 17 Dec 2007 - Special issue (#2007-1357)

  115. vanagon Digest - 18 Dec 2007 to 19 Dec 2007 - Special issue (#2007-1365)

  116. vanagon keys - thanks!

  117. was Brakes Stuck. Now bURINGvAN 08
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