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VANAGON archives – May 2012, week 3

Table of contents:

  1. (oops. Forgot Subject!) Lube Coolant Pump Shaft?


  3. 85 Westy - squeaking front end

  4. <No subject>

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  12. AC causes engine reduction in performance and stalling

  13. ADMINISTRIVIA Re: Trimming

  14. ADMINISTRIVIA Trimming

  15. Adjustable rate fuel pressure regulator? anybody try one?

  16. Any last words before siliconing the filler parts?

  17. Anyone in TN, Advice to give younin look to get "bus"

  18. Attention All Norfolk/Newport News/Tidewater Area Vanagon Owners

  19. Audi help need in Robbinsville, NC

  20. Automatic reply: vanagon Digest - 16 May 2012 - Special issue (#2012-312)

  21. Blower Knobs -- is this normal?

  22. Brake locks up in reverse

  23. Bug Out

  24. BusFusion Pre-Registration Deadline - Monday May 21, 9am

  25. C/L ad in Cherry Hill NJ

  26. Captains's chairs

  27. Castrol Hypuron 15W-40 Synthetic Blend?

  28. Charm inside the bell housing

  29. Clutch Slave Cylinder replaced Finally!!! - One other question though.

  30. Country Homes Camper Opinions/Van Wanted

  31. Eurovan Camper , 5 speed

  32. Exhaust mods - gas mileage

  33. FW: 85 Westy - squeaking front end

  34. FW: URGENT!! Broken alternator pulley

  35. Final of Syncro de Mayo Competition Videos

  36. Front CV's on a syncro

  37. Front CV's on a syncro- Van-Again response

  38. Front Header for Cyls #1 & #3 Wanted - NOT!

  39. Fuel Filler Tube Question about BD part

  40. Fuel Leaking at Filler Tube and Gas Tank

  41. Gasoline $$ :-(

  42. German for "fuse"?

  43. Good news (after bad news (after good news))

  44. Happy Friday - Dog Toy Question (Jack Russell) LVC

  45. Head light issue 1986 Syncro Westy getting close to solving problem!

  46. I'm getting the FAS Gen 5 and info

  47. LVC: carfax "unlimited reports"

  48. Later model fuel filler hose wanted

  49. Looking for a 2.0l AC timing gear for crankshaft

  50. Looking for a fan shroud for an 84-85 1.9l Vanagon

  51. Looking for pulley halves and hub for diesel Vanagon

  52. Maybe a Good Deal? (1.6 TD Vanagon $2000 Vancouver BC Craigs List)

  53. NVC: carfax vin# lookup

  54. Name that squeak

  55. Need Vanagon door corner protectors

  56. New Drums

  57. New Solar Charge Controller

  58. O2 senor operation!

  59. OT: Audi help need in Robbinsville, NC

  60. Odd headlights - some on some off

  61. Okay, now THIS is embarrassing!

  62. PSA: cheap rear brake cylinders

  63. Parting out a 1987 Wolfsburg vanagon in Toronto / BusFusion / Niagara Falls

  64. Personal note, no Vanagon content

  65. Photos of broken alternator pulley

  66. Piston squirters?

  67. Please send me just the daily digest

  68. Questions/Advice Needed 1980 VW Westphalia

  69. Rainfly

  70. Re: Gasoline $$ :-(

  71. Recoined Brake Shoes. Means: Arced ?

  72. Recommended Body Shop in Vancouver BC

  73. Report! (was: URGENT!! Broken alternator pulley)

  74. Retracted endorsement: HF mending tape is now junk

  75. SAmba Ad

  76. Safari windows for Vanagon?

  77. Scored tix....

  78. ShadyBoy Fabric

  79. Slight Rust on Fuel Pressure Regulator; Will POR-15 Stop Rust Progress? PIC

  80. Source for two broken camper parts?

  81. Sourcing seatbelts

  82. Standard Vanagon Jack Base?

  83. Still looking for fan shroud for 84-85 Vanagon

  84. Super silicon tape: new price, heads up

  85. Take A Look At This One

  86. Tampa Bay Progreso Ferry Service Update

  87. That's a bit of a stretch...

  88. Trimming

  89. URGENT!! Broken alternator pulley

  90. URGENT!! Broken alternator pulley SOLVED

  91. Use Air Cooled Fuel Pressure Regulator on WBX?

  92. VDO Oil Sender Setup

  93. Vanagon T-Shirts --- LAST CALL

  94. Vent windows on later model Vanagons

  95. Virtualizing gauges on OBDII equipped vanagons

  96. WTB: Upper and Lower thermostat housing for '85

  97. Was: PSA: ... rear brake .... Now: Brake Pressure Regulator @ CIP

  98. Westy Sighting

  99. What jack?

  100. What parts needed for gas filler tube install

  101. Which Engine To Install and by Whom

  102. While Discussing Gas Prices

  103. While Discussing Gas Prices repeated

  104. Window Seals-Dreaming About That Honda Odyssey Again

  105. [EDIT] Baffles next to headlamps

  106. [WetWesties] Source for two broken camper parts?

  107. exhaust mods round 2

  108. flipped windows?

  109. gas :(

  110. gas :( - Health care.

  111. gas :( - Health care. - Pmail me privately.

  112. happy trails to the latest addition to your family ... may her wheel base always be 96.9 or 96.7 in

  113. if that Oil Press thing is about an air-cooled engine ..

  114. meet up?

  115. poptop shock assist

  116. ps Re: Trimming

  117. quick trip report, SW Van isle

  118. seized bolts

  119. shoelace tied

  120. valve adj.: lower compression, valve train noise remains

  121. valve adj.: lower compression, valvetrain noise remains

  122. vanagon Digest - 19 May 2012 (#2012-326)

  123. what clues about engine health can I get

  124. what clues about engine health can I get...
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