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VANAGON archives – December 2005, week 2

Table of contents:

  1. '86 Westie in Boulder, CO Needs a Home

  2. 10 weeks until camping season re-opens in the Great White North

  3. 1989 Westy on Ebay

  4. 1990 Syncro West for Sale

  5. 215/65/16 in clamshell?

  6. 84 vs. 85 differences, swapping AC?

  7. 84 vs. 85 differences, swapping AC? & westy a/c system for sale

  8. 89 2WD Westy on Ebay w/52K miles

  9. A bunch of new parts at Fast Forward!

  10. Another westy tidbit im sure you didnt realize.....westy drawer differences..etc

  11. Another westy tidbit im sure you didnt realize.....westy drawerdifferences..etc

  12. Antifreeze

  13. Baja travel info wanted

  14. Battery Light

  15. CARB & Alaska - States Rights

  16. California standards question

  17. Carfax help

  18. Cooling Issues & starter woes

  19. Crazy intermittant rich running finally solved!

  20. Dash Instrument Cluster for '85 Westy

  21. Derek Drew - Are you selling your extra sets of syncro 16 flares?

  22. Detecting early slider hub failure?

  23. Diesel conversion and SMOG

  24. Do they use salt on the roads out there (Boulder, CO)

  25. Does anyone have experience with high mileage motor oils?

  26. Driving Lights - If not Project Twzo, what's the answer?

  27. European ebay find, would this really work?

  28. Eutovan Tranny

  29. FS - 2 WBXers

  30. FS: 89 Syncro Westy - Low Miles

  31. Fender Flares - custom made

  32. For Starters

  33. Fuel Tank Cross Over Piece

  34. Full Moon Bus Club, southwest style

  35. GOOP

  36. Gas cap

  37. Goop and ..... Boudreaux's Butt Paste!

  38. HCBF

  39. Help! Need VW diesel shop in San Francisco

  40. Installing an Adeventurewagen roof on a Westfalia

  41. Kim Re: Tri-Star or 16" Fender flares was Re: " plastic wheel arch extensions"

  42. Koni Red installation?

  43. Looking for directions oil cooler gasket on syncro

  44. Loud high frequency earsplitting squeal at idle

  45. Low cost phosphate free antifreeze

  46. Luftmassenmesser Umrüstsatz (LMU ) ??

  47. Luftmassenmesser Umrüstsatz (LMU) ??

  48. Major oil leak help!

  49. Merry Christmas was Re: Tri-Star or 16" Fender flares was Re: " plas

  50. Mileage-stone

  51. Missed out on the NLA Projektzwo fog lamps? Buy this ultra rare 4 light lower grille

  52. Mozilla Users on the list

  53. Napa Balkamp gas camp works #703-1205

  54. New instrument cluster in '84 Vanagon

  55. Next tech help! Really Frozen Westy! How to unfreeze it?

  56. No cold start ability at all?

  57. North Florida Camping suggestions for March wanted

  58. POR-15 Products

  59. Plastic moulds and 83/84 curtain rod cover

  60. Please pass the Salt :o) cylinder head drain plug

  61. Portable Dometic 120VAC/12VDC/Propane Refrigerator

  62. Pzwo lower grille foglights NLA

  63. Pzwo lower grille foglights NLA - Can you say Vacuum Form?

  64. Rear External Tire Rack

  65. Rough Cold Start

  66. Soon to be FS: CDN 91 Syncro Westy

  67. Speaking of horrible squealing noises...

  68. Speaking of lubricant.....

  69. Spectators Welcome - Zetec Conversion in Dallas

  70. Thanks to the list for the info on my oil cooler seal

  71. Those 9 dreadded words

  72. Those dreaded 9 words...

  73. Tom's genital defect

  74. Tom's gentile defect

  75. Tom's gentle effect

  76. Toyota HiAce Van

  77. Translation needed

  78. Tri-Star Arches

  79. Tri-Star or 16" Fender flares was Re: " plastic wheel arch extens...

  80. Tri-Star or 16" Fender flares was Re: " plastic wheel arch extensions"

  81. VIBRATIONS ! Not the good kind.







  88. VWSA Big Brakes

  89. VWSA trailer hitch for sale or trade for Dennis Haynes style reciever hitch..

  90. Vanagon Toys FS

  91. Vanagon Video's - WRX Quarter Mile, WRX Engine

  92. Vanagon Zetec Conversion Kit? - Not the Turnkey

  93. Vanagon Zetec Conversion update

  94. Video, Fast Vanagons

  95. Volkspeople, lubricate your sliding door latches.

  96. Volkspeople, lubricate your sliding droor latches.

  97. WTB 15" South Africa rims

  98. WTB: Dash Instrument Cluster for '85 Westy

  99. Westy Camper Additional Seating Options?

  100. Westy Camper Additional Seating Options? (correction)

  101. Westy Christmas presents

  102. Westy Stove Valve Stem / Knob Replacement?

  103. Westy Xmas presents

  104. Wheel Arches

  105. Where can I find " plastic wheel arch extensions" & ROO Bars?

  106. Wow! 28-32 MPG '88 WB Vanagon on Ebay

  107. Zetec CA approval was: Vanagon Zetec Conversion update

  108. Zetec Question

  109. Zetec adaptor kit only less motor??

  110. [NVC] Info Needed - dyslexia

  111. [WetWesties] Fuel Tank Cross Over Piece

  112. [WetWesties] where to install the D1l-C in westy?

  113. [vanagon] E-bay Solar Auto Battery Charger - any good?

  114. [vanagon] Missed out on the NLA Projektzwo fog lamps? Buy this ultra rare...

  115. [vanagon] rough idle and emission control

  116. [wolfsburg_campers] Portable Dometic 120VAC/12VDC/Propane Refrigerator

  117. amusing, perhaps intriguing ECU auction

  118. anybody need spare injectors

  119. aux heater Combustion air blower bentley 82.14 fig 4

  120. breakjob rear breaks 85gl

  121. cold weather shifting, was: Re: Tom's genital defect

  122. cool van on

  123. cylinder head drain plug

  124. email for John Runberg

  125. gas cap

  126. how cold is it??? was Re: For Starters

  127. list vendor: Re: vanagon rear side sliding windows (euro option)

  128. looking for 15 inch rims for sale nj

  129. no emails please

  130. no heat

  131. not my cheap 85 for sale in denver

  132. orange stuff

  133. part #'s for Postal van fender flares?

  134. small sliding windows

  135. source for spring clamps for fuel lines

  136. spacer dimensions in saggy butt story

  137. split window on craigslist

  138. starting problem (#2005-1009)

  139. starting problem (#2005-1009)]

  140. that little light behind the heater controls

  141. title

  142. tranny fluid other than redline...

  143. tranny issue?

  144. vanagon Digest - 13 Dec 2005 - Special issue (#2005-1013)

  145. vanagon owners manuals for sale

  146. vanagon rear side sliding windows (euro option)

  147. vanagon styling and bodykits -

  148. water cooled head leaks???
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