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VANAGON archives – March 2008, week 1

Table of contents:

  1. '84 westy wolfsburg full GL camper ..cheep..$1k or best offer

  2. 14" Michelin Agilis tires in Boulder, Colorado

  3. 1987 Vanagon cooling question

  4. 1991 Vangon GL

  5. 2.1 Electronic Idle Control valve


  7. Any Westies in Key West?

  8. Blinkers not working???

  9. Calif 2008 emissions / Tiico Parts

  10. Calif 2008 emissions fuel tank pressure testing?

  11. Calif 2008 emissions fuel tank pressure testing? /NO Emissions Question

  12. Calif 2008 emissions-Now Safety Inspections

  13. California emissions laws

  14. Calling John Bange

  15. Carfax out there?

  16. Cleaning a Westy Pop Top

  17. Coolant leaking at upper head nut

  18. Curtain upgrade

  19. Custom XP Listreader

  20. Cut tranny input shaft while still in tranny? (for engine conversion)

  21. Deep Cycle Batteries

  22. Engine Conversions

  23. EveryBus 2008 T-shirts

  24. Exhaust flange silicone sealer

  25. FRYDAYE Why does it hurt when I pee WAS:

  26. FRYDAYE Why does it hurt when I pee WAS: Re: fuel tank capacity?

  27. FWD: EveryBus 2008 T-shirts

  28. For Sale: Air Cooled Engine (2.0)

  29. Free seats and parts. Some Syncro.

  30. Friday Fun - Amphib's

  31. Front Suspension Wear? (was: Re: Nokian recommended tire pressure)

  32. Fryedaye: AAA in Pakistan

  33. Fuel Lines

  34. Full Timer Needs Help In Colorado

  35. Fwd: weight of poptop?

  36. Gerneral Altimax RT Tire

  37. Golf diesel hybrid 69 mpg coming soon.....

  38. Golf diesel hybrid... car electronic troubles

  39. How to tighten up the cig lighter socket?


  41. Idle Stabilizer and Stabilizer Control Update Request

  42. Interesting Article About Pete Townsend's Bus

  43. Is anybody here interested in billet aluminum hubs for Porsche brake rotors to fit their Vanagons?

  44. Jalousie (louvered) windows in a Vanagon

  45. Ledger's Bus Stolen

  46. Limited Slip Diff. sources?

  47. NEWS FLASH: replace bottom flap seals without pulling heater and dash

  48. NVC - Safety Inspections - WAS: Re: Calif 2008 emissions fuel

  49. NVC - Safety Inspections - WAS: Re: Calif 2008 emissions fuel tank pressure testing?

  50. NVC at all - computer questions

  51. NVC computer problems - thanks!!!

  52. NVC: Passat wheel size same as Jetta??

  53. Need barrel pin for armrest

  54. New 14" and 17" Alloys for Vanagons

  55. New Vanagon Pop Top Lift Assist Kit --- Now Available

  56. NoMail

  57. Nokian recommended tire pressure

  58. Old Cars and engine conversions

  59. One more front heater question: those "other" flaps

  60. Overall Timing Advance, Air Cooled


  62. Pic of melting wiring in my Air cooled '81. How's yours? --- :^)

  63. Poptop Raise Assists

  64. Question about front heater core removal... blower motor wires

  65. Question about front heater core removal... blower motor wires)

  66. Replaced Transmission Mount - Whoa Baby!

  67. Replacing Fuel Lines

  68. Retrofit Electric Pumps and a 110V pre-heat circulating system

  69. Safety Inspections

  70. Shipping parts from the UK to US ??

  71. Solar panel question

  72. Speedo Cable question

  73. Sportsmobile was: new Tiico diesel

  74. Still running like crap, the saga continues

  75. Still running like crap, the saga continues , now with exhaust leak

  76. Stuff I learned about painting my engine bay (+ pics)

  77. Tie Rods

  78. Torque value for thermo switch on WBX rad?

  79. WTB 5.43 R&P for Syncro (094) transmission

  80. WTB heater case clips

  81. Water Powered Cars

  82. Water Powered Cars NVC

  83. Water Powered Cows

  84. Westy on CL Vancouver. $500

  85. Where to find a metric brake line flaring tool ?

  86. Woo Hoo got my exhaust...

  87. alignment results

  88. bob stevens publication credit

  89. budget vanagon delivery using bondable travels

  90. bumps = knock, knock

  91. clutch bleeding

  92. fuel tank capacity?

  93. intake manifold hose

  94. its time........


  96. looking for eurovan list

  97. new Tiico diesel

  98. oil pressure woes

  99. re a/t cooler 87 van 2.1

  100. replacing 0.9 bar oil sender

  101. replacing the coolant line?

  102. round cylindrical pin

  103. towing with tow bar on newer Vans

  104. troubleshooting sliding door operation

  105. vanagon Digest - 5 Mar 2008 - Special issue (#2008-268)

  106. weight of poptop?
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