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VANAGON archives – May 2002, week 5

Table of contents:

  1. ....AMEN!

  2. 1.9 vs 2.1 - technical differences.

  3. 1985 Digijet misfire

  4. 84 head job update and questions

  5. 86 syncro FS

  6. 86 syncro for sale

  7. 87 Westy NOW: Green Coolant?

  8. 87 westy buying advice

  9. <No subject>

  10. A/C question '89 Wolfsburg

  11. AC Help

  12. Acronyms

  13. Ah... the list

  14. Air Cooled Alternator (Was: aux battery draining primary)

  15. Alloy rim question

  16. Automatic trans- what's this part for?

  17. Auxiliary light mounting brackets

  18. Baby got new shoes (tires)

  19. Best thing!

  20. Best van ever designed (PICS)... who wanted again?

  21. Best van ever designed (was: Why do we love that damn van somuch...)

  22. BusFusion

  23. Classic VW van

  24. Classid VW Van

  25. Classid VW van

  26. Colorado Vanagon in traffic today

  27. Cruise Control Question (fubared first post)

  28. Dead cylinder....$0.25 fix!

  29. Digest alternates in email body and attachments - anyone know why ?

  30. Digitool data help needed...more info..................

  31. Digitool data...what does it mean?

  32. Dysfuctional Mike Miller

  33. Exaust Systems

  34. FAQ info update

  35. FOAD Troll! was MAC vs PC no vanagon content

  36. FS: '82 Sunroof weekender vanagon w/ a/c AND gas heater..rare van!

  37. FS: 1985 Westy (NC)

  38. FS: 1987 Westy Tables, Screen, Wiring Harness

  39. FS: VAG-COM Software - Tiico Owners

  40. FS: wheel locks for SA & Carat wheels for 2wd

  41. Faucet Repair

  42. Financing

  43. Flopping side mirrors ... the rest of the story

  44. Free VW parts in Maine (NVC)

  45. Free diesel Golf parts Oceanside, California

  46. Got a new 81 Westy

  47. Haynes VG Repair Manual-- for 85 Wasserboxer?

  48. Headliner Removal Tips?

  49. Hello again....

  50. Help! Head replacement cost.

  51. Highbeams kill Radio

  52. Horn Replacement

  53. How wipers work / silicon

  54. How wipers work / silicon / Rain-X

  55. I actually saw...

  56. I smell a wiring a burnin'

  57. I think my engine is dead!


  59. IS THE LIST GETTING SMALLER? with proposal!

  60. Interesting item on eBay web site item#1830669412: Volkswagen : Van

  61. Just Bought Haynes Manual

  62. Keyboard rage


  64. Leaking coolant

  65. Lets keep this list educative, helpful, constructive and funny.

  66. List smaller, Vanagon sightings, not a gear-head (yet)

  67. Living in a van

  68. Looking at Air-Cooled Westys

  69. Looking for good used rear hatch seal

  70. MAC vs PC

  71. MAC vs PC no vanagon content

  72. Making the list smaller, positively

  73. Medium length travelogue, and misc.

  74. Mirrors and radio for sale

  75. Montana road trip advice

  76. More Musings on the Updated FAQ Proposition

  77. Muffler repair feasability

  78. My 2 cents on the condition of the list

  79. NOW: Green Coolant?

  80. New Site and Trip Report

  81. New tires, now my Westy wanders a bit

  82. Oil Consumption

  83. Optima deep cycle battery

  84. Paging Alberta members!

  85. Paging Zoltan

  86. Paint codes

  87. Parts needed

  88. Parts shipping assistance from Germany

  89. Pictures from Full Moon in June event in NC!

  90. Pulsating Break Pedal

  91. Push Rod Shield Cover Question

  92. RX7 oil cooler, anybody else install one?

  93. Rear Hatch lock

  94. Rear anti-roll bar installed!

  95. Red temp light

  96. Retraction and Apology

  97. Road America Get-together


  99. Safety of the Vanagon

  100. San Fran Mechanic

  101. Serious Post - Coolant Disposition

  102. Shameless Plug... VW Classic; Irvine, CA; June 9th, 2002; I'll be there

  103. Shameless Reminder about Busses By the Falls June 21-23

  104. Side mirrors blow in

  105. Some thoughts on a FAQ Proposition

  106. Somethings knockin on my wheel........

  107. South African parts For Sale

  108. Syncro Safari?

  109. Syncro questions

  110. T.K sucks....AMEN!/Bridge mending

  111. Terry Kay is a Hoover

  112. Terry kay sucks....

  113. Terry kay sucks....AMEN!

  114. Thanks Mr. Stan----

  115. Thanks for the advice on the 87. I'm running away from it.

  116. That's enough of this brand of silliness.

  117. The List is Great!!!!

  118. Tiico / Vagcom / Mileage - Kinda long

  119. Tiico Toys vs TYCO Toys

  120. Tips on filtering email

  121. Tires Again - Medium length travelogue, and misc.

  122. To buy or not to buy: 87 Westy

  123. Towing capacities? 87 GL

  124. VW Solar Panel

  125. VW Stereo Wiring Help

  126. VW's For SALE - Minneapolis

  127. Vag com software

  128. Valve Tapping Sound

  129. WANTED: Need a starter for a 86 to 91' Vanagon

  130. WTB Jump seat for Westy

  131. Web-Site correction

  132. Westy found in Junk yard!! Maryland

  133. What happened?

  134. What is the web site for go westy?

  135. Where to get front window seal changed in DC area

  136. [Syncro] Air con duct rerouting??

  137. [Syncro] Medium length travelogue, and misc.

  138. [TIICO] VAG-COM - Step-by-step?

  139. a/c housing

  140. alternator blue wire

  141. any chance of finding a 5 speed transmission?

  142. aux. battery according to

  143. battering ram vs ford escort

  144. black jumpseat trays FS

  145. chili peper for sale in texas

  146. cornucopia of questions

  147. green coolant

  148. headlight question

  149. hooking up extra battery?

  150. living in a westy or weekender for a few months while traveling

  151. mac vs pc

  152. need light replacement...

  153. not a gear-head (yet)

  154. oil consumption

  155. oil consuption

  156. overhead a/c for sale (was:Re: grey a/c housing

  157. parking brake cable

  158. parts wanted

  159. problems after head swap in '84 1.9

  160. so many Vanagons in Hawai'i...

  161. spark plug blow out

  162. speaking f oil consumption...

  163. testing vanagon

  164. timing belt inline 4

  165. uk sycro exhaust, please

  166. vag-com

  167. vanagon Digest - 28 May 2002 - Special issue (#2002-669)

  168. vanagons in a rollover accident?

  169. vladimier_k/Michael Papp/Vladimier Karishnakov(little vanagon content)


  171. was To buy or not to buy: 87 Westy NOW: Green Coolant?

  172. was-Terry kay sucks-RETRACTION AND APOLOGY!

  173. water level indicator light

  174. where to buy sheet metal ?
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