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VANAGON archives – November 2007, week 4

Table of contents:

  1. '82 Diesel features and price

  2. '84 value?

  3. 10 Million Transporter Drivers Can't Be Wrong

  4. 2008 VW Bus & Truck Photo Calendar - Submit Photos / 5 days left

  5. 3 speed heater fan switch in canada ??

  6. 396,000 miles!!?? can anybody beat that?

  7. 4 vanagons for free... I need 86-or-later suspension parts

  8. 85gl 1.9l drip found

  9. AC 3rd speed fan wiring

  10. AW: FS, '91 Vanagon w/wheelchair lift

  11. Adios amigos...

  12. Belt replacement tips???

  13. Best way to inspect coolant hoses?

  14. Buses in Zamora Blog Update

  15. CARFAX? anyone have a current subscription?

  16. Calculate fuel consumption when idling?

  17. Car hauling companies?

  18. Changed thermostat - temp gauge still reads stone cold

  19. Changing thermostat woes

  20. Coolant pipe pics. Opinions needed!

  21. Coolant sludge? (link to pics)

  22. Could this be the next future Vanagon?

  23. FS, '91 Vanagon w/wheelchair lift

  24. FS: '87 Sunroof Vanagon Syncro

  25. Few maintenance questions

  26. Friday: Best + Stupid=Oxymoron

  27. Friday: Best Stupid ... knobs

  28. Friday: Best Stupid Automotive Product

  29. Friday: Best Stupid Automotive Product& Blinker Fluid

  30. Fuel tank?

  31. Fw: Re: [VANAGON] vanagon chess set

  32. Get your winter project going... 81 Westy

  33. Gray double seat in the Seattle area

  34. Gray double seat in the Seattle area....seats 6 in a westy!

  35. Happy Thanksgiving Day to you all!

  36. Happy Thanksgiving and FYI: Black Friday sale at Bostig

  37. Happy Thanksgiving to all Yanks out there.

  38. Have you ever broken a clutch by push starting a vehicle?

  39. Hope for REAL new VWs? NVC

  40. Houston

  41. Idling downhill? (Was: Calculate fuel consumption when idling?)

  42. Ignition switch replacement Experience?

  43. Intake hose 87 2.1 a/t

  44. Is there such a too?

  45. Is there such a tool?

  46. Kudos to Bus Depot

  47. Leaking CV Boot... :)

  48. Lola shines: another great trip

  49. Looking for How To change Front CV Boot (Syncro )

  50. Muffler Bearings, was RE: Friday: Best Stupid Automotive Product

  51. Must be the weather... the list is back

  52. NVC - Happy Thanksgiving

  53. NVC: A trip trip to Vermont with my brother-REPORT

  54. New Absurdity -$75,000 Syncro Westy

  55. POR-15 Vendor ?

  56. Power Window Issue when Cold

  57. Problem posting

  58. Project VW reveals hidden surprise

  59. Propane fitting thread compound

  60. Question for Vancouver/Seattle people

  61. Radial Arm Bushings.....why R &R them?

  62. Really inexpensive GPS and bluetooth stuff.

  63. Rear trailing arm/wheel hubs/bearing housing same for all years?

  64. Saw Benny Boy on I-81 yesterday!

  65. Strange & Neat instrument on Samba

  66. Subaru Conv. Package-SOLD!

  67. Subaru Conversion Package For Sale

  68. Swing Axle Boot Leak Question

  69. Swing Axle Boot Leak Question - the only Swing Axle 88 Vanagon in existence

  70. Swing Axle Boot Leak Question Redux

  71. Syncro Front end parts?

  72. TEST

  73. Tucson Service

  74. VLC: Panasonic Toughbook?

  75. VW Memory Sticks

  76. Vanagon shopping

  77. Vanagon/Westy theme board games? Cards?

  78. WBX: Belt replacement tips???

  79. WTB jump seat parts

  80. What do I need?

  81. What do I need? If 2.1 something to watch out for

  82. What is the scientific explanation?

  83. Wifes Audi - Oil Leak - NVC

  84. Windshield wipers ETC. questions.

  85. [WetWesties] Car hauling companies?

  86. [WetWesties] Who waves at whom ? ?

  87. alternator question

  88. another road trip summary

  89. anyone familiar with Triangle tires

  90. buyer beware

  91. electric van

  92. electric vanagon

  93. from my gmail rss feed

  94. idle fuel calculations

  95. more idle calcs...test fuel supply

  96. noob already in trouble

  97. overheating

  98. replace radius rod bushings

  99. securing the spare tire?

  100. slow starter?

  101. this on my rss feeds from google gmail

  102. vanagon 1.9l diesel oil blow by in air filter issue?

  103. vanagon Digest - 27 Nov 2007 to 28 Nov 2007 - Special issue (#2007-1269)

  104. vanagon Digest - 28 Nov 2007 - Special issue (#2007-1273)

  105. vanagon chess set

  106. what is this wire...?
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