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VANAGON archives – March 2009, week 4

Table of contents:

  1. 1.9 big end bolt in 2.1 engine?

  2. 1/2 hr to bliss...Lube It..

  3. 14in Empy PSI?

  4. 4-16" Michelin Tires on Borbet Rims for sale

  5. 4x stock 14" steel wheels free to good home.

  6. 87 Westy Propane Tank Capacity

  7. ATF vs PS Fluid

  8. Another Helpful modification

  9. Auxiallary Brake Lights - Was Carrying Scooter

  10. Back up camera

  11. Bad Gas Saga Update

  12. Beetle Friends-NVS-Frydaye

  13. Boston Engine?

  14. Brake Light Prob

  15. Can you find the splittie????

  16. Cargo carrier good/bad feedback for Westfalia

  17. Carrying a Scooter

  18. Coolant pipe *REPAIR* kit, was: Coolant pipe kit and distributor kit from GoWesty

  19. Coolant pipe kit and distributor kit from GoWesty

  20. Dennis Haynes = brake saga...aha!

  21. Digifant Fuel Injection

  22. Doka sighting

  23. Download archives

  24. FS Paulchen Bike Rack CL Vancouver BC

  25. Flush PS?

  26. For Sale -- Magnetic Window Screens

  27. Friday NVC: Big Rig Drifting

  28. Friday. Better Than A Westy?

  29. Friday: Bus Stories

  30. Front Behr A/C.

  31. Front Bumper Removal/Fog Light Install

  32. Front Oil Seal vs Flywheel Seal vs Bob Donalds Installation Video

  33. Fuel Injection Discussions

  34. Grill fix =?UTF-8?Q?glue=3F?=

  35. Grill fix glue?

  36. Hella Twin Tone Wiring Help?

  37. Hi idle, No deceleration

  38. High beam blue light?

  39. High-pitched engine hum when cold

  40. Home built High-Top - not Vanagon

  41. Improving the performance of the Vanagon air conditioning fan and saving the switch

  42. Increased Idle Speed with A/C

  43. LVC: Nevada- A/C or No A/C?

  44. Less expensive brand, was Re: Smaller Angle Grinder?

  45. Lifter adjustment... How can I tell if they are really hydraulics?

  46. Looking for '81 Sliding Door in or near Calgary, Canada

  47. Michigan Summer Vanagon Adventures...

  48. Mirror Insert Needed for Power Mirror

  49. Mis-wired ps idle booster?

  50. Moderator Comment NVC Re: Can you find the splittie????

  51. More Friday NVC: bus

  52. My overflow tank is full of oil!!!

  53. Nevada- A/C or No A/C?

  54. O2 Sensor Monitor Gadgets for Sale.

  55. Old school Rain/Wind deflectors

  56. Oops Re: Less expensive brand

  57. Ovaled Radius Arm Hole Repair

  58. PS Fluid Capacity

  59. Part Out: 87 Vanagon in VA - PAGING ZORAN!

  60. Power Steering Discussions

  61. Problem solved-I think Re: My overflow tank is full of oil!!!

  62. Propane line help

  63. Pulsating Brake Pedal (Need Solution)

  64. Re Trans Swap wbx to air cooled

  65. Rumble

  66. Shift Rod Bushing Boots- necessary...?

  67. Smaller Angle Grinder?

  68. Smaller Angle Grinder? - Harbor Freight

  69. SoCal Window Tint Referrals

  70. Subject: Re: Was: dead cat kills van- What About Bad Gas

  71. Thompson Coupling

  72. Trailers

  73. Trans swap between Vanagons

  74. Troubleshooting the Basic Idle Stabilizer System - Manual Transmissions- Part I

  75. Troubleshooting the Basic Idle Stabilizer System - Part II

  76. Troubleshooting the Basic Idle Stabilizer System - Part III

  77. Troubleshooting the Basic Idle Stabilizer System - Part IV

  78. Updated Tail Lamps

  79. Upgraded Tail Lights again

  80. VW/Audi Wheels (very nice and not mine)

  81. Vanagon Adventurewagen Sighting

  82. Vanagon Fire?

  83. Vanagon Rescue Squad;

  84. Vanagon crash test (was drifting)

  85. Vanagon siting, Tom Hanks movie "Tangles & Demons"

  86. Vans on Craigslist

  87. Vent Wing Windows Opening More

  88. Vitrifrigo fridge is in

  89. Was: dead cat kills van- What About Bad Gas

  90. Westy A/C plenum removed pix

  91. Westy mirror mod pix

  92. What to check first unstable idle

  93. [Fwd: Importing a Vanagon to California]

  94. [NVC] Dept. of Wishful Thinking: Camping gadget for doing laundry

  95. [WetWesties] High-pitched engine hum when cold

  96. air cooled ignition distributor questions

  97. another brake saga

  98. another brake saga...aha!

  99. black and orange syncro

  100. bumpers

  101. diagnosis--blown piston ring?

  102. fini - Troubleshooting The Basic Idle Stabilizing System -

  103. front wheel grease cap removal

  104. getting seam rust repaired

  105. interested in taking your van to the Rock next summer?

  106. local '87 Westy automatic for sale

  107. my85gl

  108. qwik lube oil chg disasters Re: My overflow tank is full of oil!!!

  109. slow drip from oil drain

  110. was Pulsating Brake Pedal (Need Solution)-now torque stick vs. torque wrench

  111. water leak
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