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VANAGON archives – May 2010, week 4

Table of contents:

  1. %^#%^* power mirror removal!

  2. '84 Vanagon back on the road

  3. 2.1L engine failure - Update

  4. 2.1L engine failure?

  5. 2.1L engine failure? (Side question about the belts)

  6. 2.1l Spark plug wire routing

  7. 81 Manual Transmission

  8. 82 Aircooled Moving to Seattle

  9. A Warning about Shaving Gel

  10. All engines have issues...

  11. Alternator Warning Light

  12. Alternator light mystery

  13. Alternator light mystery-High bean switch!

  14. Any vanagon listmembers in the midwest?? (MN,SD,ND, IA , IL, WI)

  15. Audiovox cruise control/Subaru engine

  16. BBtB Safe return home!

  17. Blinking coolant level light

  18. Buses by the Beach Bus Benefit 2010 Pictures & Short Trip Report

  19. Castrol and BP

  20. Castrol and BP/Now Mobil 1

  21. Cold Start Valve Gasket

  22. Cost of auto shifter cable

  23. Diagnosing rich running 1.9l WBX

  24. Digifant timing/tuning help needed

  25. Done!! (was Re: dropping tranny to do clutch)

  26. FS: Adventurewagen LP Gas / Water / Holding Tank / Battery Level Panel on Ebay

  27. FS: Upper & Lower Control arms, sway bar w/ droplinks, front taller springs, non-PS rack, steering knuckle shaft, etc.

  28. FS: intermittant programmable wiper relay for vanagons ...aka the "99 relay"

  29. First 3K on the New Engine

  30. First 3K on the New Engine - NOW POR-15 conversation

  31. Friday locking gas cap for many vehicles FS

  32. Friday- Conductivity of a stomach (Some Vanagon Content)

  33. Front heater valve cable Clip

  34. Front hub swap

  35. Fuel pump is not running


  37. Fwd: Using diesel pilot bearing

  38. Good types of drive-on lift ramps?

  39. Granny Grose's Video

  40. Help Identifiying part

  41. Hijacked Re: Good types of drive-on lift ramps?

  42. I could use a little help

  43. Installed Int/Ext Air Temp Gauge - pics

  44. Late-vanagon speedometer needed

  45. Looking for a Torque Converter

  46. Magnetic Window Screens

  47. Moderator Comment Re: Third cylinder lifter

  48. Moderator Oops Re: oil

  49. Montreal - VW Bus Heaven

  50. Need a Camping Spot in Texas

  51. Needed Source for 14" chrome beauty trim rings

  52. Optimum WBX rpms; was RE: 4 speed/5 speed shifter

  53. Parts for sale

  54. Pop-top shocks for Vanagon Westy roof Price: $90 shipped

  55. Porsche Documentary

  56. Pouring concrete RE: Good types of drive-on lift ramps?

  57. Private Re: Castrol and BP

  58. Radiator bleeder thread


  60. Safely back from BBtB

  61. Spark plug seat reamer

  62. Square e-codes for sale

  63. Steering part wanted

  64. Strange Auto Trans Behavior

  65. Talk to the Moderators!

  66. Thank you again Buses by the Beach!!!!!!!!

  67. The TRUTH about Vanagons

  68. The TRUTH about Vanagons: info for newbies

  69. Things your throttle body doesn't want you to know.

  70. Third cylinder lifter

  71. Thought on metelli?

  72. Tire Review (as requested): General Altimax RT 205/70R14

  73. Totally OT Siren Sound In Firefox

  74. Trans-Awn 2000 drip rail brackets needed

  75. Troubleshooting a noise

  76. Using diesel pilot bearing

  77. VW Campout Irish Hills Michigan

  78. Vanagon wheels in Alaska?

  79. in full effect~ y'all best be posting or we disrespect~ (it makes sense in the DMX sort of way)

  80. Voltage surges

  81. Wanted: Pushrod Tube in Vancouver BC

  82. Warning Lights Audible Buzzer

  83. Water tank level gauge on '91 Westfalia

  84. What's a behr in dash ac worth?

  85. When SA Lights are damaged

  86. Why you stick your head in your engine now and again...

  87. buyer's checklist

  88. eurovan shifter busted

  89. front spindle grease seal position

  90. frydae is slipping by...

  91. headlights delay off was Re: Warning Lights Audible Buzzer

  92. leaking power steering rack pinion shaft seal

  93. nice garage was Re: Good types of drive-on lift ramps?

  94. oil

  95. oil other than Castrol

  96. pilot bearing... do i need to replace the main seal?

  97. pilot bearing... do i need to replace the main seal?-Thanks Boston Bob


  99. subject nice garage was Re: Good types of drive-on lift ramps?

  100. syncro prop shaft alignment

  101. vanagon wheels in Alaska?

  102. weekend chores
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