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VANAGON archives – June 2011, week 4

Table of contents:

  1. '84 1.9L 2-WD -- cold start problems still the same after new O2-sensor, new Temp II sensor, and new plugs

  2. '84 1.9L 2-WD AT -- New problem -- sudden engine cutoff while idling

  3. 1985?Westy for Sale in Merrillville, Indiana

  4. 1990 Westfalia For Sale

  5. <No subject>

  6. =?utf-8?B?UmU6IFJ1bm5pbmcgb24gMyBDeWxpbmRlcnM=?=

  7. ?'s On Seam Sealing

  8. AC switch '85 Westy

  9. Camping Alert - Smoke

  10. Camping with the electric only fridge

  11. Demons III

  12. Early Vanagon 7 in. Round Headlight Rings Sought

  13. Email address needed

  14. Exhaust headers and Peanut Oil...

  15. FORD

  16. FS Nice Black Fiberglass Front Bumper for Vanagon L.A.

  17. FS: 1987 VW T3 Westfalia Joker Hightop

  18. Fiat update

  19. Fitting a Bosch AL33X alternator into a Diesel Vanagon

  20. Follow-up to earlier post. Getting interesting in Rochester

  21. For sale: Fancher Upholstery Screen Replacement Kit

  22. Free (Vanagon) Campsites

  23. Friday Old Bay window...

  24. Friday Re: Follow-up to earlier post. Getting interesting in Rochester

  25. Front Heater Core Shutoff

  26. Front brake compatibility question

  27. Front door vent windows wanted

  28. Fuel Level

  29. Fuel Tank Re-Seal Kit

  30. How did the poptop insulation job go?

  31. I4 Happenings in turbovans land

  32. Installing Fuel Filter on an 88 Cant get filter out!

  33. Looking for Special Camping Utensil

  34. Looking for a piece of power steering line

  35. Looking for some parts for 80-83 AC Vanagon

  36. Looking for: power window motor plastic bracket

  37. More on Vanagon a/c

  38. Murphy's Law - was : Remote Starter Switch Wire-up for '88GL

  39. Mystic Oil

  40. NVC - Bentley Manuals

  41. NVC : Friday dancing music

  42. NVC-Opinion on Jetta TDI

  43. Need 4-speed transmission

  44. Need hoses, dont know what they are called, help needed

  45. New VW Bus Book

  46. Oil drain plug washer?

  47. Old Bay window

  48. Pass this along

  49. Problem: 88 Auto Front Radiator Fan comes on when I turn on the van.

  50. Problem: While Removing from Disc Brake Pads the top Caliper Receiving Bolt Wont Slide In & Out of the Carrier - Siezed

  51. Proper adhesive for engine compartment seal

  52. RC: Superballix

  53. Remote Starter Switch Wire-up for '88GL

  54. Remote starter switch mayhem (Funny -now)

  55. Repairing odometer

  56. Replacing Canvas on Westy

  57. Replacing Canvas on Westy-Ron?

  58. Running on 3 Cylinders

  59. Rust Demons

  60. Solar Panel outdoor electrical connect

  61. Sorry - forgot to include link (duh)

  62. Spade terminal on Distributor?

  63. Stupid Steering Wheel Question Install Replace

  64. Tips and Tricks Requested - Starter Change

  65. Toothpaste

  66. Top Ball Joint replacement

  67. Trim for door underside?

  68. Trip to Yosemite

  69. Vibration when radiator fan on high speed

  70. WTB - Parts to convert 82 diesel radiator to 83+

  71. Wanted - Battery Box Lid Retainers

  72. Wet Running Issues/ Not Running '85 1.9 **Solved** (long)

  73. [LVC] Suggestions for the taller gentleman?

  74. [VW gas I4 Conversions] Exhaust headers and Peanut Oil...

  75. again with "exhaust rattle"

  76. best lube for sliding door

  77. catbird

  78. fuse panel screw size?

  79. it's a mystery to me,

  80. me too (solar)

  81. rear seat belt options?

  82. signing off

  83. testing a water pump...

  84. tips for installing the Bus Depot poptop seal?

  85. toothpaste

  86. toothpaste Bus Bushers

  87. wonky temp gauge?

  88. wrench/socket (nut and bolt head) sizes
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