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VANAGON archives – January 2004, week 3

Table of contents:

  1. "relative" compression test

  2. "stabilant" contact enhancer/cleaner

  3. (no subject)

  4. 1981 Westy gas tank capacity

  5. 1998 SA Vanagon on eBay UK

  6. 2.1L Wiring Harness

  7. 2.1L Wiring Harness (rape

  8. 2wd Syncro Traction

  9. 2wd Syncro traction.....mine is now for sale

  10. 84 westy tiico

  11. 85 Vanagon GL for sale

  12. 85 wbx 1.9 miss at idle

  13. 85 wbx 1.9 miss at idle...more info

  14. 85 wbx miss at idle... I spoke too soon. =)

  15. 85 wbx miss at idle...update =)

  16. 88 Westy makes it back to home port!

  17. 88 Westy radiator

  18. <No subject>

  19. Airplane VW Engines

  20. Another call for dead ECUs

  21. Aye Mateys! It's Fryeday.

  22. Battery isolator question

  23. Block the grill, Re: just how COLD is it where u are..

  24. Blue High Beam light replacement

  25. Boston Bob? or GoWesty?

  26. Bush Bumper Design Questions

  27. Buzzing turn signal light relay


  29. Can we kill Re: IE browser flaw

  30. Can we kill this?? --> Re: heads up on IE browser flaw

  31. Clutch problems

  32. Coolant drips from heads- AAAAAAAGGGGHHHHH!

  33. Crank pully revisited

  34. Danger from cold

  35. Danger from the cold

  36. Delayed email?

  37. Diesel Westy on eBay

  38. Ebay Fraud report positive result NVC

  39. Effect of Oxy Sensor on a 2.1 engine

  40. Eureka Inquiry - Bill's Volkswagen repair

  41. Exaust

  42. Exaust / Pilot Drill Sizes / Stud Removal

  43. Exhaust stud drill out procedure

  44. Exhausting Exaust

  45. FS '91 Vanagon GL - 51K miles

  46. FS- Ronal Rp Wheels

  47. FS: 3 Vanagons in Orlando, FL

  48. FS: Swivel Seat Bases (2)

  49. Front end seems wrong

  50. Front end seems wrong (fwd)

  51. Fw: 85 wbx 1.9 miss at idle now timing 5 BTDC

  52. Fw: Bush Bumper Design Questions

  53. Fw: Tiico air filter

  54. Fwd: BLIZZARD BUS-OUT! (Pennsylvania)

  55. Grinding sound when rounding corners

  56. Hi my nne is Brian and I am a Vanagon addict (EBAY)

  57. Hi my nne is Brian and I am a Vanagon addict (EBAY) (used to have 110k mi...

  58. Hi my nne is Brian and I am a Vanagon addict (EBAY) (used to have 110k miles, now 98k????)

  59. I am a Vanagon addict (EBAY)

  60. I'm back

  61. Infamous Vanagon Fuel Leak - No Fire!!!!!

  62. Just how cold...the PS pump was crying

  63. Just to end this thread - How to Make Degree Symbols

  64. L.A. Area Mechanic Recommendations?

  65. Listees in Tracy, California?

  66. Looking for a TDI conversion shop

  67. Loud Exhaust

  68. Lurker finally needs a little help


  70. NVC

  71. NVC - I Vote To Kill It

  72. NVC - RE: Ultra list and vanagons (SVC)

  73. NVC - RE: degrees - very little Vanagon content

  74. NVC Re: heads up on IE browser flaw

  75. NVC-A Heads-up on a virus: W32/Bagle-mm

  76. Need Planetary for 090 A/T

  77. Need artwork for EveryBus shirts

  78. New Member

  79. New parts for sale

  80. O2 problems

  81. Opinions on tranny rebuilds from Long Enterprises?

  82. P-Trap for Vanagon Westy Sink

  83. Pics of 14" BFG's ?

  84. Please help me . . . / Cold Van

  85. Please help me with my bleeding problem.. although i did get the fan 2 work!

  86. Poor performance... Fixed

  87. Porsche Fuchs 4 sale (again)

  88. Pristine 1980 Air Cooled Westy for sale

  89. Propex 1800 report

  90. Propex 1800 report -- CAUTION

  91. Propex heater and airflow

  92. Rare cab height Transporter Canopy on eBay!

  93. Replacement Propane Regulator Source?

  94. Replacing the clutch slave cylinder

  95. SA quality -Re: 1998 SA Vanagon on eBay UK

  96. SV: unstable engine when cold

  97. Small cracks in head (between valves) 2.1 l wbxer

  98. Snakes on the roads...

  99. Spoke too soon

  100. Suddenly it won't go well...

  101. Sunroof drain lines?

  102. Supa Charged Syncro

  103. Syncro Driveshaft Vibes

  104. Syncro sporadic starting

  105. TDI or not?

  106. TiiCo California Smog Legal!

  107. TiiCo airbox replacement

  108. Towing capacity of vanagon GL camper 2.1 Litre engine

  109. Transaxle differences: 1.9 vs 2.1

  110. Transmission housing corrosion and (separate question) asbestos ;~(

  111. Ugliest VW ever?

  112. Ultra list and vanagons (SVC)

  113. Used gas tank F. S. Pgh. PA

  114. Using the list archive

  115. VW Mini-Home from MI

  116. Vanagon Block heaters email lost!

  117. Vanagon repair in Phoenix AZ area?

  118. Vanagon website

  119. WESTY: Anybody have for sale...

  120. WTB Radious Arm Bushings

  121. WTB:Skylight parts

  122. Wanted: lower front grill mounting rivets

  123. Water temp gauge sender install question raytek mt4

  124. Water temp gauge sender install question.

  125. Westy roof

  126. What are your thoughts on Rebuilding an auto trans at home?

  127. What are your thoughts on Rebuilding an auto trans at home?Where to get parts

  128. What so special about the Ignition Coil?

  129. Whats that tiico list again

  130. Who sells Radius Bushings????

  131. Winter storage check up

  132. [Diesel-Vanagon] leaking head gasket ?

  133. adapter found for mounting K&N cone filter or hose to Vanagons Digi AFM

  134. air flow meter

  135. anyone have some speakers?

  136. battery charger recommendations?

  137. browser change

  138. carbon fiber

  139. coolant sensor questions

  140. custom steering wheel for vanagon

  141. cylinder hone question

  142. degrees - very little Vanagon content

  143. for sale van goodies

  144. heads up on IE browser flaw

  145. just how COLD is it where u are..

  146. just how COLD is it where u are.. - 3 here...w/ -35 WCF

  147. just how COLD is it where u are.. LVC

  148. lets talk about oil pressure issues

  149. light emitting diodes

  150. looking for mechanic recomendations

  151. new Propex water heater, feedback wanted

  152. overland 5cyl conversion

  153. porsche cup2 alloys

  154. power mirror glass pass. side auction

  155. propex heater importer!!!

  156. removing lifters

  157. shipping gas tank

  158. snow

  159. test

  160. vaccum lines and block heaters

  161. vaccum lines oops double post/more info

  162. vanagon Block Heater?

  163. voltage over battery: 12.5-13.1

  164. which type of headlight upgrade would you recommend and why?

  165. your ideas please on painting vanagon.

  166.       "stabilant" contact e nhancer/cleaner

  167.       "stabilant" contact enhancer/cleaner
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