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VANAGON archives – September 2005, week 1

Table of contents:

  1. '80 engine / trans FS in Denver

  2. '88 wiring connector identification

  3. 1.9L WBX coolant tank?

  4. 5 speed DX trans, which mount holes?

  5. 81 Engine mounts

  6. 82 AC vanagon cold start problem

  7. 88 West Speedo cable problem after brake job

  8. <No subject>

  9. A good read, no matter your political leanings

  10. AC Interior ducts

  11. Actual free/cheap camping locations

  12. Advice on possible engine replacement

  13. Aircooled Running Problems

  14. Alternator testing

  15. Any US listees going to westies at watkins?

  16. Anyone Near Ann Arbor Michigan??

  17. Are Syncro and 2WD Vanagon Brake Lines the Same?

  18. BROKEN DOWN IN NEBRASKA..bad fuel pump?

  19. Best placement for outside air temperature sender?

  20. Blowing driver's side running light fuse

  21. Buses By the Beach - Bus Boo! Sept 16-18 - Camping Information

  22. Buses by the Buoy. Caravan from Boston, MA

  23. Can I Reach Fuel Level Sender?

  24. Connecting Fuel Level Sender After Tank Is In

  25. Coolant light flashes until warm, sensor?

  26. Dipstick oil level

  27. Dirty fuel lines?

  28. Door locks, waving & gas prices

  29. Electric Vanagon FS at

  30. Estimates for service - is it not the law in all states?

  31. Excellent Condition 85 Westy FS in NJ $5000

  32. FA: Catalytic converter straight pipe

  33. FS - 87 WLE camper, $3250, Syracuse, NY usa

  34. FS 1982 diesel Camper, ebay, chesterfield, MI, usa

  35. FS: New carpet for westy

  36. FS: VW oem oil filters on ebay

  37. Fan comes on at startup

  38. Front shock installation

  39. Fw: Maybe now is the time to fill the tank of your extra car or "parts vanagon"

  40. Fw: NVC: Katrina got the Vanagon Community bummed out?

  41. Gas time line: nuclear nonsense

  42. Gone Camping again - Buses By The Caves


  44. Help, doors won't unlock

  45. Improving On Engine Lubrication

  46. Keep Rear Hatch Open with Bike Rack attached?

  47. Liquid electrical tape????

  48. Mail Forwarding Service

  49. Maybe now is the time to fill the tank of your . . . Don't Waste You Time.

  50. Maybe now is the time to fill the tank of your extra car or "parts vanagon"

  51. More on: Water pump leak with only 300 Miles

  52. My van's images

  53. NEW Pop up Screen only install

  54. NVC: Atlanta Area Listees

  55. NVC: Katrina got the Vanagon Community bummed out?

  56. Need epoxy type suggestion...

  57. Need referral to replacing short FI hose (between injectors and fuel rail)

  58. Ok, you want Fryedaye? i gotcha Fryedaye right here!! :)

  59. On line Bentley?

  60. Part numbers request

  61. Phossil Phryedaye Phollies

  62. Pics of upper grill spoiler

  63. Possible future engine replacement? Subaru boxer hybrid?

  64. Proof that they're on to us...

  65. Propane tank valve rebuild?

  66. Propex heaters

  67. Propex heaters on sale, compare w Platcat ?

  68. Propex heaters on sale, new model coming!

  69. Quest. About Alternator Pulleys? Pleeeeze Help!!

  70. Quest.on Alternator Pulley? Help Please!

  71. Quick Disconnect on coolant hose

  72. Refrigerator door shelves

  73. Removing clip from Hall unit

  74. Removing ignition/starter switch

  75. Replacing Fuel Lines on a 2.1...anybody got really good instructions?

  76. So, What happens if I....

  77. Standard Repair Times - Rings / Heads

  78. Steering rack leak....rebuild or trash? 85 GL

  79. Syncro diff lock check valve whining

  80. The Answer to: "Trouble on the Road near Philly"

  81. The NEW vans we're missing

  82. The Ultimate T2

  83. The Wasserputer

  84. This is the dealership I was thinking of.....

  85. Trading a Westy for a Rangerover?

  86. Transmission Problem

  87. Travel & Work

  88. VOLKSWAGEN T5 California

  89. Van following my mouse pointer!

  90. Van tent $1400?? whats this guy smoking?

  91. Vanagon Starter - windings available?

  92. WTB Exhaust pieces for 85, 1.9L

  93. Wanted Vanagon Mechanic ... Austin, Tx

  94. Wanted: 4 or 5 stock 14" Vanagon Steel Wheels

  95. Water pump leak with only 300 Miles

  96. Water tank cap

  97. Welcome to !

  98. Won't Start...Again 2.1L

  99. alternative carburetion of FI 2.0 Liter vanagon engine???

  100. alternator and belt question

  101. alternator bracket

  102. any good vw repair shops in Nebraska or eastern CO?

  103. capacitance cells, sorry meant to add was Re: Maybe now is the time to fill the tank of your extra car or

  104. dash lights not working

  105. doing more brake jobs

  106. gas saving strategies without touching a wrench

  107. gasoline price time capsuel

  108. gasoline price time capsule

  109. heaviest oil to use??

  110. liquid electrical tape

  111. my solution to high gas prices

  112. new engine advice....

  113. o-ring cooling crossover tube

  114. o-ring cooling crossover tube and Nuptials

  115. oil from pushrod tubes

  116. oil press light revisited

  117. online Bentley - here it is

  118. overheating issues

  119. rattle INSIDE engine

  120. re. Keep Rear Hatch Open with Bike Rack attached?

  121. sept 9-11th Montreal ralley of the International WESTFALIA Camping Car Club (IWCCC)

  122. shared madness?

  123. stripped alternator bolt

  124. time for real vanagon content

  125. time for real vanagon content - clock

  126. vanagon Digest - 5 Sep 2005 to 6 Sep 2005 - Special issue (#2005-727)

  127. vanagon shipping

  128. water pump was non german

  129. heard of them???

  130. where the fuel goes according to
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