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VANAGON archives – October 2005, week 4

Table of contents:

  1. "AW tops" new pics added

  2. "Fun" images of early Split in action

  3. $16,000 90 Westy with 170,000 miles

  4. '86 Westy A/C Switch (Again)

  5. 1984 vanagon 68,000 original miles for sale

  6. 2.1: Check rods or just top end?


  8. 225/55 16 tires on an '85 Westy?

  9. 758227.jpg

  10. 84 68,000 mile for sale

  11. 86 Westy Wolfsburg for Sale

  12. 88 GLstarts, stalls immediately

  13. 928051.jpg

  14. Add your van pic to a google map of listmembers

  15. Air-Fuel Ratio fluctuation

  16. Auxiliary oil cooler on WBX?

  17. BN2 Heater

  18. Baja Suggestions?

  19. Baja Suggestions? - Hot springs!

  20. Beer Fill Level - Only go halfway. Makes a difference!

  21. Bucking and Stalling

  22. CV Grease Kits

  23. Changing the air in the

  24. Check rods or just top end?

  25. Cigarette lighter wiring?

  26. Common spot that rusts out.

  27. Converting Doka to Auto trans... Questions regarding late model floor ven...

  28. Converting Doka to Auto trans... Questions regarding late model floor vent/tunnel

  29. Cruise Control Troubleshooting 101


  31. FS: 1990 2WD Tristar Doka

  32. FS: Syncro Westy w/ 230hp Subie SVX motor

  33. Failed Crankshaft seal - 5th time!

  34. Friday Already! enough crying about volks-cafe already

  35. Fridge Help?? won't light when cold outside??

  36. Fridge not working on electric?

  37. Fridge removal / cleaning section...

  38. Fuel Hose clamp dia?

  39. Fw: missing vanagon list member

  40. Fwd: North Carolina Thanksgiving Misgivings Camp Out (?)

  41. Fwd: Paging Tom Carrington or other Vanagon List Admins

  42. Fwd: [vw-camping] 2006 VW PHOTO CALENDAR PROJECT - 215 PHOTOS SO FAR

  43. GPS Advice (NVC)

  44. Give me some feedback here!!!!

  45. Good garage in Vancouver, BC

  46. HELP! Instrument Cluster Gremlins!

  47. HELP!! No Headlights - 87 Westy

  48. Headlight Problem Solved....Dennis H.

  49. Headlight Problem Solved....New Syndrome Discovered!!

  50. Headlight relays, was: 758227.jpg

  51. Help diagnose Cinco

  52. Here is a source of biodiesel fuel

  53. Hi beam power from the dimmer swich to fuse block divided into two fused cir

  54. Hot start relay

  55. How I spent my weekend...

  56. How I spent my weekend... notes on loading

  57. Keyless remote/alarm/starter wiring question

  58. Larry Chase

  59. Last Call - Move Sale

  60. Latest vanagon kid comment

  61. Mac and frapple--can someone test this?

  62. Michelin LTX/MS 215/75R15 tires - R Light Truck or S Family Sedan&Van

  63. Mouse Attack

  64. Mouse Attack!

  65. Mouse Attack! / Make Mouse Stew

  66. Mouse attacks

  67. NVC Re: Wait a minute, I drive a Ford Falcon!

  68. NVC-TheSamba Tire Ad

  69. NVC; Why do I have to keep reading These technical manuals?

  70. Names?

  71. Need copy of ETKA

  72. Nobody wants air cooled! (Was Re: in the year 2015......)

  73. Oh Boy! Tire Thread! (was RE: Michelin LTX/MS 215/75R15 tires...)

  74. Oil Fill Level - Only go halfway. Makes a difference! Thanks Dennis.

  75. Oil Fill Level -Randy Newman has the answer!

  76. Parting out a post-donor SUBARU

  77. Pop Top Heaven - I have an opinion

  78. Poptop Heaven (Again?)

  79. Power Outlet (Cigarette Lighter) Rotating

  80. REQ - Dead Idle Stabilizer Control Unit Donation

  81. Random Beer Thoughts

  82. Rear Heater Cores still $70

  83. Riding through the desert in a horse (the new name)


  85. Some UGLY stuff (just a few one for now)

  86. Spare Tire Stowage Mod

  87. Speaker Wiring

  88. Springs & Shocks

  89. Starter Problem

  90. Starter Sometimes Doesn't

  91. Subie conversion info

  92. Syncro Gas Tank Filling

  93. Test, test test

  94. Thanks Joel!!

  95. :: VW Classifieds -

  96. This week advice.....

  97. Those brown caps that go over the screw heads in the westy

  98. Tom Carrington - List Admin/Moderator Volunteers

  99. Type I thermostat (need union nut)

  100. URGENT - Robert Keezer / NEED BODIES

  101. Upgrading DA6 heater electronics?

  102. VW SUCKS...Re: name change of Volks Cafe...

  103. VW writeup in Newsweek...and about the next vw van for the US

  104. VWAG official trademark website

  105. Van-be-gone

  106. Vanagon Content much needed here

  107. Vanagon Sighting

  108. Vanagon Syndrome Solved, finally!

  109. Vanagons & drivers in the news/media

  110. Vehicles for sale.

  111. Volkswagen Vanagon/Type II Fuel Systems Pro Manual

  112. WTB front turn signal socket.

  113. Wait a minute, I drive a Ford Falcon!

  114. Wait a minute, I drive a Ford Falcon! (No Vanagon Content)

  115. Was Sluggish 1.9L Now power galore sorta

  116. Water collecting behind sliding door

  117. What I did a few weeks ago--a pallet in my Vanagon

  118. [Fwd: Re: [VANAGON] Add your van pic to a google map of listmembers]

  119. [SyncroDoubleCabs] Converting Doka to Auto trans... Questions regarding late model floor vent/tunnel

  120. best headlight replacements?

  121. bosch blue

  122. cheap '89 Westy for sale on samba

  123. different between a mann oil filter 719/5 and 719/12

  124. dog leg

  125. headlights - need help in Ptld OR

  126. how many quarts of fluid go into the cooling system?

  127. in the year 2015......

  128. mouse attacks

  129. pick and pull in KY

  130. ps rack grease?

  131. rear brake cylinder replacement / bleeding

  132. sluggish on take off

  133. sluggish on take off Sorta better

  134. temperature gauge under reporting temperature

  135. those of you who have installed a fuel line replacement kit

  136. those of you who have installed a fuel line replacement kit read!

  137. transmission or clutch troubles - 3 questions...

  138. vanagon Digest - 21 Oct 2005 - Special issue (#2005-877)

  139. yummy
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