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VANAGON archives – March 2007, week 2

Table of contents:

  1. (human) Vanagon syndrome

  2. 1.9 or 2.1 head

  3. 1991 Vanagon intermittent no start

  4. 84 Vanagon Bursting Coolant Hoses

  5. 88 vanagon gl "issues"

  6. 91 Gl for sale

  7. A destination

  8. AT Cooler Questions

  9. Anybody burning WVO in Illinois?

  10. Anybody burning WVO in Illinois?- not really a rant

  11. Anybody burning WVO in Illinois?-Fryeday rant

  12. Anybody heard of these guys?

  13. Anyone know of a Subaru list - NVC

  14. Auto Trans Recommendations?

  15. B-Quiet application in progress

  16. Big end rod clearance 2.1 WBX

  17. Black side molding/trim a la Ben's red Westy

  18. Blaupunkt Ad -- or Whyyoushouldn_tputstuffedanimalsinthebackwindowofthecar

  19. Bull Bars

  20. CV boots does anyone make quality boots these days ?

  21. CV boots does anyone make quality boots these days ? maybe it is not the boot

  22. Captain's Chairs wanted in Denver

  23. Caster--was Tire Choice Question

  24. Clutch Throw-out bearing

  25. Continuing Saga of Camper Gear Removal and Rust Repair

  26. Dept of Revenue harassing VW Golf owner running veggie oil - Friday

  27. Design your own stripes,ect for the Vanagon

  28. Diesel Westy (needs new engine) on CL - Vancouver BC

  29. Dometic clean and repair?

  30. Engine electrical problem

  31. Eurovan camper vendors

  32. FS 85 DoubleCab(DoKa) original Canadian Truck. Professionally installed 2003 TDI

  33. FS: '80 vanagon Westfalia camper $2500 obo

  34. FS: '89 vanagon Carat $2500

  35. FS: Ronal R9's, SA Extra Tank, Gerry Can Carrier, Tire Carrier, Momo Stars, Puch Badge, AW Sink unit

  36. FW: the pimp-mobile vanagon?

  37. Final pictures (the red beast)

  38. Final pictures (the red beast) - or whatever!

  39. Fresh air fan sw. Question

  40. Friday - Loaf gets some air

  41. Friday Syncro Sudoku

  42. Fryeday Puzzle (lots of vanagon content)

  43. Fw: In need of cooling system parts

  44. Fw: Re: That Ebay Scam-Van

  45. GL-5, GL-4, Redline, Sta-Lube, Royal Purple...

  46. Gas prices redux

  47. Geneve 2007 debut of Subaru Diesel Turbo

  48. Global Warming My Vanagon?

  49. Good auto transmission mechanic/parts?

  50. Gurgling fuel expansion tanks

  51. Heater Fan Switch

  52. Heater fan resistor questions

  53. Help needed in SoCal!!

  54. Help! Computer Gurus wanted ---- again!

  55. Here's a deal

  56. High Idle / stabilization control question


  58. Idle stabilization control question

  59. Idle stabilization control question--fixed

  60. If you could read French

  61. If you could read French, But Of Course!

  62. Impending Road Trip West

  63. In need of cooling system parts

  64. LVC: B&B's in Walla walla

  65. LVC: small wind turbines for portable power generation

  66. Looking for Grey pad to complete bed in 88vanagon

  67. Looking for the root cause of power steering fluid loss

  68. Making Dash vid. Nd. Heater ........

  69. Making Dash vid. Nd. Heater box photos. Pleeeeez!

  70. Mechanics Puzzle

  71. Model Year Changes

  72. My spring break trip

  73. NEW AAZ 1.9 TD engine for sale

  74. NVC Fryeday Riots

  75. NVC: Can someone run a carfax for me?

  76. NY Times article about traveling in a westy

  77. Need seats with head rest 1986

  78. Nice Westy Syncro project on Ebay

  79. Nuke IT!

  80. One or two? Alternator question

  81. Oops

  82. PDF version of Vanagon Puzzle

  83. Parts availability in Mexico

  84. Puzzle issues?

  85. RE; westy conversion (electric)

  86. Rusted out front valance (apron?) source


  88. Stuck propane Valve

  89. That Ebay Scam-Van

  90. Throttle cable repair

  91. Throttle cable repair-any ideas before replacement?

  92. Tire Choice Question

  93. Tires on alloy wheels, Suspension - Need some help

  94. Trailer hitch opinions

  95. Translating

  96. Turbo drag vanagon

  97. Turn-key Subaru engine etc for sale...

  98. Unofficial EveryBus Shirts now on sale

  99. Unusual back seat?

  100. Unusual back seat? Another one in Baltimore

  101. Unusual back seat? FREEEEE

  102. Use heater core from different vehicle for front heat?

  103. Vanagon Experiences vs. GTI Experiences Thus Far (no worthwhile content)

  104. Vanagon Westfalia window sticker pictures

  105. WTB multivan rear sofa-bed (like a westfalia but 3 seater, not like a carat)

  106. WXP compatible PCMCIA Lan/Van devices?

  107. Westie Conversion (Electric)

  108. Westy innards out and a no-rust rust question

  109. Westy rental in the Phoenix, AZ area?

  110. Who was looking for a clean sunroof van..?

  111. Wiper relay rod(s) question

  112. Working on possibility of adding tilt steering. Info needed.

  113. Zetec Bostig test drive..long

  114. [Syncro] Re: Working on possibility of adding tilt steering. Info needed.

  115. [Syncro] Working on possibility of adding tilt steering. Info needed.

  116. another irrelevant Fryedaye question

  117. dissasemble the late vanagon seat??

  118. factory SUNROOF vanagon for sale $795

  119. flickr vanagons

  120. free TAN interior door panels from an 82 vanagon on CL Seattle

  121. free interior door panels from an 82 vanagon on CL Seattle

  122. fwd: AWRIGHTIE THEN! it's FRYDAYE somewhere!!! :)

  123. going to Everybus? Concerned about global warming?

  124. good advice from Mark Twain

  125. gurgling gas tank

  126. high Idle / stabilization control question

  127. in need of cooling system parts

  128. install heater core in AC housing.

  129. nomail

  130. ohm chanting hippie types

  131. paging Simon Glen... (LVC)

  132. real friday vanagon question

  133. really trivial Fryedaye email (was RE: the pimp-mobile vanagon?

  134. road trip to georgia..

  135. sliding door screen

  136. the pimp-mobile vanagon?

  137. the pink-mobile vanagon?

  138. this is the best vanagon EVER

  139. unsubscribe
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