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VANAGON archives – March 2010, week 4

Table of contents:

  1. '83 Adventurewagen highroof 5spd diesel camper FS cheap...$2 grand

  2. '84 for sale, victoria area, $500

  3. '84 sliding door cable question

  4. '85 Ignition Control Unit

  5. '85 Ignition Control Unit - part numbers

  6. .................... and vanagons (friday post with little Vanagon)

  7. 1.9 L Rebuilt Complete Turn-Key Engine

  8. 1.9L Fuel Filters

  9. 1.9L Vanagon Engine Turn Key Weight (HELP!!!)

  10. 1988 Vanagon won't start

  11. 86 GL Manual FS San Antonio

  12. 87 Syncro w/ bluestar interior and bumpers

  13. 91 Auto Final Drive ?

  14. 91 Westfalia aux battery wiring problem?

  15. <No subject>

  16. A/C hose

  17. Adjusting the idle on '82 AC Vanagon

  18. Adventurewagen highroof Solar shower setup FS

  19. Air Conditioning - best years or ???

  20. Anyone Use These?

  21. Auto tranny Fluid Mix ? Dexron III

  22. Bilstein Jack Needed

  23. Brake Pedal "Thud": Video (youtube)

  24. Brake Proportioning Valve: Traps Air?

  25. Brake question

  26. Broken CV Bolts

  27. Bus Benefit May 20-23 and T-Shirt Info (Buses By the Beach)

  28. Cabo

  29. Coolant bottle is out of whack!

  30. Cranks but now, STARTS!

  31. Dash back in place...

  32. Does your stovetop rattle?

  33. Door vs Ignition Keying

  34. EveryBus 2010 - April 15-18, Hagan Stone Park near Greensboro NC.

  35. FS: 16" alloy wheels for vanagon.. $50 each

  36. FS: 1983 Westy on CL - $2,950

  37. FS: 2.1 wbx for sale, boston, can be driven

  38. FS: intermittant adjustable wiper relays for Vanagons (allows u to custo

  39. Fraidai non-vanagon stuff

  40. Fwd: HIJACKED!!!!

  41. GPS Recommendation

  42. GPS in WESTY

  43. GPS in WESTY and watch out for taking Ferry boats

  44. GPS thread... is slowly becoming NVC...

  45. GoWesty 2.4 L Engine

  46. HELP 84 westy misfires between 2800 & 3000 rpm's THANKS

  47. HIJACKED!!!!

  48. How old is your spare?

  49. How to mount awning to Westy gutter ?

  50. Is this the right caliper?

  51. Just got some Vanagon shifter parts in stock

  52. Leaking Torque Converter Seal- Fixed

  53. Looking for Dylan Friedman

  54. Looking for Vredestein tires

  55. Middle seat stuck down

  56. Middle seat stuck in down position

  57. NVC - belated birthday - 24 march

  58. NVC-Fryeday Follies-G Rated Thing you might need at least 1 of?

  59. Neils Brakes: "What Me Worry?" (WAS: pedal feel)

  60. Normal voltage of a battery at rest?

  61. Oh Crap, busted my fuel expansion tank

  62. Oh No! Part II

  63. Oh No! Sliding Door de-railed!

  64. Paint your van

  65. Propane Quick Disconnect

  66. Propane quick disconnect

  67. Proper Brake Pedal Feel/Travel?

  68. Query...

  69. Question about engine storage

  70. Rear Drum-to-Disc Swap : Google before posting

  71. Rear Drum-to-Disc Swap?

  72. Round Headlight Upgrade from Sealed Beams

  73. Should Rear Brakes Bleed Slower than Front?

  74. Solder cracked steel coolant pipe?

  75. Somebody better grab this?

  76. Still Friday Here...

  77. Syncro 16 Body Modifications

  78. Toyota issue

  79. Tracking down alternator D+ circuit.

  80. Tranny swap: All Forward Gears too High.

  81. Transmission Guide Pin: Should be Straight?

  82. Transmission MainShaft Needle Bearing Noise

  83. Unknown Battery drain!!

  84. V6 Busagon?

  85. VW keying manual

  86. Van has to go - FREE!

  87. Vanagon Front Brakes

  88. Vanagon Front Brakes-Done

  89. Vanagon Parts For Sale inc. 2.1 engine and 4 speed trans

  90. Vanagon Westfalia 87 dealer promo movie

  91. Vanagon Westfalia Welded to a School Bus

  92. WTB - Trans-Awn 2000 or Parts

  93. WTB: Automatic transmission in Northwest

  94. Was: Coolant bottle is out of whack!-- Now SOLVED! Thanks to the list!!

  95. Weddle Gears

  96. Westy Water Hose Size from Tank to Faucet

  97. What Is This Type Of Connector Called? Followup

  98. Yes on a GoWesty 2.4 L Engine

  99. [WetWesties] 1.9 L Rebuilt Complete Turn-Key Engine

  100. [subaruvanagon] Re: Tracking down alternator D+ circuit.

  101. bargin DigiTool

  102. brown armrest for door panel

  103. cheap low mileage '90 carat in NC

  104. coil, green label vs gray

  105. cool portopitti storage idea in westy

  106. correct spark plug gap for 2.1 wbx motor

  107. door vs. ignition keying

  108. double door diesel vanagon on craigslist

  109. fuel not getting through? 82 aircooled

  110. how to stop a runaway prius

  111. in case i made an offence

  112. last call on 1987 Wolf Carat van $1200

  113. new CNC plasma cutter at Rocky Mountain Westy

  114. offensive video

  115. omg.. one badazz vw camper

  116. poor vanagon

  117. subject Rear Drum-to-Disc Swap?

  118. vanagon roof rack load bars FS...

  119. what a d*mn shame..parting out a 16" syncro singlecab....

  120. who sells good german chrome new bumpers???

  121. windshield replacement

  122. worm type fuel line clamps
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