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VANAGON archives – November 2010, week 2

Table of contents:

  1. "Snarky"

  2. "Snarky" (was Actual burn times with Mr Buddy MH9B (Little Buddy))

  3. '90 (GL) Front Fiberglass Available - Vegas

  4. 1.9 Coolant hose Diameter

  5. 1985 Westy Vanagon shutters, dies, and then resurrects... help.

  6. 85 Heater & Coolant Line Question - and other non-tech Vanagon Love

  7. Actual burn times with Mr Buddy MH9B (Little Buddy)

  8. Actual burn times with Mr Buddy MH9B (Little Buddy)-refilling 1lb cylinders

  9. Actual burn times with Mr. Buddy MH9B (Little Buddy)

  10. Another storage idea? (Westy oriented)

  11. Bad ground. WAS; Hmm. Headlights don't ...

  12. Bill of Sale Issues on my first Syncro

  13. Broken lifter. Replacement processors

  14. Buddy heater measured on low and high

  15. Calling George Jannini or others served by Autobahn Society

  16. Cooling System for Various Conversions

  17. Cooling tin/engine mounts?

  18. Deer Hit

  19. Deer Hit - how to avoid

  20. Diesel power

  21. Door question..

  22. Driver's door lock mechanism

  23. Dumb Buzzer Question

  24. Electronic gadget mounts

  25. Exhaust Flange Gaskets and torque

  26. Expansion Tank & Squealing Brakes

  27. Free Speakers - Brown Front & 6x9s

  28. Group 41 Battery at Wal-Mart

  29. Hankook RA08 tires

  30. Hmm. Headlights don't ...

  31. Ignition Switch Replacement-Not Amused-Even More!

  32. Ignition switch -- P terminal

  33. Ignition switch -- bring out your Dead*

  34. Ignition switch -- construction

  35. Ignition switch recommendations.

  36. In-groupish

  37. Just got some more parts from Germany

  38. Key for a VW Jetta

  39. Key switch capacity

  40. Light em up, Ralphie

  41. Looking for a few parts (and some photos of my "new" vanagon)

  42. Manual steering rack grease

  43. Millee's shuddering Sally

  44. Mod Re: Actual burn times with Mr Buddy MH9B (Little Buddy)

  45. Moderator -- Group Dynamics

  46. Needed: Sunroof Handle for sunroof bus.

  47. Neils VanaJetta Engine "clack" Video.

  48. New '91 Doka for sale

  49. New Doka for sale

  50. New H-4 Suby Engine Pics/Info.

  51. OT - renaming problem solved, thank you. NT

  52. OT -- AKICIV* -- bulk-rename batch file?

  53. Off to Germany

  54. Other groups - a better one? - gasp!

  55. Out of office

  56. PS re Ignition switch -- P terminal

  57. Parts place in Oceanside or Vista, CA?

  58. Propex heaters on sale, free shipping offer

  59. Propex question - attention Karl if you are on list

  60. Re-pad Front Seats

  61. Rear Brakes Seized?

  62. Relief valve parts

  63. Remembrance Day/Veteran's Day (NVC)

  64. Remote controlled external spotlights

  65. Remove, rebuild or remove and replace with a used engine.

  66. Replace Heads or Engine?

  67. Replace Heads or Engine? I-4.

  68. Revised to spotlights

  69. Shift rod

  70. Sighting in Crystal City, VA. Red 85+ with ecodes & custom VA plates.

  71. Snarky and in-groupish

  72. Snarky defined was Actual burn times with Mr Buddy MH9B (Little Buddy)

  73. Solar Power Charger for Van Camping

  74. Spotlight

  75. Starter going??

  76. Stealth Vanagon Camping

  77. Storage Ideas..Was: Tool roll

  78. The Allegory of the Wave

  79. The winner is Mark Drillock, was: Hmm. Headlights don't ...

  80. Tool roll

  81. Trailer hitches..couple of questions

  82. Trevor the Skylight guy

  83. Trip Report. Pics.

  84. Trip to DeLand, FL this week


  86. Unidentified Parts

  87. Van inspection needed

  88. Volvo B23 (B230) inline 4 in a T3 Syncro

  89. Was: New Heads. Now: VW I4 Swap by Shop. Competitive Price?

  90. [Syncro] Re: Bill of Sale Issues on my first Syncro

  91. [WetWesties] Dumb Buzzer Question

  92. calling to the back yard parts keepers for retro fit shoulder belt

  93. clutch and brake assembly refurb

  94. dying at start

  95. er: Exhaust in cooling system

  96. exhaust gas into coolant system

  97. exhaust gas into coolant system - use sniffer

  98. formerly Snarky and in-groupish

  99. free spare rim and tire

  100. horrible cold start idle, running rich

  101. led light panel at kitchen

  102. mechanic review???

  103. moisture from breathing

  104. nuts

  105. parking lot turducken it were

  106. parking lot turducken it were - ovens?

  107. propane btu/lb, was Re: Actual burn times with Mr Buddy MH9B (Little Buddy)

  108. seat back organizer

  109. speed

  110. subject Solar Power Charger for Van Camping

  111. the missing link Snarky and in-groupish

  112. trip report & pix--Beef Basin, Utah

  113. vanagon Digest - 8 Nov 2010 - Special issue (#2010-1031)

  114. westrailer trailer

  115. wife's battery (was Group 41 Battery at Wal-Mart)
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