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VANAGON archives – May 2012, week 1

Table of contents:

  1. '83 Camper on CL in VA

  2. 1.9 heads and other stuff.

  3. 1986 syncro westy stuck transmission drain plug

  4. 2.1 Exhaust. P. 26.9 Bentley: "5 Diaphragm Springs" ?

  5. 2.1 L WBX Front Exhaust Manifold (cyl 1 & 3) Needed

  6. 2001 Volkswagen Jetta Hits 500,000 Miles, VW Tears It Apart

  7. 85 1.9 Thermostat Housing Leak

  8. <No subject>

  9. =?utf-8?B?UmU6IERhc2ggcmVtb3ZlZC9yZS1pbnN0YWxsZWQ=?=

  10. =?utf-8?B?UmU6IEhhcmJvciBGcmVpZ2h0IElSIExhc2VyIFRoZXJtb21ldGVy?=

  11. =?utf-8?B?UmU6IFNvbWV0aGluZyBBYm91dCBUaG9zZSBWVydzLi4u?=

  12. =?utf-8?B?UmU6IFZpZGVvIEZyb20gVHJTdGF0ZSBCdXNlcw==?=

  13. A new camping season, a new Vanagon List season

  14. Alternator belt burning up?

  15. Another Monster Battery Option For Stock Locations

  16. Another Monster Battery Option For Stock Locations-Charging!

  17. Auto trans wisdom please?

  18. Back From Mothballing, Mystery Coolant Leak

  19. Back From Mothballing, Mystery Coolant Leak - bump

  20. Best top fabric for a wet climate

  21. Best way to judge life left in Waterboxer?

  22. Cabin Air Flow

  23. Camping In My Westy!

  24. Carfax Inquiry

  25. Clutch pedal goes only halfway

  26. Crankcase Breather tower ~ It comes apart !!!

  27. Curious Fryd mynds, was something about Vanagons I think.

  28. D17? See Bentley 80.14

  29. Dash removed/re-installed

  30. Distributor Ground question

  31. ERG Light, stall outs and another road trip

  32. Empire State VW camping club summer 2012 NY to Maine trip

  33. Engine Bay Negative Strap Questions. 1988 Westy. PICS.

  34. Engine Tdi

  35. Enigma: where's the oil going?

  36. FW: Engine Bay Negative Strap Questions. 1988 Westy. PICS.

  37. FryDae: The Power Pot

  38. Fryday! Explanation to understand

  39. Frydeay Sartre

  40. Gasoline, dollars & a really bright moon

  41. Good Multi- Gas detector?

  42. Happy Friday - Dog Toy Question (Jack Russell) LVC

  43. Harbor Freight IR Laser Thermometer

  44. Hatch latch available?

  45. Heater Box, how to remove the flaps?

  46. Heater core/exchanger valve R&R?

  47. Hose routing to heat exchanger?

  48. How are curtains hung?

  49. How many times have you camped in your Vanagon?

  50. Interesting Safety Inspection Failure-Virginia

  51. Just kampers J14576 rock and roll bed !!! Help please!!!

  52. Late Type 2 ATE caliper bleeder screws???

  53. Long life Coolant & alloy wheel questions

  54. More Propane

  55. My "New" 1988 Westy!

  56. New Parts from Germany

  57. Note to self about Dash Removal

  58. Odometer

  59. Paint a New Muffler. Last Longer?

  60. Parts Needed

  61. Parts needed

  62. Poptop assist

  63. Poptop lift assist

  64. Positive Cable End

  65. Power steering pressure sensor not connected. why? (2.1 wbx)

  66. Propane Pipelines

  67. Rad R&R -- tools?

  68. Rad R&R procedure?

  69. Rear Exhaust Bracket on Cross Pipe. Sleeve needed?

  70. Rear Wheel (Bearing?) squeak

  71. Rear tire angle

  72. Replacement for Steering Column's Upper Bolts?

  73. Replacing Master Brake Cylinder, How Much Fluid to Buy?

  74. Replacing Rad -- how big a bucket...

  75. Single cab sighted on tv!!

  76. Slow turnover when starting.

  77. Smart Car Opinions

  78. Smart car opinions

  79. So let's talk about carrying green 1 LB Coleman cylinders

  80. Something About Those VW's...

  81. Still lousy gas mileage

  82. Stranded

  83. Stranded World Travelers

  84. Swapping out bad spindle/s

  85. Temp covering for body panel rust rot

  86. Trailer wiring tips?

  87. Trip report: Buses and bikes in North Carolina

  88. Urathane bushings?

  89. Van was egged, how to remove?

  90. Vanagon Instrument Console Option

  91. Video From TrState Buses

  92. WHile we are on the topic of the 1lb green coleman propane tanks

  93. WTB: Heater control levers

  94. WTB: Upper and Lower thermostat housing for '85

  95. WTB: fresh air outlet

  96. WTB: one (or two) used Hakka C2 or Hakka C winter tires

  97. Weekend: Circle Yer Wagens near Knoxville, TN

  98. Will Eurovan steel wheels fit a Vanagon?

  99. ZeedEE's digest problem

  100. Zerk grease-able balljoints?

  101. [Syncro] Stranded World Travelers

  102. [WetWesties] Late Type 2 ATE caliper bleeder screws???

  103. front spring code question

  104. last minute engine swap questions

  105. metal vanagon engine cover for sale..fits all vanagons

  106. more information on engine swap/fuel pump woes

  107. one (or two) used Hakka C2 or Hakka C winter tires

  108. put a subject line in this

  109. removing studs from new heads

  110. source for solder-on quick disconnects

  111. source for solder-on quick disconnects?

  112. state vehicle inspections pass/fail?

  113. vanagon Digest - 1 May 2012 (#2012-255)

  114. vanagon Digest - 2 May 2012 - Special issue (#2012-257)

  115. vanagon Digest - 3 May 2012 - Special issue (#2012-261)

  116. vanagon Digest - 5 May 2012 - Special issue (#2012-271)

  117. vanagon Digest - 6 May 2012 - Special issue (#2012-274)

  118. vanagon Digest - 7 May 2012 - Special issue (#2012-277)

  119. was Still lousy gas mileage now TDI conversions
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