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VANAGON archives – July 2000, week 2

Table of contents:

  1. '82 West For Sale

  2. '85 GL pressurized cooling system

  3. '85 Radio Concern

  4. '85 Vanagon tranny problems

  5. '85 Westy/New Member /Troubleshooting Needed

  6. '90 Westy Radiator Fan

  7. '91 Carat FS

  8. (F) No VC/Robot Only

  9. (NVC)Friend has '55 Oval Euro Beetle FS

  10. 1.9 factory rebuilt engine special

  11. 1.9 rebuilt engine special

  12. 1.9l pushrod tube seals (repost from egroups)

  13. 1969 Bus/Camper - help on purchase?

  14. 1982 gearbox parts available

  15. 1986 Syncro For Sale

  16. 1988 Westy FS

  17. 85 Vanagon F/S Vancouver BC

  18. 86-91 Rear Heater Leak

  19. 87 Syncro FS

  20. 87 Syncro FS in VA

  21. 87 Vanagon for Sale

  22. 88 Westy FS in Va.

  23. 88 turbo diesel camper FS $12000 obo in San Fran, CA area

  24. 93 EV Diesel Westie FS in Canada

  25. : '90 Westy Radiator Fan

  26. <No subject>

  27. ?RAM for Apple?

  28. A puzzling cooling sys. question...

  29. A/C conversion to 134a

  30. Administrivia - Leaving the Spare list

  31. Administrivia _ Leaving/joining the Spare list - Correction

  32. Any Michigan Listee's??

  33. Attention geniuses:

  34. Austin Volkswagen Club Meeting

  35. Auxiliary cooler on Vangon diesel


  37. Baffles in Tanks

  38. Behr AC; Air Leaks; Alarms; Scope Creep

  39. Big Thanks! Re '85 Westy/wild surging @ idle

  40. Bus Depot Fuel Tanks

  41. Bus Depot Fuel Tanks/Baffles and Flow

  42. Canandaigua, New York member

  43. Captain Chairs $$$

  44. Cold Idle Surge

  45. Coolant fill/Hi temp-Thanks

  46. Coolant/Heater Core Saga Con't.


  48. Dallas, Ft Worth, Texas

  49. Dash / Air Distribution Box removal

  50. Dead again??

  51. Diesel Emission Inspections (was EV Diesel Westy)

  52. Diesel prices along I-5 corridor?

  53. Donna Stewart /'87 Westy Lola-Lola

  54. East Bay Vanagon Guru?

  55. Event: Transporters By The Tunnel

  56. F/S Motor mounts for 82 Vanagon diesel

  57. F/S: 87 Vanagon GL +engine

  58. FS-turbo diesel parts

  59. FS: '77 Westy - Ottawa

  60. FS: '81 Westy for parts (complete camper interior)

  61. FS: 1986 Vanagon Syncro

  62. FS: Misc Parts, So Cal

  63. FS: Westy camper needs a good home SOON

  64. FS: Westy rear closet, So Cal

  65. FW: 87 Vanagon for Sale

  66. FW: Authors wanted (WAS: dist cap and plug wires)

  67. FW: Clicking sound from manual shifter

  68. FW: Euro-Drive: FIX 90 Volkswagen Vanagon, Poor-idle/Hesitation

  69. FW: Hello (New from PA)

  70. FW: Help on control arm bushings

  71. FW: Help!

  72. FW: Insturment Cluster Wanted

  73. FW: Paint job/code

  74. FW: Power Mirrors

  75. FW: Re San Anselmo CA VW Guru

  76. FW: Re; EV Diesel Westy

  77. FW: Trans Oil Drain

  78. FW: Unable to deliver your message

  79. FW: Vaccuum Pump rental

  80. FW: Vanagon Rental in New England?

  81. FW: [DIESEL]

  82. FW: [DIESEL]Help Vanagon coolant tank needed badly!

  83. FW: delayed start 87 Vanagon GL

  84. FW: lighting fridge on propane

  85. FW: locked up radio in 88 Westy

  86. FW: smoke inside the van??

  87. FYI trip to Nova Scotia and Fundy Links

  88. First Oder from Bus Depot

  89. First Order from Bus Depot

  90. Free Hubcaps

  91. Free Hubcaps #2

  92. Free hubcaps all gone

  93. Fri Fun/AC conversion

  94. Friday comment w/slight Vanagon comment

  95. Fridge goes out while driving???

  96. From Vgonman, Re:locked up radio

  97. Frustrating hubcaps!

  98. Frydaye Pholleez .. Flee! Fly! Flow! Flum! :)

  99. Fuel economy

  100. Fuel tanks & foam pads!? [was: Bus Depot Fuel Tanks]

  101. Fw: Insturment Cluster Wanted

  102. Fw: New screen savers are available

  103. Fw: Safe rpm's for 87 wolfsburg edition 2.1L????

  104. Fw: [vanagon] Re: I need a Fridge exhaust tube

  105. Fw: no spark

  106. Fwd: Re: Weep No More For Me

  107. Fwd: Westy 1.6L diesel oil leak

  108. Fwd: no spark

  109. German Porsche wrecker

  110. Good trip, but BAD news follows


  112. Great Canadian Bug Show?

  113. Group Purchase of Carat Body Kits

  114. Guardian Angels

  115. Gulf Coast Filters

  116. HTML one more time.

  117. Head gaskets

  118. Help-Diesel Coolant tank needed badly!!

  119. Hope to see you at Transporters by the Tunnel, This weekend

  120. Hubcaps

  121. I need a place to stay at NW Vintage VW Meet - who's all going?

  122. Installing headliner help

  123. Is she dead? again.

  124. July promotion on engine conversions!!

  125. Leaking Heads

  126. List Confirmation Trouble

  127. Locked Up Radio

  128. Looking For rear hatch

  129. Mirror movement FIX

  130. Mix up over list confirmation

  131. Mooncaps

  132. More on HTML

  133. Mud Flaps, Trailer Hitch, Diesel Exhaust, and other Parts For Sale!

  134. Musings on completed CV job

  135. NO HORN

  136. New Phone Number for Van-Again

  137. New screen savers are available

  138. Newfoundland and PEI

  139. No Vanagon Content

  140. Normal oil temp // Nevada trip report, etc.

  141. Normal oil temp and oil leak

  142. NorthWest Gas Prices (No Vanagon Content)

  143. Nova Scotia/New Brunswick Camping/Tourning Recommendations

  144. Oh no, I'm back on the list, against my will

  145. Old Bus Campout

  146. Our First Road Trip

  147. Painted my poptop...

  148. Plug Over Fuel Mixture Adj Screw on AFM, '81 Vanagon

  149. Positive Vendor Comments

  150. RE; EV Diesel Westy

  151. Re Coolant Change

  152. Re Gunning's stab : '85 Westy/ Wild Surging @ Idle

  153. Re San Anselmo CA VW Guru

  154. Re; EV Diesel Westy

  155. Re; Washing and drying Vanagon

  156. Recommend mechanic NE Ohio

  157. SA parts and Transporters by the Tunnel

  158. STEBRO Muffler News


  160. Shiiping costs for a seat

  161. Single 5th seat

  162. Skylight Guy or Bus Depot??

  163. Skylight Guy or Bus Depot??friday?

  164. Sliding Door Lock Knob, Interior

  165. Strange Tire Wear

  166. Strange noise after being parked/interesting C/arm problem...

  167. Stuck in Dallas..need Diesel Muffler

  168. Subject: locked up radio

  169. Syncro Forum

  170. Syncro Front Differential Mount

  171. THREAD Re: First Order from Bus Depot

  172. Temp Gauge Saga is Worse

  173. Temp and Bleeding system

  174. Temp gauge-HELP

  175. Temp gauge/coolant Saga Con't.

  176. Thanks

  177. Thanks for the positive vendor comments

  178. Throttle position switch cam was: Cold Idle Surge

  179. Time To Change the -ORANGE!- Coolant?

  180. Time To Change the Coolant?

  181. Too Much Coolant

  182. Trade Jetta TD manifolds for Quantum TD?

  183. Transporters By The Tunnel

  184. Vanagon Addict / 86 Syncro (my 5th in 12 months)

  185. Vanagon in Kodak commercial?

  186. Vanagon won't start !

  187. Wanted: 14" Wolfsburg/Carat Alloys

  188. Wanted: Engine Case (limited Vanagon content)

  189. Washing and drying your van.

  190. Weddle Tranny rebuild report

  191. Weep No More For Me

  192. Welcome back Gerry?

  193. Westy Fridge Accessory

  194. What do you think...

  195. Wheel Cylinder R/R

  196. Which tool do I need to work on lifters on 1.6 diesel in a vanagon

  197. Wobbly mirror problem...solved!

  198. Wrap Up: Can't pass emissions

  199. Wrap Up: Oil mess on rear hatch after high speed run on freeway

  200. [DIESEL]<F>

  201. [DIESEL]Help Vanagon coolant tank needed badly!

  202. [DIESEL]New to Diesel, starting and driving

  203. [Re: [intermiitent ignition problem]]

  204. [intermiitent ignition problem]

  205. [vanagon] Administrivia - Leaving the Spare list - Addendum

  206. [vanagon] Temp gauge/flashing light-HELP

  207. [vanagon] propane tank

  208. anti-seize + oxy sensor ??

  209. bleeder valve engine compartment

  210. blue/white bus in video for rhcp song "californication"

  211. buying in Canada

  212. camper consignments needed in PA...

  213. coolant Saga Con't.

  214. dist cap and plug wires

  215. door check strap

  216. engine for sale?

  217. flashing temp light when cool

  218. get me off this list

  219. how do i unsubscribe???

  220. html e-mail solved [no vanagon content]

  221. hubcap substitute

  222. it is friday: language was: Re: Skylight Guy or Bus Depot??friday?

  223. lighting fridge on propane

  224. locked up radio

  225. locked up radio in 88 Westy

  226. my TIICO powered syncro westy is a rocket

  227. need interior blue velour

  228. no spark...SOLVED/tach wire

  229. pop top seal ill fitting cured (I think?)

  230. poptop for '87 Westy

  231. poptop screen available?

  232. preparing trip to NS

  233. price help on an engine

  234. re. Weddle Tranny rebuild report

  235. repair shops in the New York city area

  236. rusting coolant pipes

  237. signal light blinking fast (little vanagon)

  238. taller 4th gears

  239. test

  240. transporters by the tunnel

  241. washing and drying

  242. what is POL fitting?

  243. where are the air-con connectors?

  244. wiring fires!!!!!
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