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VANAGON archives – October 2000, week 1

Table of contents:

  1. '85 Starter/Alt. Replacement

  2. '87 syncro for sale!

  3. (O.T.) Sizzlin' Suzuki . . .

  4. (no subject)

  5. 16" rims.....

  6. 1990 waterboxer heads - a popular topic....

  7. 2000+ Eurovan Westfalia Weekender in Oakland

  8. 50/50 water/coolant ratio

  9. 80 Westy & Emmissions (+hybrid question)

  10. 84 Westy For Sale

  11. 85 GL-- No Go

  12. 86 Syncro FS

  13. 87 Westy dash controls

  14. 90GL oil pressure (what's that sound?)

  15. 92 EV White Westfalia for sale in Winnie

  16. : Coolant System Change/Flush, Part 1

  17. <No subject>

  18. =?UTF-8?Q?It=E2=80=99s=20Time=20To=20Say=20Good=20For=20Now.=20?=

  19. ?How to Sell an Oscilloscope?-Hey, it is Friday!

  20. A/C Duct Re-call Campaign

  21. Air cooled vanagon question

  22. Alloy question, was Re: Carat/Wolfsburg Alloy Wheel Studs and Nuts For Sale

  23. Alternator noise

  24. Automatic Step for slider!

  25. Auxilliary waterpump for vanagon?

  26. Ball Joints Wisdom

  27. Bay Area Van-a-goon Tailgate Party

  28. Best Vanagon reEngineering Solution Ever!!!!!

  29. Blood & manual transmission plug

  30. Body Work Suggestions (metal cutting)

  31. Boston Bob s AMC head rantings

  32. Brake troubles - need opinions...

  33. Bully-Team Hamburg Newsletter 05.10.2000


  35. CV boot guards and Stone Deflectors?

  36. Cairo Report #2

  37. Carat/Wolfsburg Alloy Wheel Studs and Nuts For Sale

  38. Caravana 2000 ?

  39. Carpeting installation for an 85

  40. Cheap Single-Cab Transporter FS $3,000Cdn

  41. Circle-Yer-Wagons, Sevierville, Tenn

  42. Clean van...

  43. Complaint concerning Bus Depot

  44. Coolant System Change/Flush (Archived Posts, Part 5)

  45. Coolent Change

  46. Cooling hose differences 86-91 Vanagon

  47. Cruise Control parts wanted

  48. Customer Appreciation (no vanagon content)

  49. Dash Trays

  50. Dash removal/blower resistor

  51. Destroying someones reputation...

  52. Did everyone get there ECU Chip?

  53. Diesel Westfalia

  54. Doors hard to latch when windows closed

  55. ECU chip received

  56. EV MV Seat Interior from Eurovan on EBAY item#452671490

  57. Electrical system...

  58. Englishtown NJ Oct 1st

  59. Euro-Drive: FIX 89 Volkswagen vanagon, Emissions/Poor-idle

  60. Eurovan camper for sale

  61. Extra Gas Tank for non-syncro model

  62. FS ... campers in SC and MA

  63. FS: '89 Vanagon Carat

  64. FS: 81 Camper

  65. FS: One Slightly used STEBRO/Vanagon Muffler

  66. FS: beautiful 84 West Wolfy for sale at Yahoo Auction

  67. FS: powersteering rack by SF VW shop

  68. FS: wheels and tires

  69. FW: URGENT HELP NEEDED in Iowa (around Davenport area)

  70. Free Used Springs

  71. Free Vanagon Auction Site

  72. Fuel Line Recall - PW13

  73. Fw: Re: doors hard to shut

  74. Fw: heat (will this thread continue til next april?)

  75. Fw: por-15

  76. Fwd: SA Sunburst Alloys

  77. Gabriel Air Shock Update

  78. Gapping Bosch Super W7DTC spark plugs?

  79. Golf hubcaps on Vanagon

  80. Good Westy indie repair shop in Herndon/Reston Virginia?

  81. Green Fuel injector

  82. Hanging flaps in heater box

  83. Has anyone tried Pertonix Points? What do you think of them?

  84. Has anyone tried to relocate a Gas Heater?

  85. Heading west in Illinois

  86. Help needed on instrument cluster

  87. I Have To Thank All of You!

  88. I Need a Torque convertor.

  89. If you want a Pro Training Manual CD

  90. Installation of KOMBI chip

  91. Instrument Cluster w/Tach on eBay

  92. Instrument cluster - cheap fix

  93. Interesting parts story

  94. Itís Time To Say Good For Now.

  95. Kudos to Flow Motors in Winston-Salem

  96. LA-area Porsche wreckers? Need to know badly!


  98. Legal recourse for unscrupulous vendor.

  99. Let's Talk Oil....

  100. List or Locker Room?

  101. Metal flecks in oil

  102. Michelin Agilis 61 Tires Report

  103. More 1.9l Starter Questions

  104. Muffler Shield


  106. NEW Toll-Free Number 1-866-BUS-DEPOT

  107. Need a Driver's Door

  108. Need a new head...

  109. Need help my van won't start

  110. Need to check it the cam is set corredctly

  111. New stock fuel tank problems

  112. Nice people on the List

  113. OKTOBERBUS Caravan from Greensboro, NC

  114. Off to Utah

  115. Offer

  116. POR 15

  117. POR-15

  118. Paulchen Bike Rack vs 4 bikes

  119. Picture of my wheels

  120. Plastic coolant hoses

  121. Pro Training Manual CD and copyright issues

  122. Pro Training Manual(s)

  123. Propex install-Help!!

  124. Questions from Japan.. (No Vanagon content)

  125. RE...Re: Complaint concerning Bus Depot

  126. Remote Oil Filter/Oil Cooler Hose

  127. Removing reaer window

  128. Retrofit AC?

  129. Scary moment today in the Vanagon

  130. Shipping big and/or heavy stuff on eBay - Forwardair is the best

  131. Shipping big and/or heavy stuff on eBay - Forwardair is thebest

  132. Shut up about the Bus Depot already

  133. Sliding door supposed to stay open?

  134. Slight shudder in steering wheel

  135. Source for Camper Snaps and Straps

  136. St. George Marathon

  137. Stalling while warming up-2.1L

  138. Stebro Muffler installed

  139. Steering column cluster

  140. Stock wheels (and tires......)

  141. Subject: 1990 waterboxer heads - a popular topic....

  142. Syncro dead!

  143. TAKE ME FS: 81 ASI

  144. Tar on carpet

  145. Temp 2 sensor have O-ring???

  146. Temp guage

  147. Temp sensor II

  148. The tale of the 3 cyl bus

  149. Tie Rod End ?

  150. Tie Rod End ? -Part II

  151. Tools needed to change ball joints?

  152. Trip report (summary and longer version) was:URGENT HELP NEEDED in Iowa (around Davenport area)

  153. URGENT HELP NEEDED in Iowa (around Davenport area)

  154. VW Cruise at the "the oasis" in Wexford, PA

  155. VW Signs 1st Come. 1st Serve

  156. VW's by the Bay, Vallejo, CA 10/8

  157. Van-Again is going on Vacation!

  158. Vanagon won't start help

  159. WTB: blue rear weekender mattress

  160. WTB: parts for mounting jumpseats

  161. WTB: passat 6cyl wagon or sedan (NVC)

  162. Want to look at more than first 100 items when searching arch ives...

  163. Want to look at more than first 100 items when searching archives...

  164. Water, water

  165. Water, water and plastic t-pipes

  166. Weekly freebies!

  167. Westy Water Filler Solution!

  168. Where can I buy an ECU chip?

  169. Which +4 is correct for a 1.9l?

  170. Which car to sell and which to keep

  171. Winter tires

  172. Wrecked 84 GL in Mesa, AZ Interested?

  173. Yahoo

  174. [Syncro] Westy Water Filler Solution!

  175. [T2] Clicking CVs

  176. [T2] Need to check it the cam is set corredctly

  177. [vanagon] Re: manual transmission plug

  178. a/c recall

  179. air-condition retrofit

  180. air-cooled vanagon question

  181. alternate westfalia names (f)

  182. another question about sliding doors

  183. arm rest

  184. assorted ailments

  185. brake calipers, Bus Depot

  186. change in plans, California (and Mexico) Dreaming

  187. change in plans, Caslifornia (and Mexico) Dreaming

  188. compression

  189. doors hard to shut

  190. found FS: powersteering rack $200

  191. fridge- I give up

  192. fuel hoses and oxygenated fuels

  193. garage sale! 83.5 1.9ltr wbx parts for sale!!

  194. gear reduction hubs

  195. heads

  196. heat in VW Vans

  197. heater blowers

  198. heaters

  199. heizung

  200. list message archives

  201. list sticker attachment idea

  202. need help: Wolfsburg panel w/ table into GL van

  203. ok, so it's not Fryedaye ... :)

  204. ok, so it's not Fryedaye :) Circus, Gets better (Longish)

  205. parts shipping

  206. por-15

  207. re. heat in vw vans, block heater for WBX

  208. rear wiper question

  209. removable fridge. how do these things work?

  210. removing Tar from carpet

  211. restoring pop-top liner

  212. rt rear window air vent/flap noise???

  213. shifting

  214. sliding door

  215. syncro transmission vent ?

  216. takes too long to warm up

  217. talk about a low mileage vw!!! (f)

  218. they "hooked" my van in the wrong spot

  219. transaxle lubricant

  220. unsubscribe

  221. used vanagon 1999-1995

  222. vacuum advance/retard control unit

  223. where do I get longer sliding door arm?

  224. winter tire choice & I got to Fairbanks
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