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VANAGON archives – March 2001, week 1

Table of contents:

  1. "RM182B" Spark plug gap?

  2. $20,000 for a Syncro Westy

  3. $20,000 for a Syncro Westy (Was: Do some years rust more than others? Thoughts on a winter Syncro)

  4. $20,000 for a Syncro Westy (Was: Do some years rust more thanothers? Thoughts on a winter Syncro)

  5. (no subject)

  6. 02 and AFM in Open Loop

  7. 1.8t motor

  8. 1.9L white smoke

  9. 130696.2072 GOVERMENT NEWS

  10. 1986 Vanagon SYNCHRO $2000

  11. 1990 Vanagon on ebay

  12. 1991 Syncro Westy Loose Parts Follow Up.

  13. 2.1 engine bearings

  14. 4 SALE: 87 Parts

  15. 81 Vanagon driver door FS

  16. 91 vanagon 4 spd to 5 spd gearbox

  17. <No subject>

  18. AFM spring tension

  19. AFM testing

  20. Advicewanted on '82 purchase

  21. Also 4 Sale

  22. Another Subaru conversion

  23. Any one need a straight early model vanagon body?

  24. Any reason I couldn't move a gas heater under the sliding door?

  25. Are synchros more trouble than they are worth???

  26. Are syncros more trouble...

  27. Arrgh! There's K-R-A-P on my head!

  28. Atlanta Area Meeting

  29. Auto-shifter backlight (Again)

  30. Auxillary water tank question

  31. Ball joints on '81 Vanagon...

  32. Belching gas filler hole

  33. Berg short shift Group Purchase-UPDATE

  34. Broken front drive shaft.

  35. Broken front drive shaft/picture.

  36. Bus Depot S&S exhaus system

  37. CAUTION! (nvc)

  38. Cable tv plans information

  39. Can't Believe the Van Prices on eBay

  40. Changing pads on 1991 Syncro Front (Disc) Brakes ?'s.

  41. Clipped by Insurance

  42. Clipped by a Camaro/ Insurance finale

  43. Clipped by a Camaro/ Insurance ripoff

  44. Colorado Ski Trip

  45. Conclusion on 235/75-15s--Thumbs Down on 4th

  46. Crankshaft Endplay Defies Me--Please Help

  47. Creek crossing (rainy day) blues

  48. Deutschlander License Plates

  49. Diesel Syncro Question: RE: Skidplate

  50. Diesel replacement engine

  51. Diesel starting problem epic

  52. Digijet Digitool Info

  53. Distilled or de-mineralized water?

  54. Do some years rust more than others? Thoughts on a winter Syncro

  55. Doesn't run well through fire.

  56. EKTA

  57. ETKA

  58. Earthquake in Seattle-We're OK

  59. Engine dies update

  60. Euro-Drive-OBD2: FIX 97 Volkswagen Jetta, No-start/Cuts-out/Misfire

  61. FS 82 Wesfalia diesel

  62. FS: 86 Syncro Westy in So. San Francisco

  63. FS: 91 Westy (Alexandria, Virginia)

  64. FS: Boge performance springs

  65. FS: european "transporter" badge for vanagon

  66. First Major Snowstorm With Syncro - Amazing!

  67. For Sale: 83.5 Westfalia - Souther California Car

  68. Forum for Tii conversions?Why tii owners so quiet?

  69. Freen Middle Bench seat

  70. Fright Night!!!

  71. Fw: Engine dies update

  72. Fwd: Questions about Gas Heater from 82 Diesel

  73. Fwd: Re: Automotive purity? Seig Heil!

  74. Fwd: There are few bargains on eBay (but I bought my Westfalia this way)...


  76. Gasket sealant

  77. German tags - group purchase?

  78. HELP! Need a gas cap.

  79. Head gasket sealant

  80. Headers advantages

  81. Help need fuel injection Harness: engine fire

  82. Help!! Bad signs at start-up....

  83. Help-Need Wolfsburg front bumper!

  84. Highest point of 2WD Westy

  85. How do I see all the messages

  86. How to sep filler neck from tank on 84?

  87. I almost sold my vanagon ...

  88. In the market for a Synchro

  89. Interesting vanagon seen today...

  90. Interior light switch

  91. Intermittant Starting Problem

  92. Intermittent Starting problem

  93. Is the VDO Oil Pressure Sender electric or mechanical?

  94. Just Like Fahrverg New Again

  95. LPG bottle from a Westy!

  96. Light Question

  97. Looking for Vintage VeeDubs in Union City, CA

  98. Looking for a Used Lap Top Computer

  99. Lop-sided Westy

  100. Lower Ball Joints!!!!!!!!!!!

  101. Lower Ball Joints!!!!!!!!!!!(valiant)

  102. Lower Midwest Campout

  103. Making an add-a-room for an EVC

  104. Missing van

  105. More O2 Sensor confusion...

  106. More O2 Sensor confusion...WHOOPS

  107. My New Westy is home!

  108. My first car (previously: valiant (somebody stop me))

  109. My wife is going to kill me.

  110. NVC - OT: Louisville, Ky - travel advice?

  111. Need a used Muffler Flange

  112. Need diesel Vanagon starter core in Seattle area

  113. New Mexico Vanagoners?

  114. New Yosh's e-address

  115. Nice '82 Diesel Rabbit (Auto) FS

  116. O2 Sensor Part number

  117. O2 Sensor Questions

  118. O2 Sensor Wiring (excerpt from Dealer Service memo)

  119. O2 Sensor as Safety Device?

  120. O2 Sensors

  121. O2 Sensors, and harness connetion failure

  122. O2 sensor stuff

  123. O2 sensors effect on power

  124. Oil ring question

  125. Otmar's stretch vanagon...Re: Interesting vanagon seen today...

  126. Otmar's stretch vanagon...Re: Interesting vanagon seentoday...

  127. Pacesetter muffler

  128. Passat Rims and Lug Nuts

  129. Passing through creek, engine misses badly

  130. Pomona, Ca swap meet sunday

  131. Power Widow Motor

  132. Power Window Motor

  133. Quality of heat-shrink hose clamps

  134. Questions about Gas Heater from 82 Diesel

  135. Radio

  136. Real Equal Length Header

  137. Rear hatch window seal replacement ?

  138. Removing Front Shocks Question

  139. Removing door trim

  140. Riviera Parts

  141. Rubber Front Floor Mats

  142. S&S exhaust system

  143. S&S exhaust system Jet-Hot Coated

  144. S&S headers

  145. Screwed up exhaust flange hole/need head R&R primer

  146. Search for 1990 Vanagon part

  147. South African T3 website and wrecker

  148. South African wrecker

  149. Syncro Springs - LAST CALL

  150. Thank You to the List

  151. The faucet

  152. There are few bargains on eBay (Was: Can't Believe the Van Prices on eBay)

  153. There are few bargains on eBay (but I bought my Westfalia this way)...

  154. TiiCo engine installation in NJ?

  155. Tired of the 40 X 40 X 40 Plan? 837779

  156. Transaxle opinions

  157. US 41 & 45 camping advice needed . . .

  158. Undercoating/rustproofing recommendations ?

  159. Unsubcribe

  160. Unsubscribe

  161. Utah Gathering?

  162. VDO sender unit sump plug

  163. VDO sump plug sender


  165. Vanagon on E-bay

  166. Victor renz sealant ok?


  168. WTB orig '84 radio

  169. Wanted to Buy Heater Blower switch 1-4

  170. Water Pump

  171. What do you think? -buying advice question

  172. What's the correct TDC mark on a 1.6 Diesel (in a vanagon)?

  173. Where do you mount your gauges?

  174. Where is the water going to?

  175. Wtd: Chrome/stainless front bumper in LA area

  176. Your Debt Free Life.

  177. [Missing van]

  178. [OT]...And now for something completely different

  179. [Re: HELP! Need a gas cap.]

  180. [Re: Missing van]

  181. [Re: O2 Sensor Questions]

  182. [Syncro] AFM testing

  183. [Syncro] Conclusion on 235/75-15s--Thumbs Down on 4th

  184. [Syncro] Re: Diesel Syncro Question: RE: Skidplate

  185. [[un-vanagon] gee,that shore is awful purdy! (21-window splitty for sale)]

  186. [holding liscense plate down while checking oil? Techniques?]

  187. [un-vanagon] gee,that shore is awful purdy! (21-window splitty for sale)

  188. [vanagon parked and stripped]

  189. access to the heater/fresh air fan; do i need to remove dash?

  190. address change

  191. alternator - '81 Westy

  192. are 80 thru 91 jacks the same?

  193. aux. battery system for '81 Westy Vanagon

  194. bearly runs w/ water on road pt2

  195. cooling fan relay

  196. crusie control

  197. cv boot lube leakage question

  198. diesel: plugging the oil filler tube

  199. discontinue

  200. driving lights in front bumper?

  201. dumb question from a new guy

  202. electrical experts: what ? -Wire Sizes

  203. electrical experts: what do you think of this?

  204. engine sounds different at different times ... why?

  205. exhaust gaskets

  206. first leg of trip success/couple questions

  207. fool filters

  208. for sale: vanagon front spoiler/air dam

  209. found early '50s Unimog

  210. fridge smells and sights

  211. front shock removal-tip

  212. fs '85 GL/Eurospec

  213. fuel tank vent lines

  214. german tags

  215. help, headlights not working

  216. holding license plate down while checking oil? Techniques?

  217. holding liscense plate down while checking oil? Techniques?

  218. holding liscense plate down while checking oil? Techniques?( F)

  219. home engine repair ongoings: I'm relaxed now, having spoke to bob.

  220. home engine repair ongoings: more engine break-in comments

  221. home engine repair: exhaust struggles, one man flush

  222. home engine repair: it runs!!

  223. importing Vanagons to US

  224. installing lifters

  225. introduction

  226. jet powered engine conversion.....check this out..(f)

  227. junk yard going out of business!

  228. looking for fog lights that fit in openings of front valance (spo iler)

  229. my van is famous!

  230. need a starter for my diesel Vanagon

  231. new thermostat installed- now i have a question.

  232. overloaded jetta pix

  233. please help auto tranny

  234. recall list

  235. selling or parting out my 2.1 wbx

  236. slight glow from oil press. light

  237. speaker locations??

  238. stripped hole fixed/pushrod tube questions?

  239. test

  240. tire advice from the wisdom of ages....

  241. tire quandry solved

  242. uraBUS (subaru) was: Re: speaker locations??

  243. using multimeter (wasRe: help, headlights not working)

  244. valiant (somebody stop me)

  245. van over heats in traffic

  246. vanagon Digest - 1 Mar 2001 - Special issue (#2001-279)

  247. vanagon parked and stripped

  248. want a 85 mirrior to try the repair

  249. wheels

  250. wind noise at front windows question
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