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VANAGON archives – August 2001, week 2

Table of contents:

  1. '85 westy on ebay, no reserve

  2. '87 Westy FS in NE Ohio

  3. 1-1/8" hitch ?

  4. 15" Audi wheels

  5. 15" alloy wheels for sale on ebay

  6. 15' rim question

  7. 1991 2.1 l auto Vanagon stall on warm-up

  8. 1991 2.1 l auto vanagon stall on warm-up

  9. 2 84 Vanagons in Self Serve Wrecking Yard

  10. 2.0L AUDI Turbo thots

  11. 2.1 Cat

  12. 2.1 liter engine - important news

  13. 78 to 83 engine parts.

  14. 83 heater hoses. VW or FLAPS?

  15. 84 passenger vanagon for!--Charleston, SC

  16. 84 vanagon wheel bearing repair and front shock

  17. 85 Vanagon Westy Multivan for sale in Wa

  18. 87 Syncro for sale in Tacoma WA

  19. 87 Vanagon GL for sale

  20. 88 to 92 engine

  21. : Re: vanagon lowering springs

  22. <No subject>

  23. > thermostat housing question 2.0

  24. > thermostat housing question...

  25. ???Bosch Generic O2 Sensor???

  26. AC Condensate

  27. AC Doesnt Cycle '90 GL

  28. AC Expansion Valve Leaking Oil

  29. AC in vanagon... retrofit

  30. Aircooled (DK) transmission advice.

  31. Alignment help Shop machine has incorrect values?

  32. And the Schmoo Award winner is........

  33. Any one in Auburn or Opelika, AL, I need a big favor

  34. Anyone on the list buy the Ebay Syncro?

  35. Are Car Problems Contagious?

  36. Audi 5cyl turbo

  37. Audi wheels

  38. Auto insurance

  39. Boston Bob Engine - Follow Up

  40. Boston Bob Engine update from south of Mason/Dixon

  41. Buses On The River! August 17-19 Tennessee

  42. Cairo Report: Pen-ultimate report

  43. Camping Anyone?

  44. Canadian Tire Sale on Marvel Mystery Oil

  45. Capacitor fix info

  46. Center shift rod bushing

  47. Central OH Vintage VW Show (11th)/ VR6 Vanagon

  48. Check out these alloys...

  49. Check out this Syncro

  50. Check out this Syncro (Resale value)

  51. Consolation needed

  52. Coolant System Corrosion Protection was: Electronic Rust Protection?

  53. Coolant boiling over

  54. Cooling system hoses at NAPA?

  55. Correction to "Wanted: captains chairs and grille"

  56. Custom Stripes a Factory Option?

  57. Diesel Vanagon sighting on I-80 in Iowa

  58. Diesel Vanagons

  59. Diesel van wiring diagram

  60. Digi-whatever question

  61. Disc brake calipers

  62. Do European FM Radios work in North America?

  63. Does a Rear Anti-Sway Bar Exist?

  64. Does anyone know the stock 2wd spring rates?

  65. E Check

  66. E check

  67. ETKA

  68. ETKA owner help ('85)

  69. ETKA--another Q?

  70. Easy One: Horn Button Removal

  71. Electronic Rust Protection?

  72. European radios

  73. FS - 86 VW Vanagon Camper plus 2 parts vans - $1500.00!

  74. FS: '85-'91 grey slider doorpanels

  75. FS: 2.1L & syncro parts

  76. FS: 3 person middle seat, camper stuff,also weekender rear sofabed, side table,

  77. FS: 80 Vanagon (not mine)

  78. FS: 82 Vanagon Diesel

  79. FS: Continental Transport RS771 reinforced tires NEW (German)

  80. FS: Porsche Rennsport Reunion Program, Lime Rock Park CT

  81. FS: Syncro Double Cab in San Francisco area

  82. FS: slider doorhandles $25 ea

  83. FS; '86 Syncro Westfalia weekender Wolfsburg edition

  84. FW: Air Meter Capacitor sawp??? Need info....

  85. FW: FS: 84 GL $650.

  86. FW: FS:air cooled engine from 67 squareback

  87. FW: On Fuel Economy - Some Teutonic Observations

  88. Favorite Questions While Fixing the Bus (f)

  89. Final Trip Report

  90. Friends and Dieselboxes: FAQ Answers

  91. Fuel consumption

  92. Fuel pressure & injectors

  93. Fw: 1985 and 1986 vanagons

  94. Fw: Re: Favorite Questions While Fixing the Bus (f)

  95. Fwd: Interesting item on eBay web site item#1624883750: VW Poliezi Kombi SYNCRO

  96. Gas meter help

  97. Generic Sensor

  98. Gerry & MSN

  99. HELP ME!!! I pulled my pistons but forgot to mark my sleeves!!!!!!!!!!! Does it matter which way the cylinder sleeves go back in?? What if I interchanged them. I noticed that they are stamped on the sided in increments. Some kind of ID on each on But then there are then there is one digit that goes in increments (22..24..26..28 ) for each cylinder. I did honed the glazed out of the cylinders because I'm re-ringing them...So What should I do.???? GOD help ME PLEASE!!!!

  100. Heater Valve Replacement

  101. Held Together by Rust and Faith- Help!

  102. Hello and looking for some parts

  103. Hidden alarm - short? or disarming engine?

  104. How much oil to use in a Vanagon TDI application?

  105. I Know It's Not Friday

  106. I'll be in Redman, Or 12 thru the 16th

  107. I-4 VW Diesel Vanagon conversion parts for sale

  108. Interesting item on eBay web site item#1625262202: VW T2 Pritsche,T 2,guter Zustand,viel neu

  109. It's Alive...Sort of!! :-)

  110. Jump Seats-How to Mount to Floor?

  111. Just got my SA 15" Alloys today, now what size tires?

  112. Leaky Head Nut?

  113. Lifters Again

  114. Looking for 2 liter parts

  115. Lug Bolts / Nuts for Alloys The Same?

  116. Lunch/afternoon @ Potato Patch (long)

  117. Marvel Mystery Oil?

  118. Mike and Shari wheel sizes.

  119. Mike and Shari wheel sizes.(f)

  120. More Heater Valve

  121. NYC trisate area vanagon owners check in

  122. Newsletter at the printer, folding party this weekend.

  123. Nonfunctioning temp gage

  124. Northwest Campers, Bellingham Washington

  125. OEM front Rubber floor covering SOLD

  126. OXS Black wire connect to green wire?

  127. Oil Cooler Coolant hoses

  128. Oil Tube Extention

  129. On Fuel Economy - Some Teutonic Observations

  130. PS: Newsletter at the printer, folding party this weekend.

  131. Pennsylvania Mechanic Needed!!!

  132. Please Help! Michelin Tire Woes in L.A.

  133. Pop sound in the rear...

  134. Question about 16" x 7" wheels for my syncro!!

  135. R0ck! it runs right, now. stupid exhaust pipe.

  136. R12 Evacuation (the Earth friendly way)

  137. Re-introduction, looking for a list member.

  138. Re; Best Engine Conversion

  139. Rear Window Washer

  140. Rear cabin heater

  141. Rear facing seat mounts in floor...

  142. Rear main seal

  143. Rear suspension question

  144. Recommended Auto Body in South, FL

  145. Relay info

  146. Removed again


  148. September in San Francisco get together

  149. Setting valves

  150. Snide Remarks -- goes with Favorite Questions

  151. Spark Plug Failure

  152. Speedometer calibration

  153. Starts then won't....

  154. Still confused, looking for suggestions...

  155. Subject: Re: Electronic Rust Protection?

  156. TIICO: Crank Pulley

  157. TONS of vanagon parts for sale!!! (he's got more than me ;<)

  158. The best engine conversion?

  159. TiiCo Installation

  160. Tiico and the Burp Tank

  161. Top ten questions asked while working on Vanagons (~f)

  162. Transport company to ship bus cross country?

  163. Trip to North West

  164. Update on It's Alive...Sort of!! :-)

  165. Update: Fuel pump woes

  166. VW Trek Mt. Bike 4 sale now$$

  167. VW Trek location

  168. VWvortex transporter forums

  169. Van dying once warmed up; FI motor

  170. Vanagon tach for sale now on ebay

  171. Volksfest in Ohio, anyone camping?

  172. WANTED: captians chairs and front grill for 87

  173. WTB Synchro servo unit

  174. WTB: 1985 4sp Tranny

  175. Wanted : Black Glove Box and latch hardware

  176. Wanted: mechanic in Seattle

  177. Wanted:mechanic in Seattle

  178. Water Pump Question

  179. Water Pump Question..............

  180. Waving

  181. Weekender vs. Rear Seat

  182. Westy Drag Coeff?

  183. Westy single center seat, AC, other Parts For Sale

  184. Westy water system question?

  185. What ever happened to the rules...

  186. Wives / Vans & 10 stoopid questions

  187. Wives and Finances :>)

  188. [A/C] Got Questions? - Check the FAQ

  189. [Syncro] Roll Over Angle?

  190. [TDI-conversion] How much oil to use in a Vanagon TDI application?

  191. acceptance speech (Re: And the Schmoo Award winner is........)

  192. adirondack camping

  193. auto

  194. auto transmission any good?

  195. badge adhesive

  196. bend the rod -Re: the biggest spare you've crammed into the spare tire hanger?

  197. best place for parts

  198. bilstiens.. are they worth it

  199. bilstiens.. are they worth it...Konis?

  200. brake bleeding question

  201. designer storage

  202. diesel engine -Re: best place for parts

  203. fan wiring question

  204. for those of you running the 15" South African Alloys...

  205. for those of you who are running 15" wheels.......

  206. fs

  207. header exhaust CO concerns

  208. jumpseat tray on ebay

  209. late model body kit on early van?

  210. mechanics in Durham, NC area

  211. merc benz wheels?

  212. mirror

  213. missing oil dipstick

  214. my dog and a bicycle trailer...

  215. need Temp2 Sensor connector (wiring harness side)

  216. need heater boxes

  217. noisy fuel pump

  218. of St.Paul/Minneapolis, MN Vanagon shops and Vanagonites

  219. off to Yellowstone! And we're back...

  220. parking garage help

  221. philly mechanic?

  222. putting a poptop on a vanagon

  223. re :disapearing dipstick

  224. really stupid oil filler question

  225. side door problem

  226. skylight flexarm geometry

  227. skylight knob?

  228. swap meet in Minnesota

  229. swivel seats.. for vanagon

  230. swivel seats.. for vanagon (f)

  231. temp 2 sensor "for the novice eyes only"

  232. throttle position switch

  233. throttle position switch (modified)

  234. tiico - she runs!

  235. tiico question

  236. too much seam sealer

  237. towbar for '87 westy

  238. transaxle life

  239. transmission fluid coming out fill tube

  240. vanagon lowering springs

  241. what differences form 83 up

  242. whats the biggest spare you've crammed into the spare tire hanger?

  243. wiring harness

  244. your mail
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