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VANAGON archives – April 2006, week 2

Table of contents:

  1. $33,000 westy

  2. '82 rear lock cylinder removal?

  3. (NVC) 01 02 03 04 05 06

  4. **SPAM** Re: Repair for rear trailing swingarm?

  5. 060412 AFM question

  6. 060412 smog tests

  7. 1.9l 85gl water pump weep hole

  8. 2 fer 1 deal-- '89 full westy and '87 Syncro..both for $7900 for the pair..

  9. 30K syncro

  10. 7 horn?

  11. >Sitar? Can you play like Ravi Shankar?

  12. AFM question---O2 sensor

  13. AT or diff noises ?

  14. And a bit more rust-photoes - now I begin to worry a lot

  15. Any other buses going to Merlefest?

  16. Anyone have or know of where I can get a Gas Tank?

  17. Auto Shippers ?

  18. BTDT on front wiper motor replacement?

  19. Balky sliding door

  20. Ball joint /shocks questions

  21. Ball joint/shocks questions

  22. Bilstein HD shock valving

  23. Black carbon buildup on tail pipe after valve adjustments

  24. Brake Q's

  25. Brake Question (Was Mystery Loss of Power At Startup )

  26. Burning Man??

  27. Buses By the Beach T-Shirt Pre-order Info

  28. CARAT table for sale

  29. CV axel repair

  30. Call for Camp Recipes, Cooking Tips & Links

  31. Clusters

  32. Clutch Peddle engagement point??

  33. Comments wanted: Rebuilt Wasserboxer 2.1, AVP (Bus Depot) & GoWesty

  34. Dennis Haynes Hitch with Fiberglass bumper?

  35. Diagnose Clutch Slave or Master?

  36. Disabled Power steering...cause bad ball joints?

  37. Electric sender, oil pressure gauge

  38. Engine Timing - 2 Simple Questions

  39. Everybus 2006

  40. FS - H&R Lowering springs and Koni shocks

  41. FS: 1987 Dark Blue Wolfsburg Edition in need of engine. Good engine available. Located in Daly City

  42. FS: Adventurewagen (ROOF ONLY) fiberglass hightop w/ solar panel for $1200 in San Francsico area

  43. FS?: Yokahoma Y356 C Tires & Wheels

  44. FW: window seal needs - BD ones are from Germany

  45. FYI: Diesel camper for sale in Quebec

  46. Fly screen (window screen) for 50/50 divides sliding window on the LEFT side, behind the driver

  47. Friday- LCD screen conclusion.

  48. Friday: Tales of the sale

  49. Fry-day

  50. FryDae

  51. Fwd: Australian Etiquette

  52. Fwd: MY 78 Van has been stolen

  53. Fwd: My Van has been found!!!

  54. Fwd: Re: FryDae

  55. Fwd: [vanagon] ISO: Adventurewagen roof.

  56. FyeDaY all day ~ 4 quik Sail ~

  57. GoWesty Engine - Follow-up

  58. H&R Lowering springs and Koni shocks

  59. Hammock

  60. Heat shield

  61. Hello there,anyone with carfax?

  62. Horn

  63. House Battery Low Voltage Cut-out switch

  64. Ideas for replacement of Westy sliding door scuff guard

  65. Image of lock-cylinder - removal and recoding

  66. Interior for sale

  67. Intermittent wipe

  68. Latest dyno run

  69. Looking for A/C fitting

  70. Looking for Grab handle packing ??

  71. Looking for plastic

  72. MOre rust images

  73. MPG

  74. Muffler--should I change?

  75. My 1.9 runs best in humid or rainy weather. Why is this?

  76. My Van has been found!!!

  77. Mystery Loss of Power At Startup

  78. NVC My Westy went to a sibling of a frequent list contributor

  79. Need AT final drive seal replacement: Phase 1 exploration

  80. Need contact for sparepart near Toulon, France. Stranded Dane on vacation

  81. Need more help with the luggage rack tie downs

  82. Need rear trailing arm, right side (when viewed from behind)

  83. O2 sensor

  84. OT: 1967 MBZ 250S

  85. Passat Steel Wheels ET37 FS in Denver

  86. Passat Steel Wheels--SOLD

  87. Progress report on my "R-TDI" Syncro conversion.

  88. Quick Help!!!! 85 Westy camper top canvas holder

  89. Rear hatch struts Heavy Duty

  90. Repair for rear trailing swingarm?

  91. Replacing Upper Ball Joints - What else?

  92. Ronal R9's on ebay

  93. Short road trip

  94. Simple timing question, '84 1.9 l

  95. SoCal junkyards with Vanagons

  96. Squish...

  97. Squish......OR CHANGE TO SPLAT, IF NOT FIXED!!!!

  98. Stolen Bus Recovered!!!

  99. Strange water dripping from AC cabinet; not condensation

  100. Stuck Head

  101. Subject: fuel line replacement

  102. Tool advice for the young & spare parts FS

  103. Touring in a VW camper with the band....

  104. Travel in Transilvania cheap

  105. Travel in Transylvania cheap

  106. Turn signals Blinking Too fast?--bad connection probably

  107. Turn signals Blinking Too fast???????

  108. Turning vanagons into Westies???

  109. UN-orignial seal / Dimensions of seal for WBX 2.1 crankshaft (clutchend)?

  110. Upper wishbone bushes and no welder?

  111. Van living and cooking on and off the road.

  112. Vent Wing & Front Guide Channel

  113. WTB Jump Seat Seatbelts

  114. WTB: instrument cluster

  115. Wanted Blanking plate for wasserboxer head

  116. Was Passat Steel Wheels FS, Addendum

  117. Was Passat Steel Wheels FS, now a big long b**ch session

  118. Was: Mystery Loss of Power At Startup - now Adjusting Parking Brake or Emergency Brake

  119. What about 2.1l AFM?

  120. While were talking mixture

  121. Whole Pop top conversion

  122. Wipers Moving Independently

  123. Wipers and Fan go kaput

  124. Wipers and fan go kaput - electrical help please

  125. Wipers and heater go kaput

  126. [SVXVanagon] Hi Torque Starter

  127. [vanagon] 2 fer 1 deal-- '89 full westy and '87 Syncro..both for $7900 for the pair..

  128. air conditioner

  129. attn: Boston area subie conversion owners

  130. bad ground...........

  131. blinker fluid and other sundries

  132. blinker fluid correction

  133. bucking and dying

  134. bucking and dying - check fuel pump!

  135. canadiandriver Feature: Volkswagen Vanagon and Westfalia 1980-1991 Martch 2006

  136. digijet FI adjustments

  137. friday: jeep FC trucks?

  138. fuel line replacement

  139. gass pedal

  140. gowesty aux battery problems

  141. hammock

  142. how far can a

  143. how to fix floppy armrests (was Re: Looking for Grab handle packing ??

  144. junkyard svx engine worth it? or should I rebuild

  145. marine battries on sale @ Westmarine

  146. pulling the stove/fridge?

  147. rear lock

  148. rear seat dimensions

  149. redline (not the oil)

  150. replace gas tank?

  151. satellite location

  152. spring spacers

  153. square to round headlamp conversion

  154. sudden lags while driving warm

  155. sweet!

  156. timing light

  157. torquing axle nuts

  158. trip report

  159. wheel torque specs

  160. which direction for the plates? Re: (followup) Re: part numbers for link hardware?

  161. window seal needs - BD ones are from Germany

  162. wiring problems 90 2WD
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