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VANAGON archives – May 2006, week 3

Table of contents:

  1. '85 automatic trans needed in the NW

  2. (no subject)

  3. (was Fwd: Got a camper with a dead engine and a chevy pickup? here's a solution)

  4. *very* high idle with new idle computer

  5. 1.9 Vanagon oil lite shananagons (cont.)

  6. 1.9 vanagon oil lite shananagons (cont.)

  7. 1985 1.9 Vanagon Oil Lite Shenanagons

  8. 6th Annual Busses & Boats This Weekend (Cincinnati area)

  9. 85gl water pump 1.9

  10. 88-89 Bentley wiring diagram error

  11. <No subject>

  12. A/C in a Doka

  13. A/C in a T3, dreams

  14. Air Getting into Cooling system- SOLVED

  15. Anyone missing their rear ends?

  16. Anyone need a vehicle moved West?

  17. Apparently it isn't just Syncro Westies that have the disease...

  18. Bad News Good News Schaffner Motors Closing 15 June

  19. Bad coil

  20. Bench Seats

  21. Best for the Westy (shocks)

  22. Bilstein Shocks

  23. Blinkers, Flashers, and Brakes

  24. Brake system overview

  25. BusFusion News

  26. Buses By the Beach - 2005 Bus Benefit Pictures

  27. Buses By the Beach - Thank you for a real good time!

  28. Buses Of the Corn 2006 * August 18th - 20th * Brooklin, Ontario

  29. CARFAX help

  30. CV removal tips?

  31. Campers-Utah Bubonic Plague Warning

  32. Camping near NYC ?

  33. Cruise Control Afterfit?

  34. DIY Doorpanel materials?

  35. DIY Doorpanel materials? ( Speakers )

  36. Do Not Drink and Sawzall

  37. ETKA Q

  38. East cost Syncro De-Mayo gathering

  39. Engine bearing rattle at warm restart

  40. Evans Coolants ever hear of any one try this in a wbx'er

  41. Exhaust brackets and muffler strap

  42. FS: 87 2wd Vanagon panel van

  43. FS: NEW Sanden 709 AC Compressor

  44. FS: Various WBX and Diesel parts

  45. FS: vanagon swivel seat bases

  46. FW: [VWVANFULLTIMERS] 1970 Super Clean VW "Combi" for Sale - SoCal

  47. Finally saw a bus with a sticker

  48. Follow up Q Re: fuel pump behaviour with ignition on

  49. Front Brake Hoses - SA Big Brake Kit

  50. FrontFire?

  51. Fwd: vanagon radios?

  52. Gas Mileage Mystery (Or Not)

  53. Gas cans spare tire ?RE: Re: ladder advice

  54. Gas tank dents

  55. Germany

  56. Golf/Jetta gas motor in Vanagon automatic

  57. Good used input shaft

  58. Got a camper with a dead engine and a chevy pickup? here's a solution

  59. HOW to flush system?

  60. Hard oil seals

  61. Headlight relay

  62. Help a guy out (aka: Third time's a charm)

  63. How to subscribe

  64. I Love My New Cruise Control (Long)

  65. Increased idle when man trans first in reverse

  66. Injector Color Codes

  67. Injector Color Codes, Yellow for 2.1

  68. Injector Color Codes?

  69. Larger Wheels...

  70. Logistics of an extended Westy trip

  71. Minimal VC (was Re: cleaning/shining the westy)

  72. Moab Syncro Westy trip report and photos

  73. Mysterious Air Control Valves, 1985-1.9L

  74. Mythbusters

  75. Mythbusters - veggie oil

  76. NVC You just gotta love it...

  77. Need a carfax search

  78. Need info on bleeding - Air problems with Subaru

  79. Need input on this overheating problem - hot and flashing light - SOLVED!!!

  80. Need to buy---- 7 or 8 sq. ft. of sound deadening material

  81. Ok, I did the archives search, but found nothing

  82. Ok, I did the archives search, but found nothing. I need a flue vent cover.

  83. Optima Battery warning

  84. Optima Sighting

  85. PARTS SALE! 10% off for the next 7 days (

  86. Paulchen Racks?

  87. Qs: Downgrading to fiberglass bumper and spoiler

  88. Question about Westy City Water Outlet

  89. Radiator is loaded ...

  90. Recomended Brake Fluid?

  91. Repaired link - 1970 VW Combi for Sale

  92. Seized Engine

  93. Seized Engine?

  94. Side Window Glass Interchangeable?

  95. Side table and jumpseat interior parts for sale

  96. Speedometer Ok -Odometer and trip meter dead!?

  97. Still can't bleed Brake system

  98. Still looking for 84 Westy AC wiring

  99. Still need 7 or 8 ft of sound deading stuff.

  100. Storing Hydraulic Brake Components

  101. Storing Vanagon in Bay Area

  102. Syncro de Mayo Este - emerging plans and other important information

  103. Syncro intake hose

  104. Throttle body

  105. Tinyurl (was Fwd: Got a camper with a dead engine and a chevy pickup? here's a solution)

  106. Tip for getting off rear axle nuts

  107. Tool box of mine

  108. Transm. oil. What brand?

  109. Turned 7 pass into 8 pass

  110. UK trip report - 1

  111. Under Floor Water Tank Still Needed

  112. Unlikely tool

  113. Unlikely tool(LVC)

  114. Update to John Brown's Buses 2006

  115. Use Oxy Sensor light to re-set odometer?

  116. Utah Bubonic Plague Warning

  117. Utah Campers: Natural Bridges campground reopens




  121. VW Warranty

  122. VW warranty? (NVC)

  123. Vent cover

  124. WHIning tranny ...

  125. WTB- Instrument Cluster

  126. WTB: Good used input shaft

  127. WTB: Grey Door Panels and Manual Regulators/Winders for 88-91

  128. Westy flue vent cover

  129. What Unobtainium should I keep for myself

  130. What is the best location for an external oil cooler?

  131. What kind of Redline Transmission Oil to buy?

  132. Where to buy Redline in Canada

  133. Why wasserboxers leak

  134. Window gasket sealant?

  135. Window washer troubleshooting 1987 GL 2-wheel drive Westy

  136. Won't start

  137. [SVXVanagon] belt covers

  138. [SyncroDoubleCabs] Re: Has anyone used the Bus Depot or Cip1 body sheet metal patch panels especially on a Doka?

  139. [syncrodemayoeste] Syncro de Mayo Este - emerging plans and other important information

  140. audi based big brakes

  141. bad coil?

  142. brake light switch failure?

  143. bug mailing list

  144. cleaning/shining the westy

  145. clutch gone - FIXED!

  146. different fuel filter #s for 83.5 Vanagon

  147. do the same emails come/go fromt he vanagon (spare) yahoo group?

  148. emerging details of syncrodemayoeste weekend

  149. first trip in newly restored van. Verdict is still out if Westy will stay...

  150. flue vent cover

  151. flue vent cover: usually unnecessary

  152. fuel pump behaviour with ignition on

  153. it's time to say goodbye

  154. ladder advice

  155. lug nuts (NVC)

  156. maybe too much information is worse...

  157. more idle issues revisited

  158. persistant clock problem resolved

  159. question about city water hookup

  160. re. Paulchen rack, carrying a tandem bike

  161. sagging van question...

  162. shock installation

  163. sudden clutch failures

  164. suddenly clutch just gone?

  165. springs? email no good...

  166. trailer wiring

  167. vanagon radios?

  168. where to get an accelerator cable

  169. yearly reminder to caulk your fill ports and remove your hatch

  170. yearly reminder to caulk your fill ports and remove your hatch plugs
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