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VANAGON archives – December 2002, week 3

Table of contents:

  1. Re: (47 lines)
    From: David Brodbeck <gull@CYBERSPACE.ORG>
  2. '82 Wiring diagram

  3. '86 Vanagon speedo for sale

  4. 15" Alloys for sale in San Francisco

  5. 1600 upright into aircooled vanagon? Wasserboxer case to aircooled?

  6. 1986 Syncro Transporter Parts

  7. 1991 Vanagon Electrical Problem

  8. 2.1L Oil pressure switch R&R

  9. 2.1L hesitation at low RPM.....

  10. 2nd battery relay question...

  11. 522 hp

  12. 82 chassis/body avail in Arizona

  13. 82 diesel Westy

  14. 82 westy brake troubles...2nd master cylinder

  15. 84 Vanagon..... heat!!

  16. 86 syncro speedo

  17. 89 syncro non- starting puzzle???

  18. : Any climbers out there?

  19. <No subject>

  20. ? About Changing List Settings (No Vanagon Content)

  21. A modern Vanagon

  22. A nagging question

  23. A/C Experts > Max Temp Question

  24. AW: Back from the middle east

  25. AW: Thanks RE: Photo ticket at stop lights

  26. Aftermarket rim fitment.

  27. Air cooled Auto tranny prob

  28. Aircooled Heater control box question

  29. An EGR valve question

  30. Another Update, was Re: Update: More idle issues for i dle hands and minds

  31. Another Update, was Re: Update: More idle issues for idle hands and minds

  32. Another weird noise from rear (85 Westy)

  33. Any climbers out there?

  34. Any homebrewers out there? was Re: Friday - Bumper Sticker Contest

  35. Armor All: does it really damage plastics, and why?

  36. Auto Tranny

  37. Aux air reg hose-needs replacing

  38. Back from the middle east

  39. Basecamp Bluegill (was "RE: Any climbers out there?")

  40. Beyond friday RE: Photo ticket at stop lights

  41. Bumper sticker

  42. Burning Van or Insanorama

  43. CARFAX needed

  44. Can I stay?

  45. Cold start tranny squeal

  46. Cold start tranny squeal...

  47. Cruise Control

  48. Cut out

  49. Decent deal on an inverter

  50. ETKA and Windows XP

  51. Engine Performance vs Tire Size

  52. Engine Performance vs Tire Size/Comments Redux

  53. Engine RPMs

  54. Engine Teardown Q's

  55. Engine performance vs tire size

  56. Erratic Cold Idle

  57. External Heat System for Vans

  58. FS - 1985 Vanagon GL

  59. FS 87 scryno

  60. FS: '86 Vanagon Syncro Transporter Parts

  61. FS: 2.1L ISV & AFM

  62. FS: Blue Weekender interior plus 2 captain's chairs in SF $225

  63. FS: New German Carat Taillight Trim Frames (eBay)

  64. FS: Square Lights

  65. FS: Westy w/ a Nissan Maxima V6

  66. FW: A modern Vanagon

  67. Fiberglass Front Bumper and Air Damn

  68. Friday -Thanks Guys Bumper Sticker Contest

  69. Friday Thang...Grown-up's letter to Santa

  70. Friday Thoughts about Turboing a Vanagon

  71. Friday-Bumper Stickers

  72. Fridge help needed

  73. Front Seat Measurements

  74. Front Seat Sizes - a measurement needed

  75. Front Speaker Wires 85 GL

  76. Front blower motor squeals?

  77. Fw: westy fridge combustion chamber sealing

  78. Fwd: [T2] Paint codes/chips resource

  79. Gas, alcohol, was Re: My Bucko update

  80. H4 Lighting Follow-up

  81. Heated seats

  82. Heated seats Friday

  83. High Idle, Sometimes (NOT Idle Stabiliser Controller)

  84. High Idle, Sometimes (NOT Idle Stabilizer Controller) Stickin g TB!!!

  85. Horn honks when I flip on the bright lights

  86. I need some 2.1 pistons/cylinders and advice

  87. I update my website! (New pictures)

  88. Idel stabiliser control unit repair

  89. Idle Switch

  90. Is a aircooled vanagon ECU different between automatic and manual transmissions?

  91. Is there a way to open hatch.....?

  92. List member sighting?

  93. Loose wheel?

  94. Loss of power - super hot muffler - Shame on me

  95. Mechanic in Reno, NV?

  96. Mercedes 5 cyl..Bull crap

  97. Mercedes 5cyl 300TD in Vanagon?

  98. Mercedes 5cyl 300TD in vanagon?

  99. Merry Christmas

  100. Meter Recommendation

  101. Meter recommendation

  102. Michelin Agilis 61 (185 R14 C) tyres available at Costco!

  103. My Bucko update

  104. My Bucko update ll

  105. NEED CARFAX bitte

  106. NJ lister??????? who's van is this?

  107. Need Brown interior bits...

  108. Need Front Table Bracket - To Buy

  109. New engine questions

  110. Nice set of Vanagon Alloys on Ebay

  111. No Vanagon Content hond* C*v*c?

  112. O2 Sensor Wrench Size

  113. OEM Fog light switch w/ Hella 500's

  114. Of Interest to Air Coolers

  115. On the road tomorrow

  116. Oregon to Argentina trip


  118. Photo ticket at stop lights

  119. RV: Any climbers out there?

  120. RV: Oregon to Argentina trip

  121. Reality check

  122. Repainting Vanagon

  123. Retorgueing Heads

  124. Retorque 1.9L heads

  125. RoadHaus - Front AC Kit Install / Final Report

  126. SUGGESTIONS? 2.1 runs poor in rain.

  127. Sierra Snow

  128. Subject: LuK Clutch

  129. Subject: Re: Meter Recommendation

  130. Suspension-2nd try

  131. Syncro there such a thing?

  132. Syncro de Mayo 2003: Este MAY 29 - JUN 1, 2003

  133. Syncro logo as a jpg file is here...

  134. Syncro logo as a jpg file is here...FISH

  135. TDD setback

  136. Thanks RE: Photo ticket at stop lights

  137. Top Overhauls

  138. Torque question

  139. Total VW Officially Dead

  140. Tough to start on cold mornings

  141. Trip Report: 742 miles and a blown seal

  142. Turbo Vanagon - Audi 5000 CS Turbo Engine, OFF LIST INFO PLEASE!!!

  143. Turbo charging Vanagons

  144. Turbocharge your Westy fridge fan

  145. Update of LiMBO site

  146. Update: More idle issues for idle hands and minds

  147. VW Trucks In Europe

  148. Vanagon Seat Sizes (for Larry Chase)

  149. Vendor/Product Report - Sewfine Interior Products

  150. Volkswagen badge for 93 not avail?

  151. WTB diesel vanagon on east coast

  152. WTB diesel vanagon on east coast ... karl M?

  153. WTB front plastic bumper

  154. WTB- Used Bentley for Christmas

  155. WTB: Thermostat Controlled Fan for Oil Cooler

  156. WTB: Vanagon storage box

  157. WTB: door for westy above-bed storage

  158. What kind of hose clamps do you use?

  159. Wtb Diesel Mainfold

  160. Yet another update...Toasty's back!!

  161. Zero Emission T3

  162. [Syncro] FS: Blue Weekender interior plus 2 captain's chairs in SF $225

  163. [vanagon] Any climbers out there?

  164. alternator to ignition coil???

  165. alternator...

  166. any interest in clear/smoked/all red vanagon taillights?

  167. battery not charging

  168. carat/weekender interiors for sale! wasRe: Syncro there such a thing?

  169. cheap westy on Craigs list

  170. cheap westy on Craigs list SOLD

  171. christmas card

  172. cold air-cooled VWs

  173. dieing vanagan at idle

  174. door for westy above-bed storage

  175. driveshaft pulled noise still present.

  176. eberspacher furnace for Westy Q?

  177. fiberglass bumpers for sale!!

  178. front heater core flow restriction

  179. heated seats

  180. heater question (bad interior smells)

  181. idle issues..for 85 auto

  182. idle stablizer/its only another part

  183. idle stablizer/its only another part (Good Info Here!)

  184. idle stablizer/its only another part (Good Info Here!) FISH

  185. looking for ASI replacement pop top canvas

  186. merry christmas - no vanagon content

  187. nc. The New Beetle Convertible is here!

  188. nvc: has anyone seen Van Wilder?

  189. people that hit things.

  190. plastic guides for sliding window N/A

  191. re. Heated seats

  192. rear heater question

  193. repairing the idle stabilizer unit

  194. repairing the idle stabilizer unit?

  195. runs poor in rain

  196. salvage yard Christmas items...

  197. see brochure/wasRe: Eberspacher furnace for Westy Q?

  198. see brochure/wasRe: eberspacher furnace for Westy Q?

  199. sizes of CIS injection system banjo and injector fittings

  200. some new pictures

  201. stretch Syncro/Vanagon lives!

  202. vanagon sydrome?

  203. vent widow seal revisted (insert swear word hear)

  204. weirdness x 2: RE: Another weird noise from rear (85 Westy)

  205. westy fridge combustion chamber sealing

  206. wtb: diesel manifold
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