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VANAGON archives – April 2005, week 4

Table of contents:

  1. "Empty" Warning Lights in dash...any uses???

  2. '88 westy water temp light flashing..... what to check first

  3. '90 vanagon 15,000 firm

  4. '90 westy 15000

  5. 16 inch Go Westy Alloy wheels For Sale, $400

  6. 1980 TD on ebay question

  7. 1980 TD on ebay question, mirror positioning

  8. 1986 Transporter Syncro Single Cab Pickup For Sale

  9. 2.1L Engine For Sale in May 2005

  10. 3 broken studs at exaust ports on 86 syncro HELLPPP!!!!

  11. 83 temperature gauge goes berserk

  12. 86 Syncro broken studs out!! New exhaust system on and it purrrrs!

  13. 86 Syncro broken studs out!! New exhaust system on and it purrrrs!!

  14. 87 Westy Weekender FS $3500 in NJ

  15. <No subject>

  16. ? Mark 1 shop, ne of Frederick, MD

  17. AC Conversion

  18. Again with the cluster swap questions..

  19. Air-cooled to Water-cooled?

  20. Air-cooled to Water-cooled? --long read for those contemplating

  21. Americans going to Buses of the Corn

  22. An alternative to the Digitool

  23. An alternative to the Digitool - typo in link correct one

  24. Anyone have any old Capacitive Discharge Ignition boxes?

  25. Anyone need 228mm clutch parts?

  26. Around the Bend - Movie

  27. Automatic Transmission sometimes has to wake up...

  28. Aux battery

  29. Back from EveryBus

  30. Bentley Manual vs CDs?

  31. Big brake front hubs?

  32. Brand New a/c compressor for sale

  33. Break-in .....need a new sliding window for '89 Westy

  34. Break-in .....need a new sliding window for '89 Westy (Left side slider)

  35. Bulk oil (was Re: Diesel Fuel vs Gasoline)

  36. BusFusion News

  37. Buses By the Beach Update - May 20-22 - Grand Rapids, MI

  38. Buses in movies - Movies about busses

  39. CDN Tire Inverter questions

  40. Carfax report needed.

  41. Charcoal canister on 2.1 digifant engines?, page 20.33

  42. Coolant hose wearing due to AC belt

  43. Coolant leak below A/C compressor

  44. Diesel Fuel vs Gasoline

  45. Diesel Fuel vs. Gasoline

  46. Diesel fuel vs gasoline

  47. Diesel vs. Gas

  48. EB2005 Trip Report

  49. Exhaust port bolt size needed

  50. FS '90 Westy in Portland, OR ...$13500 OBO

  51. FS 84 vanagon no engine Decorah, IA - cheap. ;)

  52. FS 87 vanagon Chicago, IL CHEAP!!

  53. FS: 1988 Vanagon GL Auto

  54. FS: 2.1L core engine, $200

  55. FS: NICE 1985 Westy

  56. Frank G's turbo info

  57. Free steels DC area

  58. Front squeaking after 20 min

  59. Front/Rear Windshield Washers, 1986 Vanagon GL

  60. Fuel Pressure Regulator interchange

  61. Fuel injection problems

  62. Fwd: 1986 Transporter Syncro Single Cab Pickup For Sale

  63. Good name for body shop

  64. Got Panels?

  65. Grand Canyon trip rpt. (short)

  66. HOWTO: Installing aftermarket power door locks in an '85 vanagon westfalia

  67. Help with paint code please

  68. HomeontheRoam

  69. How Long Does it Take Your Van to Warm up? Cont.

  70. How to improve shifting?

  71. How you can fit a Yakima rack on standard Vanagon...

  72. I Found It Tacky

  73. Idle computer (?)

  74. Installed GO Westy's rear shoulder belt

  75. Irwin Left Handed Drill Bits

  76. Lake Tahoe Campground Recommendation?

  77. Lights, Camera (almost time for Action)

  78. Looking for stainless steel pop top carriage bolts

  79. Making Obsolete Plastic Parts

  80. Michelin Agilis tires

  81. NVC - manual on Nissan Sentra

  82. Needed- PS rack in Tampa FL

  83. Not tacky or accusatory IMHO

  84. O2 Sensor in Catalytic Converter

  85. O2 Sensor in Catalytic Converter - Correct model for each FI system ?

  86. O2 senser voltage testing

  87. O2-senser voltage testing

  88. Oil drain plug

  89. Oil gauge sender mounting questions for Air-Cooled engines

  90. On TD and TDi Exhaust manifolds, mounts and risks!

  91. Parts wanted Alternator brush set (cost saver)

  92. PhatNoise 20 gb MP3 Player for VW Cars - $159

  93. Power Steering hose with new hydraulic hose

  94. Problem fixed - air leak

  95. Propex heater

  96. Propex heaters-last shipment until fall

  97. R-12 vanagon air conditioning

  98. Ran out of gas won't start ??

  99. Rear of engine sitting too low???

  100. Rebuilding Vanagon Electric Windows or How To Go Into Debt Quickly

  101. Repairing Window Washer Reservoir Tank

  102. Rich on Start up

  103. Road Trip *Yippie!*

  104. SA grill light part #

  105. Selling 86 vanagon

  106. Sorry

  107. Stalling at stop lights

  108. Subie - low clearance?

  109. Subject: Re: Subie - low clearance?

  110. Syncro de Mayo stuff

  111. Syncro fuel gauge sender??

  112. Tooooooooooooo ritch a on guys!!!!!

  113. Vanagon Heated seat switch/column cover

  114. WTB - Armrest

  115. WTB Heat shield for stove lid

  116. WTB: Headlight Assy, Door Drip Rails, Armrest

  117. Wanted: Extended Sliding Door Arm

  118. [BP] EB2005 Trip Report

  119. [Diesel-Vanagon] Re: On TD and TDi Exhaust manifolds, mounts and risks!

  120. [Syncro] lower ball joint

  121. advance mechanisms on digijet distributor?

  122. aircooled thermostat needed

  123. aircooled thermostat needed/GOT ONE

  124. am I troubleshooting my starter correctly?

  125. beige color for '84/85 transporter? anyone know the name/code?

  126. for sale

  127. heater boxes and cat converter for sale

  128. heatshield/drainer

  129. important

  130. in case anyone needs an excuse for a Road Trip to Wyoming (NVC)

  131. looking for some Eurovan winnebago parts

  132. making sense of "M codes" ?? (vanagon option codes)

  133. my computer is broken

  134. seat lock part

  135. so who is a good on line seller for Subie parts?

  136. so who is a good on line seller for USED Subie parts?

  137. stalls when hot. won't restart

  138. summaries only please

  139. to the td conversion people

  140. trailer hitch, bolt size

  141. tranny issue

  142. vents

  143. want to buy - fuel sender for Syncro

  144. wanted: painted metal rear vanagon bumper

  145. what other seats & airbags

  146. what other seats are a direct replacment incld tseats with

  147. what other seats are a direct replacment incld tseats with foldable arms

  148. what other seats are a direct replacment incld tseats woth foldable arms

  149. won't start

  150.       Re: On TD and TDi Exhaust manifolds, mounts and risks!
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