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VANAGON archives – October 2006, week 3

Table of contents:

  1. '85 front springs on a '90 2wd westy....Re: While We Are Talking About Springs

  2. 15 Inch rims at cip quite a selections

  3. 16 valve vanagon

  4. 2 1991 Vanagons FS in MA

  5. 2 Questions re VANGON Curtains + newbie

  6. 74' VW THing Revisited Again

  7. 85-86 Brown Rear Westy Seat Wanted

  8. 85GL 1.9 Busted alternator mounting bracket stud ..2nd time in 2 years

  9. <no subject>

  10. A RANT : Westy Tires in Canada

  11. A few more pictures from this weekend

  12. Aircooled engine for Nathaniel

  13. Alex's Pictures of BBTD

  14. Alternate vanagon seats-what works?

  15. Alternative Floors?

  16. Alternator brackets! Why they break.

  17. Anyone in Denver, Colorado?

  18. Anyone looking for one 15" rim?

  19. Attack Chihuahua - NVC

  20. BBTD 2006

  21. Bentley For Sale

  22. Bostig zetec kit, clearance

  23. Bumpers, Chrome v. Fiberglass

  24. Buses By The Depot #1

  25. Buses by the Depot

  26. Buses by the Depot (photos)

  27. Buses by the Depot - Was it a promotional event / who cares

  28. Buses by the Depot 2007??

  29. Buses by the Depot photos

  30. Buses by the Depot photos (and cool new website!)

  31. Buses by the depot

  32. Busted alternator brackets - the mystery

  33. Can't remove spark plug - 87 westy

  34. Car fax report please

  35. Carbon Tracking??

  36. Cariboo trip report

  37. Clutch Hydraulics Problem

  38. Clutch hydraulic system failur

  39. Collapsing Westy cabinets??

  40. Convert manual into an automatic?

  41. Craigslist engine

  42. Dying when warm and smells funky

  43. Engine Gas Lines/injectors Done, Still Stuttering!

  44. Engine options

  45. FW: Fiberglass Work in the Chicago Area

  46. FW: Long Trip report from Gord Potts - John Brown's Buses

  47. FYI - VW Vanagon Camper 1987 - $7000 fsale- not mine ( Big Indian, NY Catskill Mountains)

  48. Final stage of my long term fuel pump issue - what would you do ?

  49. Final stage of my long term fuel pump issue - what would you do?

  50. For Sale Plastic coolant tubes that fit the 83.5 to 85 with a 1.9

  51. For Sale coolant tubes from 85

  52. Free rides in a Subaru Vanagon, Vancouver BC

  53. Fro sale packed up tube

  54. Fuel Tank Expansion Idea

  55. Fuel pump cutoff switch?

  56. Fuel pump pressure

  57. Fwd: A few more pictures from this weekend

  58. Fwd: BBTD 2006

  59. Fwd: Buses by the Depot (photos)

  60. Fwd: Can't remove spark plug - 87 westy

  61. Fwd: Fro sale packed up tube

  62. Fwd: Van Break in

  63. Fwd: What tires for 91 Westy?

  64. Fwd: fuel sender: replace with tank?

  65. Gear crunching on rebuilt trans

  66. GoWesty extra battery kit

  67. HEadlight orientation

  68. How to get those van parts you want shipped to vancouver Isl, BC. CA


  70. Installed add on back-up lights

  71. Lifted Vanagon - too much negative camber on front wheels no matter what

  72. Log Book-Ideas, Thought's?

  73. Lost in lala land

  74. Marine Epoxy Stick saves the day!!

  75. Microbus Concept in Production says this website...

  76. Microbus Concept in Production says this website...errr. I think not..

  77. Model of the New Microbus

  78. My new syncro has arrived!

  79. Mystery Shop In North Seattle

  80. NVC - City Golfs and Jettas

  81. Need some help with paint matching...

  82. New H4 Headlight Kit for 86-91 Vanagon.

  83. Octane mistake

  84. Oil pressure questions again

  85. One Digijet performance ECU left!

  86. Opinions requested: "Smoke" tail lights

  87. P22 basemodel westy interior Re: westfalia interiors

  88. PS Octane mistake -- typo

  89. Phrydae: Murphy's Lesser Known Laws - NVC

  90. Pictures of SD 508 innards

  91. Please submit your Campground Reviews

  92. Propex heater question

  93. Propex heater question (was RE: Westy Winter Camping Suggestions..

  94. Protectant Advice

  95. Question about the late 1985 Vanagon

  96. Rear Bumper Availability

  97. Reimo stuff...

  98. SPAM: vanagon Digest - 17 Oct 2006 - Special issue (#2006-880)

  99. Seat Kit

  100. Seattle craigslist Westfalia

  101. Smell gas...

  102. So you think your Westy is hot stuff??

  103. Soft closets for non-Westy

  104. Soundproofing van

  105. Syncro 4 sale in Montana

  106. Syncro Safari, Tombstone '06 - Scouting Report

  107. Temp gauge problem resolved

  108. Toyota engine conversion?

  109. VW Thing Revisited

  110. VW facebook additional instructions!

  111. VW facebook website, coming up!

  112. Van Break in

  113. Van Break-in

  114. Vanagon sighting on the Gulf Coast

  115. Vanagons in garages with gas water htrs

  116. Very loud screech when AC compressor turns on

  117. Very loud screech when AC compressor turns on (Dennis check this out please)

  118. WTB: Westy Rear Seat and Engine Pad - Brown Check Fabric

  119. Wanted 2.1L engine

  120. Watch Those Out of State Plates and Don't Take any Crap

  121. Weekender interior questions

  122. Werks for Wagons newer home

  123. Westy Soundproofing

  124. Westy Winter Camping Suggestions..

  125. Westy Winter Camping Suggestions..(NVC)

  126. Westy Winter Camping Suggestions..(NVC) alcohol's impact on blood vesses and skin

  127. Westy winter camping suggestions

  128. What tires for 91 Westy?

  129. While We Are Talking About Springs

  130. Your message to vanagon-request@GERRY.VANAGON.COM

  131. [Syncro] Opinions requested: "Smoke" tail lights

  132. [Syncro] Protectant Advice

  133. [Syncro] Side Mirrors

  134. [Syncro] trip reports

  135. [WetWesties] Buses by the Depot

  136. [WetWesties] Following Distance was waterproofing

  137. [WetWesties] waterproofing

  138. [vanagon] more goofy mid year changes

  139. air cooled heat smells funky

  140. alternator pulley part numbers

  141. buses by the depot cool driving lights?

  142. california registration laws - how does one deal with expired tags?

  143. cheap syncro sunroof FS on samba...

  144. cleaning under pop-top fuzz?

  145. craigslist vanagon FS in MA $275 !

  146. crank bolt removal

  147. crank bolt removal on 2.1. help.

  148. dates for Everybus 2007

  149. decent body work in or near Indiana?

  150. engine conversion

  151. euro headlight washers

  152. fiberglass tops

  153. ford fuel pump

  154. fuel line route 1.9

  155. fuel pump noises

  156. fuel sender: replace with tank?

  157. load reduction relay for wipers/heater blowers

  158. more goofy mid year changes

  159. one last fuel tank question........

  160. pilot bearing symptoms if bad??

  161. piltot bearing... and what else?

  162. speshul tires for the vanagon

  163. towing my van

  164. transporting a Campa from Rockford, Michigan to seattle

  165. triangular side window seal

  166. triangular side window seal Re: Westy Soundproofing

  167. trip reports

  168. trunsignal snap back

  169. valve lash adjustment question

  170. vanagon Digest - 17 Oct 2006 (#2006-881)

  171. vanagon eng.

  172. vanagon spring rate color coding for different models...READ!!

  173. westfalia interiors

  174. wtb : 1.9L engine
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