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VANAGON archives – June 2007, week 2

Table of contents:

  1. (NVC) Ducks got Mugged. Chickie whines her way back to the pokey, mon.

  2. 1980 AFM for 80 US model westy(Air Cooled)

  3. 2.1L wasserboxer engine needed in Montana

  4. 89 Vanagon instrument cluster/foil needed

  5. <No subject>

  6. A recall to re-program the Air Bag System

  7. A simple, non-greasy pilot bearing tool

  8. AW: Vanagon based Karmann Gypsy FS on CL

  9. Advice sought on steering issues

  10. Also - absolutely use a troque wrench

  11. Another vanagon sighted

  12. Any tips for getting the aux battery in? Seat in the way!

  13. Anybody at VW SuperJam XX Today, etc. ?

  14. Asking again about steering rack grease

  15. Brake booster swap times

  16. Brake guru needed

  17. Bus Depot..Praise.

  18. Bus Fusion 2007

  19. Bzzzzzst! Intermittent sound from right rear...

  20. CV joints - anyone tried OE brand?

  21. CV joints - anyone tried these?

  22. Can pilotbearing be changed with flywheel in place?

  23. Canister Fuel Filter Install

  24. Carfax?

  25. Catastrophic failure of coolant level sensor

  26. Clarified: coolant leak after long idle

  27. Clutch issues

  28. Clutch mystery - photos

  29. Clutch problem - input needed

  30. Clutch problem - input needed - Now solved

  31. Collision Averted

  32. Coolant Hose Inside Diameter Reducers

  33. Desperately Seeking Linkage Parts (I4 conversion)

  34. Door window installation question

  35. E85 thermodynamic advantage?

  36. FS '86 Vanagon parts van - Seattle Area

  37. FS: '75 Westy in Calgary

  38. FS: 91 GL Vanagon 7-pass Wisconsin, $895

  39. FS: 91 Vanagon GL in Green Bay--cheap

  40. FS: New Sachs Clutch Disc $65 + shipping

  41. FS: New Sachs Release Bearing, $18 + shipping

  42. FS: Porsche 911 Powered Vanagon

  43. FW: Re: Trade 4WD for our 1988 Westy camper?

  44. Fan noise?

  45. Fitting the battery into the Westy box

  46. Follow-up: priming the sink pump

  47. For how long have you been here?

  48. Free 2.1L Waterboxer engine [Seattle]

  49. Fryeday question on sunday..

  50. Funny central locking behaviour ...

  51. Fw: sputtering on start up..?

  52. Gender and names (was Fryeday on Sunday) from the digester..

  53. Gender names

  54. Hittin' the road (UPDATE)

  55. Home from BusFusion

  56. Hot clutch works, cold clutch doesn't

  57. How much oil?

  58. Is this the cause of my engine compression problem?

  59. Ivory Westy Sighting

  60. Just got a vanagon check & replace list??

  61. Mercedes C220 Wheels

  62. Mini-meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark

  63. More Newbie Questions

  64. My Birthday Adventure

  65. My new 1984 Westfalia

  66. NASCAR Vanagons?

  67. Name these Parts - TwoFer. (NVC)

  68. Need Grey Headliner - Vanagon

  69. Needed: sway bar parts

  70. New guy here (manuals?)

  71. Nothing to fear but car trouble itself

  72. OT E85 in our future?

  73. OT E85 in our future? NOW ALGAE BIODIESEL

  74. Oil dipstick loose

  75. Porsche Flat 8? on ebay.

  76. Porsche flat 8 on ebay...from digest.

  77. Power window not working...

  78. Question about mounting middle seat in a westy

  79. Radiator Bleed Screw

  80. Ran good, now runs bad???

  81. Re Stopping the flashing coolant light for good

  82. Rubber Matting

  83. SDM07 pics?

  84. SPAM-LOW: Re: Clutch problem - input needed

  85. STOPPING flashing coolant light for good

  86. Seattle-Portland Schlep in June?

  87. Sighting on I-95 in VA

  88. Sliding door handles mystery

  89. Sliding door lube

  90. Something is draining my battery...

  91. South African grills?

  92. Speed Bleeder for bleeding brakes?

  93. Switching to synthetic oil

  94. Switching to synthetic oil?

  95. Timine belt

  96. Timing belt - Subie engines

  97. Trade 4WD for our 1988 Westy camper?

  98. Trans-awn 2000 mounting brackets source ?

  99. V-belt replacement

  100. VW factory repair manuals

  101. VW in Corsica

  102. VW junkyard/service in Iowa.

  103. Vanagon Sighting

  104. Vanagon Westy Weekender weight capacity

  105. Vanagon based Karmann Gypsy FS on CL

  106. Video of Vanagons from the air.

  107. Video on how NOT to install a new Westfalia tent

  108. Visit Mrs Squirrel and me

  109. WTB adaptor to cooling system tester ...

  110. WTB: 83/84/85 Westfalia Camper (New Jersey area)

  111. WTB: rear passenger compartment AC grill

  112. Wanted: front buckets & rear hatch;

  113. Way off topic: Was Porsche 8 on Ebay

  114. Wheel balancing

  115. [NVC] Clamping tablecloth to picnic table

  116. [NVC] Good camping gadgets websites?

  117. [NVC] Lift/leveling ramps

  118. [NVC] VW warranty scam

  119. [vanagon] Mercedes C220 Wheels

  120. aircooled westy FS in N. Alabama

  121. coolant leak after long idle

  122. gas tank question - full tank woes

  123. headlight problem - intermittent - 87 westy

  124. how to pull pilot bearing on 86 Vanagon?

  125. nvc - soap box races - charity event

  126. output job bad

  127. rear brakes ?

  128. rear brakes ? And Bently Books are sometimes slim on info..

  129. registering after an I4 conversion

  130. shift boot?

  131. slider

  132. speedo for Canadian 85?

  133. sputtering on start up..?

  134. syncro fuel sending unit

  135. the freedom grill (receiver hitch mounted) is on sale for $99

  136. wheel bearings questions

  137. wtb westy fresh water tank drain
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