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VANAGON archives – October 2009, week 4

Table of contents:

  1. "99" Programmable Wiper Relay Into an '81?

  2. '00 2.5 TDI 5spd eurovan mv FS in new york on the samba..only one in the usa

  3. '90 Front Fiberglas Bumper - HELP!!!

  4. 1.9 Head replacement (was lifter collapse / smog issue)

  5. 1.9 WBX ECU or AFM

  6. 2.1 L Leakdown Testing Question

  7. 87 Vanagon GL 3000+ RPM idle - SOLVED

  8. AXXESS plasti-key

  9. Add WBX Temp Gauge/Coolant Low LED

  10. Air Cooled to Water Cooled

  11. Alternator replacement????

  12. Aluminum Side Gates Question

  13. Another 14" Snow Tire Option?

  14. Antifreeze smell in the Vanagon (Sorta)

  15. Auto Trans Cooler - question

  16. Axxess plastic key

  17. Blue Rocks campout in PA this past weekend.

  18. Brakes still going to the floor

  19. Bus Depot Listmember Discount (Ongoing)

  20. Bus Movie Looks Cool!

  21. Camper relay issue

  22. CarFax?

  23. Change a VW Fan Belt In 5 Seconds?

  24. Charcoal Cannister Purpose

  25. Craiglist

  26. Death Valley Sun VW Gathering early December

  27. Diesel and WBX Coolant Temp gauges same?

  28. Diesel hits Vanagon on 101 ???

  29. Early Instrument Cluster Difference Questions + PICS

  30. Expansion Tank Hose Weeps: Fuel Tank Full

  31. Expected, normal, lifetime for the catalytic converter?

  32. FS: 2 Rear Shocks-NEW

  33. FS: intermittant adjustable wiper relays for Vanagons (allows u ...

  34. FS: intermittant adjustable wiper relays for Vanagons (allows u to custom set it

  35. Friday content, heating chili

  36. Friday: than Vanagon smell?

  37. Frydaye ... ok, how bout this one? :)

  38. Frydaye Evening coming down ... ;)

  39. Fuel tanks again...

  40. Fwd: Bus Movie Looks Cool!

  41. Fwd: Michael update

  42. Fwd: question on where to install alarm horn on 1990 Vanagon

  43. HELP-Wipers won't turn off! '83.5 Vanagon

  44. Has any Diesel Vanagon ever climbed Mt. Washington?

  45. Horn Gremlin

  46. Idle problems

  47. Internal Combustion

  48. Inverters

  49. LOL, WBX powered drag bus

  50. Left Headlight dimmer than right

  51. Light switch backlight

  52. Looking for help with California AC Vanagon

  53. MOD Mike Collum

  54. MOD Mike Collum Tuesday AM status...

  55. MOD Mike Collum Wed AM

  56. MOD Mike Collum status

  57. MOD Re: Bus Depot Listmember Discount (Ongoing)

  58. Megger was Re: Trouble shooting tip? Fouled plugs

  59. Michael update

  60. More progress in idle problem and a question

  61. Mud Flaps, generic or otherwise? Sugestions

  62. Muffler Source?

  63. Need Fridge moved from SanDiego to Van Cafe

  64. New Engine Gas Mileage Report

  65. New to me - 87 Westy Weekender

  66. Nice Riviera on E-bay

  67. Nice thing about vanagon keys

  68. No Spark and Buzzing Relay

  69. No Spark and Buzzing Relay 2.1 / Redux

  70. North America still as hidden treasure

  71. Power Stearing pump

  72. Probably a silly question, but...

  73. Progress with the engine RPM problem but not repaired yet

  74. Propane Tank Valve

  75. RE That:1988 VW Vanagon 34k Original Miles - $6500 (Stallings)

  76. Rear Window Defroster Strips Pretty Much Fugeddaboutit?

  77. Road Trip to Van Cafe for Big/Heavy Items

  78. Road Trip to Van Cafe for Big/Heavy Items CORRECTION!

  79. Rubber Seal Treatment

  80. Rusty exhaust. Paint?

  81. Shifter Rebuild Kit

  82. Spring Spacers?

  83. Stolen Vanagon Westfalia alert

  84. Suburban Type Furnace Install;

  85. Thanks and Bon Voyage!

  86. Think I have sprung a leak in my powersteering lines!

  87. Think I have sprung a leak in my powersteering lines! Need some guidance please.

  88. Travel.. yeap, this is why I own a van.

  89. Trouble shooting tip? Fouled plugs

  90. VW Sidecar

  91. Volkswagen motorcycle side car

  92. WTB New-style E-brake lever...

  93. WTB floor track cover BRACKETS

  94. WTB: 1.9 WBX ECU or AFM

  95. WTB: good used sliding door seal

  96. Wont start in park?

  97. [NVC] Do you like camping in the rain?

  98. [not_a_vw_club] Mud Flaps? Generic, vanagon, type 2?

  99. another WD40 - Now Odometer

  100. another WD40 use

  101. back seat, '91 camper

  102. clicking right front wheel

  103. discolored injector

  104. driveway parts give-away/sale

  105. eBay sniping for Vanagon stuff, was Suburban Type Furnace Install;

  106. ecotec conversion?

  107. exhaust gaskets

  108. friday - vanagon content, some people's taste...

  109. fridge wiring question

  110. fuel tanks

  111. lanolin, was Re: little vanagon content -cosmoline vs wd40

  112. little vanagon content -cosmoline vs wd40

  113. oil pressure diagnosis.

  114. oil problem

  115. question on where to install alarm horn on 1990 Vanagon

  116. question regarding door stops/door brakes or whatever they are called

  117. re. webasto bbw46 heater advice request

  118. rear washer reservoir-heads up

  119. removing fuel injectors - how to

  120. stolen Vanagon Westy Weekender

  121. vanagon for sale NOT MINE

  122. webasto bbw46 heater advice request
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