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VANAGON archives – January 1999, week 4

Table of contents:

  1. "official" Volkswagen Fan WWW.Site

  2. #2 fuel tank nipples

  3. '81 westy fridge fuse holder

  4. '84 Westie head leaks coolant

  5. '87 vanagon for sale

  6. '88 rear side window vents - cleaning?

  7. '91 GL For Sale

  8. (Thanks for the) HELP!!! Van won't start!!!

  9. (no Vanagon content)Email Harassment

  10. (no subject)

  11. 133 mph WB?? BUNK!

  12. 1985 V.W. Vanagon

  13. 80 vanagon with fair body and motor for sale

  14. 85 Vanagon won't hot start

  15. 86 westfalia FS

  16. 88 GL for sale...

  17. 91 Vanagon Carat FS

  18. A new thread . . .

  19. A new thread ... 60-year-olds

  20. Advice needed: engine speed jumping abruptly

  21. Advice needed: engine speed...

  22. Air Leaks Revisited

  23. Alloy wheels for sale

  24. Alternator Upgrade

  25. Armwrestling

  26. Attention: All on list. Suggestion. <gulp>

  27. Attitude /The end of the list....

  28. Attn: Mike Ray (everyone else delete)

  29. Audi 5 Cyl Swap: Alert! Possible Trouble

  30. Aux Battery 87 Westy

  31. Auxilliary battery relays and wires

  32. Best method to flush metal shavings from coolant system?

  33. Bosch 90 Amp Alternator PN?

  34. Coil Springs Re-tempered?

  35. Coolant sensor O ring

  36. Cruise Control

  37. Deals on Bentley manuals and other Vanagon parts!

  38. Deals on Bentley manuals and other Vanagon parts, (for those that have already requested items)

  39. Diesel Westy Conversion to Gas???

  40. Diesel engine

  41. Dim Sum.


  43. EV review in Autoweek

  44. FAQ Section & Head Leak Survey

  45. FS 88 Vanagon Gl Price Reduction.

  46. FS: 15" Whls, Hitch, & Wasser Mtrs in KC

  47. FS: 1984 GL in NC

  48. FS: 1985 Westfalia , low mileage, automatic

  49. FS: 91 GL $1495 in KC

  50. FS:86 Syncro $3600

  51. FW: attitude problems ?

  52. Failed Smog Test

  53. Filled gas tank leaking a common prob?

  54. Flash Alert! Dual Battery Relay

  55. Found: Michelin MXTs, thanks for the help!

  56. Friday's dirty joke. May be explicit.

  57. Fw: Head Problems (87 GL) How bad is it.

  58. Fw: Re: My travel toilet, Better than a Bumper Dumper

  59. Fw: Re: Vanagon in Rough Neighborhood -precautions?

  60. Fw: Re: Wesipes

  61. Fwd: More Q's re Diesel to Gas Conversion???

  62. Fwd: Re: Digitool reading and t-shooting (longish)

  63. Fwd: Sticker for VW & Westy Owners

  64. Fwd: need a wrecked vanagon, with rear facing seats

  65. Gerry Upgrade

  66. Gerry Upgrade, donations etc.

  67. Gerry is up again...

  68. Gerry moving and @Onelist again?

  69. H4 Low Beam Replacement Headlights

  70. HELP!!! Van won't start!!!

  71. Hard starting when cold????

  72. Head Problems (87 GL) How bad is it.

  73. Head lamps--Strange problem Help

  74. Headlight Switch in the dark.

  75. Heaters, parts, Plastic sleeving, rare connectors ,

  76. Hello?

  77. High Profile, Excellent Review of

  78. How To Enjoy The Vanagon List

  79. I am looking for Mudflaps for my Syncro and either a Jump seat or middle seat with rails.

  80. I need a sunroof crank

  81. Idle hunting problem, 85 1.9l

  82. Ignition Switch Replacement

  83. In the dark

  84. Is anyone out there?

  85. Is it Possible to Replace Westy Coolant Hoses with .PVC?

  86. Isolator, where to put it?

  87. Isolator, where to put it?,Thanks

  88. James Cohen and SA parts

  89. Kanas Away 4 Awhile

  90. Legal swaps - My experience

  91. Legal swaps Was: Re: Audi 5 Cyl Swap

  92. Legal swaps Was: Re: Audi 5 Cyl Swap: Alert! Possib...

  93. Legal swaps Was: Re: Audi 5 Cyl Swap: Alert! Possible Trouble

  94. Legal swaps, California rules

  95. Legal swaps, California rules, long

  96. Less expensive source for 'Syncro' decal?

  97. Let there be light!

  98. Light at the end of the tunnel....maybe not

  99. Looking for 2 jumpseats

  100. Looking for Kyle from Eurospec

  101. Merely a test - no need to read

  102. Metric to AWG wire size conversion chart

  103. Michelin X-RadialPlus -- Comments please??

  104. More Q's re Diesel to Gas Conversion???

  105. My travel toilet, Better than a Bumper Dumper

  106. NAPA oil filters.

  107. Need Eurovan carcass/front clip

  108. New Puppy Transporter-trip reports

  109. No VW info (checking list )

  110. Old Timer not yet gone

  111. On Fridays your Vanagon needs ...

  112. One South African grille and lights FS

  113. Oxygen sensor and warning light

  114. Parting Out Air-cooled Vanagon!

  115. Parts for sale!!!!

  116. Philosophy, long, working on VW's

  117. Radiators

  118. Randy Bergum's Vanagon H4 Headlight Upgrade

  119. Rattle in the Syncro

  120. Re Smog Check & Inspection problems?

  121. Replace '84 1.9 litre with 2.0 litre?

  122. Reply, [syncronized] Question

  123. Road Hazard Protection

  124. S/A grille ?

  125. Send Donations for Gerry here!!!!

  126. Sink P-Traps: great deal

  127. Sink P-Traps: great deal!

  128. Skydiving "adventure" at a Westy Gathering

  129. Slight surging in the rain.

  130. Smog Check & Inspection problems?

  131. Spam through ONElist?

  132. Spam:WTB Gun Rack for Westy

  133. Starting Problem

  134. Stolen Bus In Long Beach Area

  135. Sunday Washington Post Classifieds

  136. Sunroof handle

  137. Syncro Lift Kit now in production - 10% list member discount [Advertisement]

  138. Syncro air filter

  139. Syncro in snowstorm

  140. System Three wiring -- what is it?

  141. TAN or BLUE vanagon captains chairs w/ armrests for sale. fit any van

  142. Taching up and drop

  143. The end of the list, as we know it!

  144. Tony, stuck starter?

  145. Torque curves?/lock-up converter?

  146. Transaxle Swap

  147. Transporter Needed

  148. Transporter clarification

  149. Tutorial requested on using fuel pressure gauges, please

  150. Upgrade Gerry

  151. VWs in Iceland....

  152. Vanagon in Rough Neighborhood -precautions?

  153. Vanagon in the movies

  154. Vanagon's End

  155. WTB interior panels and door FS

  156. WTB: Vanagon Diesel pump advance cable

  157. Water in Oxy sensor

  158. Water in Oxy sensor.

  159. Weird VW sighting...

  160. Wesipes

  161. Wesipes -"Manifold Destiny"

  162. Wesipies

  163. Westfalia Water Faucet

  164. Westfalia stickers/syncro sticker

  165. Westy Roof Rack (Cargo)

  166. Westyize it??

  167. What happen to the mail ?

  168. Where's Ken

  169. Why won't my starter come off?

  170. Wire in engine compartment.

  171. Won't run

  172. [F]Re: Legal swaps, California rules

  173. [delivery failure to]

  174. air cooled to 5cyl=heat?

  175. alternative to sun roof seal?

  176. alternator upgrade

  177. alternator voltage output

  178. armrests

  179. can't contact Bill from Billings

  180. defying gravity on vanagon seats

  181. entering radio code on Audi (no Vanagon content)

  182. for sale, blue velour captains chairs w/ armrests, fit any vanagon

  183. for sale: vanagon captains chairs w/ armrests

  184. fuel line? (sorry, archives down)

  185. fuel pump relay: where? cleaning? replacing?

  186. fuel tank nipples

  187. garage heater FS

  188. hello? please subscribe me back on....

  189. help- fuse holder

  190. how to clean electrical contacts?

  191. my vanagon tach s up

  192. need a wrecked vanagon, with rear facing seats

  193. need advice

  194. no vanagon content RE: The end of the list, as we know it!

  195. oil light

  196. oil light problem

  197. old timers gone / FAQs

  198. old timers gone...

  199. passenger seat rocks

  200. pop top mildew prevention

  201. rain-starting problem

  202. re : wet hard start

  203. rectangular E-Code headlights

  204. silicon greese?

  205. suggestion for new gerry server

  206. swival seat mechanisms for sale

  207. synchro - more power ?

  208. taching up and down

  209. taching up and down!

  210. time to bail...

  211. used parts wanted

  212. vanagon Digest - 19 Jan 1999

  213. vent for the batter--Q's--why not aux too?

  214. wanted: USED Bentley for Vanagon

  215. why won't my starter...Success!
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